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Same IP thread
(This post was last modified: 01-20-2024, 01:56 PM by By-Tor.)

AuggieO and I are married and are are on the same IP

[Image: DqlVneu.png][Image: FVlMRDN.png][Image: q30YniK.png][Image: augr5GV.jpeg]

Credit to enigmatic, Merica, tweedledunn, and jaypc8237 for sigs


Kanye33 and I are brothers and may occasionally be using the same IP.

I work at a boarding school, so it is entirely possible someone else in this school is on here

Alex Winters (retired)
Matej Winters (retired)
Dominik Winters
S45 Jesster Trophy Winner
Challenge Cup Winning Goal Club: S52

Just me until I can convince the kid to rejoin, I also play at work

[Image: c3936a1e67537ed2c9716b30ba8432ee.png]

BUBBA -- Roster===Updates

Bojo Machine
League of Accomplished Players
Player builder

Me and Samwich are best friends, may sometimes have the same IP when he’s at my house or at school.

[Image: iQSPFuj.jpeg]
[Image: z6GYaGE.gif]

Me and @hockeymil will have the same IP from time to time

[Image: SyiOY8U.png]
 [Image: 5tu6.png] [Image: bdzv.jpeg]

@Mr.Lizard is Westley's Mom and is also future wifey and as such will usually have the same IP as me

[Image: pyro182.gif]

Thank you hewasajazzman, Slothfacekilla, Sulo, Frenchie, and Raymond for the sigs Smile

TheHockey_Pro and I are Brothers so we have the same IP

[Image: mysteriousfish.png]
Amazing Sig done by @OrbitingDeath

[Image: 8W5aE8t8_o.jpg]

@MuNk22 with the amazing sig

04-30-2024, 07:43 PMMysterious_Fish Wrote: TheHockey_Pro and I are Brothers so we have the same IP

Can confirm

Me and @Armstrong614 live together and therefore share IP addresses.

05-28-2024, 01:31 AMGZippy813 Wrote: Me and @Armstrong614 live together and therefore share IP addresses.
I also live at their address

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