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Chirper #70 (AC Week #528)

Piano man

[Image: blob?bcid=skaYOLgiYjUHIA]

We losing but my points going up. Look at the bright side brothers.

[Image: zeus-stom-draft-night.png]

Storming to the top of draft boards brother!

[Image: zeus-stom-draft-night.png]

specs full playmaker

92 - Leighton Oligny- C

goes 3-1-4 early

92 - Leighton Oligny- C

Kino der toten

[Image: blob?bcid=skaYOLgiYjUHIA]

I forgot to chirp yesterday

[Image: jovera.gif]

[Image: tZH05l4.png]

JFC FN1 in the books :nodders:

[Image: jovera.gif]

[Image: tZH05l4.png]

EST -> CST -> PST -> TST time zone changes all in a few days is gonna kill me

Didn't uncap for the first week oops lol

15 PIM in one game... leading the league right now

Ekaterina Valieva - Baltimore Platoon
Co-GM - Maine Timber

[Image: ekaterina-valieva-spotlight.png]
Thanks @xjoverax for the sig!

you'll have to chirp

[Image: pkHEmu9.png]

Monsters almost pulled off the upset tonight

Can’t wait for the weekend

Site be acting slow rn

[Image: Oats.gif]

[Image: 401.png] [Image: S42cup1.png] [Image: r-Wt4-AB350oooo.png][Image: WuTGq5J.png][Image: XUMDqMO.png]

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