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Is there any better luck than this? NHL 14 Drafting

Playing as the Dallas Stars and had an expendable, veteran Top 4 defenseman in back to back years. I don't think the picks I traded for could have ended up panning out any better.

2016-17 Trade:
To Dallas:
PIT 2017 1st Round Pick
PIT 2017 3rd Round Pick

To Pittsburgh:
D Trevor Daley, 84 OVR

Pittsburgh ended up finishing in 28th place in NHL, and with that pick I took a chance on a player I didn't have scouted at all:

Drafted 3rd Overall: LW Philip Hainsey, 77 OVR, 4.5 Gold

So I have a future top line winger in my back pocket and the next year a similar situation happened:

2017-18 Trade:
To Dallas:
COL 2018 1st Round Pick

To Colorado:
D Andrew MacDonald, 83 OVR

Colorado finished in dead last, 30th in the NHL, and gave me the 1st Overall Pick, and this guy came along...

Drafted 1st Overall: G Pascale Des Vries, 75 OVR, 5 Gold

So to recap, in back to back years, I was able to flip expendable veteran defenseman for a future 1st line winger and a likely perennial Vezina winner, oh, and I won the Stanley Cup both seasons.

[Image: eyM9Y3U.png]

[Image: 2gotrRl.png]

r u streaming it doe?

Quote:Originally posted by gorlab@Apr 7 2014, 12:49 PM
r u streaming it doe?
Not right meow, I haven't streamed since St. Patty's

[Image: eyM9Y3U.png]

[Image: 2gotrRl.png]

That friggin' trade luck. Also the goalie has the best name ever!

[Image: 9RzR4Xk.png]
Timber Rage Timber Rage Timber Rage Timber Rage Timber
[Image: vrlRgHl.png]

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