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Beginners Guide to PbPs

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Beginners PbP Guide

Congratulations! You are going to be doing your first Play by Play (PbP). Many players agree that doing a PbP is fun, it allows you to be creative and really put your own “touch” onto things. What I’m going to do today is give you the building blocks of doing your first PbP and hopefully set you up for success in the future.

To start, a PbP claim thread will be posted, such as the one below

[Image: cU8KWeC.png]

Now, if you catch this soon enough, you will have a lot of games to choose from. It’s always fun to do your team’s games so look for open ones that you would like to do, such as below (using Falcons as an example here)

[Image: vkc0p3G.png]

So now you know which games you would like to do, you simply reply to the thread stating which games you would like to have

[Image: aaCh6qd.png]

Once that is done, you now wait for your game link to be sent to you. On the day of each game, the PbP Director will send you your link, and if it is your first time looking at it, it may be overwhelming.

[Image: gscIvHk.png]

When you click the link, you will be greeted by this (of course it will be your own PbP, and not this example)

[Image: dLMtRNi.png]

So, now just take a second to scroll through your PbP and get a feel for it. When I first get a PbP, the things I check first are
The score, why not find out who wins
Goals in each period, gives you an idea of how much action you will have
I also check the “Game Notes” section

[Image: OMImf1S.png]

Here we have no notes, but this section can tell you things like if a player gets a hat-trick, if a player is ejected or any goalie changes that may take place.

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Looking at your PbP </div>

[Image: lYr6Q9a.png]

Pretty straightforward. This gives you details on every shot, block, miss, hit, penalty, goal, icing, offide and faceoff. This is where you will be writing your own PbP from and basically all of your information will be based off of this.

If you want to see more details on a specific part of the PbP, scrolling down to the bottom will give you that.

[Image: Qg8npn7.png]

Now this can be pretty confusing, but if you know what it is you are looking for, it can be simple. Scroll down to the time you are looking for. Here it is the seventh minute. If we are looking for when Toki Wartooth ices the puck, we can just do a “Ctrl + F” to get our find command, and type in “Icing.” This will highlight all instances of the word icing and giving us a way to easily find what we are looking for.

[Image: g6fCEzZ.png]

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Starting your PbP

First off, you want to let people know the game is happening, so post in the appropriate section for your PbP, SMJHL, SHL or IIHF Today. SHL and SMJHL will be under the live games section, while IIHF will be under either Friendly games or Live games. Double check before you post Wink

Make your title easy to recognize what is taking place. “Detroit @ Kelowna” replacing the team names with whichever teams you are currently doing the PbP for. In the topic description, write whichever game number it is that you are doing, in this case, it is game 44.

[Image: OwQVE48.png]

Now, you will want to write an intro to your game. This is where your creativity begins, you can do research on the series between the two teams, write about the season up to this point for each team or just do a quick “starting this game up momentarily” and post the starting lineups for each team, as shown below.

[Image: 7VEYrxs.png]

For the intro you can be biased, if it is your team playing and it is a home game, feel free to go more in depth on your teams intro, write about the tailgating if you feel like it

[Image: d4BhOaV.png]

So from here, you have a few options. You can write your PbP all in one post, do it period by period, or be a post whore and break it all up over 50+ posts(As a rough estimate).

Of course, there are requirements for the PbPs that you MUST meet in order to get your TPE.

For a single post PbP, you must have at least 750 words
For a multi post PbP, you must highlight every goal, 1 save from each team and 1 hit from each team, that is the bare minimum.

Here is an example of a Single post PbP,
And one of a multi post PbP,

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How to PbP

[Image: fSKRmde.png]

Here I highlighted the important parts of the first 8 minutes of the game. Of course you don’t need to cover all of these but it is good to see what you can “ignore.” If you did cover all of these plays, your requirements for a multipost PbP will have been met, as we have a save by each goalie, a hit by each team and the goal.

Let’s take a look at the goal though. As you see here what we have is Jackson Hauke shoots, and then he scores. Pretty simple. So you could just post that, but here you have the chance to get creative. If you go to the detailed PbP section, you can get more of an insight as to what happened.

[Image: 1XuRxoN.png]

This is just a simple example, but you can see that Pedersen won the faceoff, passed to Hauke, who shot and scored. So you could write something like:

Pedersen wins the faceoff over to Hauke
Hauke spins around the defender and takes a quick shot
He beats Pelkonen high glove side!

Being creative is the biggest thing of a PbP. Once you have the idea of what is happening, try and imagine a more detailed scenario of what happened and describe it for the spectators. You are the voice on the radio for them, they can’t see what is going on unless you paint it for them.

So you told everyone that a goal was scored, the next step is to post the goal summary. You will find this at the top of the PbP link that was sent to you.

