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(GRADED) Nevada's Golden Generation of S66 - Where are they now?
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Hello everyone,

after I got confirmation that I am elligible to Deep Dive again and because I love this format (and the Teeps) I am delighted to dive into another deep article on this league. Technically regular season hasn't started yet, so feel free to grade this whenever the "lines are open" so to speak.

This Deep Dive will feature a very special season in my heart, my first Cup on my very first player. I am talking about the S66 Nevada Battleborn  Battleborn Four Star Cup Victory.

And what a Victory it was! I don't know if this ever happened before or took place again, but Nevada swept the playoffs, not losing a single game(!) on the way. Every round up until the final was a clean sweep, which should tell you how special that S66 squad was.

But where are those heroes now? How did their career evolve or fade out? Let's take a look!

First and foremost, because it will be the most emotional part of this text. Our cherished sitemate and friend thedangazone was part of the squad. You should know this, but I won't go any further into their player for reasons most of you know about. Stick taps to wherever you are now, mate.


Valerian Sauveterre - Will3 - Our starting goalie who not only managed to win the cup with us, but also grab a Gold medal along myself with Team DACH in S65 and grabbing two Mike Honcho trophies (least allowed goals) with the Patriotes. Elite! Currently their new player won another Cup, this time with Colorado in S75.

Dexter Harrison Jr. - EngynGameOver - Was the backup goalie for the squad. Went with some other guys on as a late round draft pick to play for the Minnesota Monarchs, then completely faded out of existence for 1 and a half years. Just recently they came back to the site. Maybe we can expect an recreate soon.


Chad Nickelback - Flowseidon - The former 7th OA pick had a focus on a defensive defender and had a well rounded build. They were drafted 5th OA by Manhattan and went on to claim a bronze and silver medal for Finland at the IIHF in S68 and S73. They have been inactive since January of this year.

Slava Ukraini - kevcon80 - Entered the league in S64 and went pretty much IA during the cup run. Never returned.

Seamus O'Slapahan - Z0REM - Our favorite slapshotting defenseman. What a legend. Won pretty much everything you can win either for Nevada or the New England Wolfpack in the SHL. Still hanging around as one of the few players from this team. Also won several medals for Ireland/Team British Isles in the International Competitions + several personal awards, e.g. the Scott Stevens Trophy for the best SHL defenseman back in S72. My salute to this loyal (only ever played for 1 team in each league) legend.

Tanner Aittokallio - Sean- Won a cup with us while being kind of IA, on which he also commented, pretty funny stuff. Joined the 2K Club with a new player on Colorado/Edmonton.


Michael Byfuglin - leatherneckmike - The former 24th OA pick by the Calgary Dragons shortly recreated after their Four Star Cup triumph only two seasons later. Their new player James Dion is currently active for the Renegades in the SHL

Din Djarin - jsteele14 - The former 21st OA by by the Scarecrows and later on 15th OA pick by the Dragons won the Alex Light trophy for the Most Improved player just one season prior to the Cup victory and was a vital part in our cup run. Their newest player Aksel VINsen looks to reproduce the success as 21st OA pick by Manhattan, having a bunch of WJC/IIHF medals from Norway/Team Norden under their belt as well as a 2nd All Star Team nomination at their glorious return to Nevada in S73.

Joe Shiesy - JoeShiesty - Has been inactive for two years after entering the leagie in S64. They already have been pretty much IA during the cup run with their latest post dating back to S65.

Manon Graves - TheMoonlark - Joined Nevada on Free Agency in S64, was part of the Cup team and won two Silver medals in the WJC with the USA in S65/66, which secured a respectable 2nd round selection by the Aurora. However they went inactive back in S69 (nice) and haven't returned to action.

Steven Connors - CanadianDuck - After having already won 2 cups with the Scarecrows, the third followed with Nevada. The User retired Connors shortly afterwards due to a cancer diagnosis and haven't been active since February 2024.. I sincerely hope for the best and that they managed to beat this beast. Fuck Cancer!

Luke Laraque - blix900 - The former S64 10th OA pick by Nevada is one of the few people who are still active, currently employed by Edmonton! After winning the S64 award for the most Underrated player they backed up that one by winning the cup 2 seasons later. Add to that several medals for Team Sweden and to top it off a Challenge Cup with the Blizzard in S73 and you got yourself a highly succesful career!

Boom Stick - plutoniumdom - A FA with a huge upside that entered Nevada and helped us get that undefeated cup. After being drafted by Tampa in the 2nd round they unfortunately went IA shortly after in S67.

Dominik Froste - Froste39 - My first player ever and I think I did pretty okay with him Smile Only non-recreate to get a RotY nomination in their first season, the S66 Cup, a record for most assists in a single season and 5 gold medals for Germany/DACH topped of with being the 11th OA pick into the SHL draft where a wonderful experience. I reitried Dominik for time reasons and concentrated on the SSL for quite some time but now I am back with more free time and the will to give it my all again. This time as the italian Goalie prodigy Gino Fortezza. Andiamo!

Alexi Piastri - vbottas17- Nevada Legend Piastri formed the golden line alongside Froste and broke pretty much every rookie record during his stint in the J. Nominated for nearly every award a Forward could get and topping it all off with a Challenge Cup in the late S75, accompanied by the Playoff MVP award an already legendary career got crowned recently. I was so happy that Piastri was drafted alongside me to Minnesota, even though we could not find lasting success there. Another SHL legend for sure!

Foxy - samsung virtual assistant - Another late round gem that completed our lineup and enabled us to claim the cup. Being around since over 50 seasons the user and their achievements don't really need more explanation. Won nearly everything with the syndicate and Team Japan only missing that J trophy they then got with Nevada. Currently they are IA but employed by Buffalo.

Unfortunately I missed some users but the archvies (or rather the forums/portal) seem to incomplete on their players and I couldn't remember them too well unfortunately.

Also let us not forget Jess and Aleris who managed this team to perfection and still have their jobs to this day, managing the Battlebabies with heart and dedication!

There we have it, the NBB golden generation! Battleborn Battleborn Battleborn

1310 words of text.

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some of my most precious children on here :')

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. : [Image: zS2lCMp.png] : .

what a squad

[Image: S38oOt3.png][Image: of1yZSs.png]
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credit to Flappy, ToeDragon, and Carpy

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