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S36 Hall of Fame Ceremony

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S36 Hall of Fame Ceremony

WELCOME one and all to glorious Buffalo, New York, for this season's SHL Hall of Fame Ceremony! The former Buffalo Thunder stadium's new purpose of housing the legends of the SHL has made its way to the forefront of hockey once more, and so we gather to celebrate the great ones that grace the ice in the SHL with their skill, creativity, and drive. The Hall will have some changes to make to the Team History section of the Hall, adding the San Francisco Pride to the list of 14 SHL teams, and regaling the Portland Admirals to the same status as the Hydras, Kings, and Comets of seasons past.

The list of candidates eligible (received votes) for the distinction and jacket that accompany this honor is:
Valterri Bottas - <a href='index.php?showuser=1290' rel='nofollow' alt='profile link' class='user-tagged mgroup-13'>vbottas17</a>
Yuri Boyka - <a href='index.php?showuser=1146' rel='nofollow' alt='profile link' class='user-tagged mgroup-17'>soulja</a>
Brandon Cant - <a href='index.php?showuser=584' rel='nofollow' alt='profile link' class='user-tagged mgroup-3'>Underoath10</a>
Rider Clitsome - <a href='index.php?showuser=537' rel='nofollow' alt='profile link' class='user-tagged mgroup-8'>Schultzy</a>
Chuck Goody - <a href='index.php?showuser=711' rel='nofollow' alt='profile link' class='user-tagged mgroup-3'>Nike</a>
Maxim Horvat - <a href='index.php?showuser=98' rel='nofollow' alt='profile link' class='user-tagged mgroup-8'>Deenerys Targa-rene</a>
Magnus Jakobsen - <a href='index.php?showuser=1014' rel='nofollow' alt='profile link' class='user-tagged mgroup-3'>Marley</a>
Friedrich Muller - <a href='index.php?showuser=1263' rel='nofollow' alt='profile link' class='user-tagged mgroup-59'>kit</a>
Jackson Rodgers - Tanaka - <a href='index.php?showuser=1178' rel='nofollow' alt='profile link' class='user-tagged mgroup-3'>Jedi</a>

The ceremony is only one part of the day, as there are plenty of things to do in these great halls. Relive some of your favorite moments in SHL history with the Instant Replay archives, or strap on the skates to win a faceoff against Chris McZehrl, deke past the likes of Chris Partlow, and score on S35 inductee Edwin Ask. If you're brave at heart, you might even risk going into the Thunderdome Experience, where the greatest hecklers of the SHL goad and provoke you like they shook so many weak minds on and off the ice in their heyday.

The Induction itself should occur at 10PM EST, leaving plenty of time to enjoy beautiful Buffalo, get some authentic buffalo wings, and talk to both old and new players alike as the SHL horde makes their pilgrimage to SHL Mecca this one time a year (outside of Stampede games). When anyone from the SHL world makes their appearance, we will be the first to let you know. See you soon!

Good luck everyone!

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First, I’d like to thank everyone for showing up to honor those select few that are going to be enshrined into the Hall of Fame tonight! It means a lot that the community can come together to celebrate the achievements that some have made during their time here, and should serve as a quick reminder of what is in store for those with big SHL dreams. These players are the ones you want to look up toward and measure your success against, and tonight, a few more milestones will be put up in the path toward greatness.

Here in Buffalo, the fans have a strong passion for their Stampede teams and their drive for SHL hockey is on par with any other market out there. However, this ceremony comes on the heels of the recent announcement that the Portland Admirals will be moving to San Francisco to become the Pride. We’d like to take a quick second to recognize the current members of the Hall of Fame that were a part of the organization:
Armin Brovalchuk
Yousuf Scherbluk

I’d also like to start by mentioning that there is one person that did not meet the requirements for the Hall of Fame who will not get another chance to enter: Fredrick Wastlund. His 7th year on the ballot proved to be his last one, and is thus assigned to the Hall of Very Good. His placement on the list of those considered for the Hall of Fame is in and of itself an achievement, and that shouldn’t be lost on anyone. Thank you for your time in the SHL and we hope you’ll continue mentoring the classes of the future!

Now, onto the potential candidates. Since there are 9 candidates, I will be addressing players three at a time, and I think the groupings of these players will be reasonable, given their particular paths in the SHL and their time here. Let’s start with the first grouping of players, and this should come as no surprise to those that have closely followed the Edmonton Blizzard: Jackson Rodgers-Tanaka, Chuck Goody, and Friedrich Muller!

