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S77 mPT #1: I Wanna Be The Very Best Due: Sunday, June 16th @ 11:59 PM PST

This season, I want my player to contribute to LAP getting back to where we want them to be, which is at the top of the standings and hoisting the cup. It'll take contributions from everyone, including my player.

Reed Kobo - Winger - #33
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Elijah Jones - Winger - #33 Retired
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Toivo Kosonen - Defenseman - #33 Retired
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I want to try and be a little more active this season, expand the Jack lore more. I havent been as present as I would of liked. Started taking on more responsibilitys in my personal life and its made it a bit harder to do media posts ?

So thats the goal for Jack. To have more adventures.

phlippe eko eel is pretty solidly into his career so most of these post-career histories are already mostly written but i've had tremendous IIHF success and it would be nice to make the IIHF HOF

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Armada Inferno norway

I would like my player to have a 5 shutouts and be part of the team that wins the four star cup!! I don't think it's too far fetched a dream.

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The goal for my player has kind of remained the same over the time in the league, to have fun. But after being the top defender in goals I am expecting slightly more of my player this season, than I expected of him in the past, as usually he had pretty bad stats, outside of being a good/luck charm with (at the time of going to the SHL) one of the highest +/- in YUM (post-rebrand) history.

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Well, I have been etting into the top 10 in career shots blocked and it would be neat to end up like top 5 in that or maybe even top three all time!

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My current number one goal is to get as many whales as possible. #WhaleWatch2024 I have my binoculars out and I am searching the waters for a whale tail. IYKYK I am looking for :whalecum: at every game. 
Thanks @Dextaria

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As a player who is already in regression and was lucky enough to have some good prime years that allowed me to go for some good individual numbers and awards, now is the time to play the team game and play in whatever position I can create the most value for a team, that has better individual players than me now.

Evan Winter
Edmonton Blizzard
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Ace Lightnings goal is to score more than 5 goals in a season and maybe contribute more on both sides of the puck for Toronto

I think my goal now that I've hit the TPE cap is to excel at my position, but ultimately keep earning and banking TPE in anticipation of what I can do at the next level once that time comes!

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Same as every year. Block shots, get points, make the playoffs, win the cup. Career goals are done by having the same goals every year, lets do this.

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I think this season Egli is just doing his best not to fall apart. His knees are held together by braces and duct tape and his back is stiff as a redwood. Someone should probably take him out back.

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The only goal I really have for William Tree is to also win the championship in the SHL as I won one in SMJHL already with him. Want him to have one in both before he goes

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The goal this season for my player and my team is to win another championship. We are coming off a championship and going back to back is something very few can accomplish.

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My goal for this season is to win the cup. It has been my goal for as long as I can remember and I know we have the team to win it all this season.

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