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Deep Dive #1 - Regina Elk Season Recap

With the conclusion of the SMJHL regular season, in this deep dive, I will be examining the season that the Regina Elk have had, comparing their performance to the rest of the league, as well as showcasing some of the Elk’s top players.

Overall standing

Overall, the Regina Elk finished with a record of 41-24-1. This record was good enough for the Elk to take the top spot in the Northern Conference, beating out second place Vancouver by 9 points. However, the Southern Conference proved to be the stronger conference of the SMJHL this season, as both Maine and Nevada managed to top Regina in the overall standings. Nevada beat out Regina by 2 wins, while the Maine Timber finished with a whopping 98 points over the 66 game season compared to the Elk’s 83 points.

Top players

The Elk’s star-studded top line put on a show this season and definitely helped propel the team into first place in the Northern Conference. This top line consisted of Mary Hollywood at left wing, Bean Beanman Jr. at centre, and Inge Baardsen at right wing.

The Elk’s top line had a couple of great playmakers in Bean Beanman Jr. and Inge Baardsen, with the pair totalling 56 assists and 51 assists respectively. This was very impressive at a rate of almost an assist per game! The goal scorer on the line was Mary Hollywood, tallying 44 goals over this season while often leading the league in scoring. This season, she was edged out by Mia Lavoie of the Maine Timber, who scored 49 goals.

Most impressive of all was the scoring volume that Beanman Jr. was able to achieve, by scoring 94 points in the 66 game season.

With regards to possession statistics, Inge Baardsen was top on the team in Corsi For percentage (CF%) at a respectable 55.1%, with Hollywood and Beanman Jr. both coming in at around 54% as well.

The Elk might be considered to be a somewhat top-heavy team. Regina scored 250 goals over the course of this season (3.79 per game), while the top line of the Elk scored 104 of those 250. In contrast, the third forward line of Jon Garfield, The Puck, and Hades only scored 31 of those goals. Some of this disparity could be attributed to the large amount of time on the powerplay played by the Elk’s top line. In the playoffs, it will likely be the Elk’s opponent’s top priority to stop their powerful top line, and attempt to generate chances while they’re off the ice.

Playoff matchup

For the first round of the SMJHL playoffs, the Regina Elk will be facing off against the Anchorage Armada.

Head-to-head,  the Elk and Armada have played against each other six times this regular season. This season series was quite lopsided, as the Elk have taken 5 out of the 6 games available to them, with the Elk scoring 7 goals in multiple games. Only the first matchup of the season series was taken by the Armada, in a close 4-3 game.

The Armada had a tough season, finishing last in the Northern Conference, with a goal differential of -81 (the next closest team is at -27 goal differential).

While this looks to be a very tough matchup for the Armada, the playoffs are a completely different animal from the regular season, so anything could happen.

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