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The Bank

Where is my bank account?

If you have a bank account, it can be found here:
**Note that there are different sheets for SHL & SMJHL as well as FAs**

If you don't have an account, post here:

Do I deposit my contract?

No, your GM will deposit your contract into the bank for you. Then the bank manager will make the deposit in the bank spreadsheet.

Do I deposit media?

No, this is also done by the media director and then put into your account by the Bank Manager. If you feel the need to try to keep track of it, by all means keep track of it on the side but keep it out of the threads. Cluttering up your transactions with unnecessary posts may lead to mistakes and makes the banker's job harder.

How long does it take to update my bank account?

Typically the manager updates the bank spreadsheet once a week, so depending when the transaction takes place, it's anywhere between 1-7 days.

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