[Image: P2Gpez5.png]

Highlight the goal that you just did the play for, and paste it after your goal summary, as shown below.

[Image: maSObqr.png]

Using the “code” button, as highlighted above will allow you to put the goal summary into a neat box that stands out from the rest of your PbP.

[Image: JBwPovr.png]

You can also do put up the summaries for penalties, and it is recommended to do this for fights or big altercations that may take place

[Image: 6zgNpC7.png]

Now you are done the first period. Below I highlighted the stats you will post next.

[Image: U7KGW1H.png]

Copy the shot totals for each side and post them when you are end the period in your PbP. Put a quick score recap in as well for spectators to have a quick recap of the period and game up to this point, as shown below

[Image: yDfSvgw.png]

(I know it's not the same as the first image, but it is a good example of how it should look)

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Ending your PbP

[Image: ICl1mDC.png]

The game is now over, you can't just end it like that though. You have one more step before you are officially done. You MUST post the stats for the game. This is a simple task to do and can be easy to forget. It takes 2 posts, your first post consists of the scoring and penalty summaries.

[Image: kuP5Ikd.png]

Copy all of that, and paste it into a post, use the “Code” button for this as well. Next you want to put up the player stats. Everyone wants to see how they did and if they picked up one of the three stars

[Image: Y4O5AxL.png]

Thats it! You are done your first PbP, hopefully you have a good idea on what to expect for your next one. Knowing what to expect allows you to come up with creative ideas for the future ones you will complete.

Now you wait for the claim thread to be posted by the PbP director to claim your TPE Wink

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Use pictures to accompany your story. Why not give your spectators some visual assistance. If you have a hit, put a picture of a player getting a big hit. For a goal, put a picture of a team celebrating or the goalie missing the puck. You can also use GIFs which can be exciting to watch

Leave cliffhangers, end a post with a " X player shoots!" so spectators are anticipating what happens next. If you are doing a single post or period by period. Hit your enter key a bunch of times to leave a long space so scrolling down they don't know what to expect

(I'll be adding more soon, this is just the start, any ideas for it let me know and I will add it in)

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Ilike pinned

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1. Team Canada , Benjamin Wong 1 (Jay McDonald) at 8:49
first ever Canadian Olympic Goal

Thanks for the sticky Cool Wink

Added a bunch of stuff, if anyone has other tips for PbPs or ideas for me to put in let me know, PM me or post here. I'll add them in if it hasnt been covered.

Hopefully people new to PbPs actually use this, I think it will be helpful Smile

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Great job with this!! Might be a bit daunting to read, but it's definitely helpful!!


Your mental health is just as important as your physical health. Please take care of it. Here are some helpful links just in case.

Algonquin College Student Support Services - 613-727-4723
Crisis Text Line - Text 'HOME' to 741741
Distress Centre Ottawa and Region - 613-288-3311
Good2Talk - 1-866-925-5454
Kid's Help Phone - 1-800-668-6868
Mental Health Hotline Ontario - 1-866-531-2600
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline - 1-800-273-8255

Click here for a list of crisis centres within Canada

If you have the contact info to your local mental help centres, let me know!

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MY PBP IS USED AS AN EXAMPLE!!!!!! i am goat pbper if i try tbh thanks and goodnight

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Trying to Augment my personality to be more like my hero

Thanks guys, np Kit, you will be remembered through the ages as GOAT PbP

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How much tpe do you get for each pbp and is it capped? Do you have a limit on how many you can do each week or season? Are playoff games worth more?

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Quote:Originally posted by Jakub@Jan 18 2017, 01:03 AM
How much tpe do you get for each pbp and is it capped? Do you have a limit on how many you can do each week or season? Are playoff games worth more?

Ask <a href='index.php?showuser=1765' rel='nofollow' alt='profile link' class='user-tagged mgroup-13'>Eggy216</a> on TPE amount, I think it's 5. The cap is 15 TPE/season, only available during playoffs, and I think the limit is 1 per round

Quote:Originally posted by mpc@Jan 18 2017, 02:07 AM

Ask @[Eggy Nog] on TPE amount, I think it's 5. The cap is 15 TPE/season, only available during playoffs, and I think the limit is 1 per round
Thanks for your help!

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[Image: rEiUtbJ.png]

Quote:Originally posted by Jakub@Jan 18 2017, 03:03 AM
How much tpe do you get for each pbp and is it capped? Do you have a limit on how many you can do each week or season? Are playoff games worth more?

It's only during the playoffs now, the post game show system replaced the play by play system a while back. It's 5 TPE per PbP + bonuses after the playoffs are over depending on how the game went.

The "cap" is up to one game per round.

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