We should all know the reason why these three are grouped together, but for those unfamiliar with the Blizzard stadium rafters, there sits a banner from almost 10 seasons ago that holds all three of these names. That banner, of course, is the S28 Blizzard Challenge Cup banner, where all 3 of these defenders were part of a team that was mainly dominated by this blue line trio’s dominance in two-way play. Rodgers-Tanaka led the team in scoring over Theo Kane, and Goody and Muller rounded out the top 5 on the team with brawny hits from Goody and solid shutdown blocks from Muller.

Out of these three players, two (!Wink enter the Hall of Fame today. The first is Chuck Goody with 46 points from the HoF ballots, whose 2 Cup rings make him stand above a lot of defenders in his era and his physicality kept him in the race for many a Scott Stevens award! The second is Friedrich Muller with 41 points from the HoF ballots, who became one of the top offensive defenders of his time and brought a new definition to the term with his careful balance in play while dominating on the attack.

Congratulations <a href='index.php?showuser=711' rel='nofollow' alt='profile link' class='user-tagged mgroup-3'>Nike</a> and <a href='index.php?showuser=1263' rel='nofollow' alt='profile link' class='user-tagged mgroup-59'>kit</a> on this momentous achievement!

The second grouping of three makes sense for those who have been fans of the Western Conference for a long time: Maxim Horvat, Valterri Bottas, and Yuri Boyka! These three make up a few different eras of ReneGod hockey, with Bottas and Boyka being acquisitions from other teams in the Western Conference to make them contenders in the late S20’s. Bottas made his claims to fame as one of the Renegades’ worst nightmares in Los Angeles, bringing a 4th forward mentality to the blue line shared by Wastlund, Dave Smith, and other Panther greats. Boyka, meanwhile, helped develop the Panthers with Bottas as a top forward, while also playing significant time in Winnipeg and some time in free agency making his way to the Renegades. Maxim Horvat brought a similar flavor to the conference, being a mainstay in Texas while being rented to the Panthers, Riot, and others before retiring a Renegade.

Unfortunately, none of these playesr make the Hall this season, so better luck next time!

Quote:Originally posted by mpc@Oct 2 2017, 10:28 PM

Unfortunately, [b]none of these playesr make the Hall this season
, so better luck next time![/b]
It appears the host has started drinking folks. If your a Detroit fan, just imagine Redmond and you'll be able to understand the rest of the ceremony.

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This third group combines a long span of Steelhawks hockey into one grouping that produced a lot for the Eastern Conference franchise: Brandon Cant, Rider Clitsome, and Magnus Jakobsson! Out of the three, the most notable would have to be Rider Clitsome’s three Cups, two with Hamilton in 3 seasons mid S20’s and one with the New England Wolfpack toward the end of his career, and was part of multiple teams that played big roles in shaping the SHL landscape over his time in the league. Brandon Cant’s time with the Steelhawks harks back to the whole of the S10 decade and pretty much every part of the S20 decade except the Cup years, and his longevity in the SHL is second to very few folks. His defensive mindset helped the Steelhawks compete, but they could never make it to that Cup victory. Magnus Jakobssen made his biggest marks as someone potting goals against the Steelhawks with the Rage for a while, but his time in Hamilton was met with high volume scoring and being a number 1 fantasy selection on countless teams over the seasons. His individual accolades make up for having less than bountiful team accomplishments.

Out of this grouping, we have again 2 inductees: Rider Clitsome (38 points) and Magnus Jakobssen (37 points) making the Hall of Fame! Brandon Cant just can't get there yet, but he's still got a few seasons of HoF eligibility to try again.

Congratulations to <a href='index.php?showuser=537' rel='nofollow' alt='profile link' class='user-tagged mgroup-8'>Schultzy</a> and <a href='index.php?showuser=1014' rel='nofollow' alt='profile link' class='user-tagged mgroup-3'>Marley</a> for their accomplishments!

That's it for this season's inductees! Again, to recap, we have 4 inductees tonight:

Chuck Goody, Rage Blizzard Chiefs Panthers Stars Renegades (46 points)
Friedrich Muller Stampede Steelhawks Blizzard (41 points)
Rider Clitsome Steelhawks Wolfpack Stars (38 points)
Magnus Jakobssen Rage Steelhawks Chiefs (37 points)

Thank you all for a wonderful event, and I hope to see you soon for next year's ceremony!

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Wow! That's crazy. Pretty incredible to be honest. Makes a guy motivated for Elias Lindstrom.

Thank you everyone and congrats to those inducted. Very amazing group of players! Smile

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I carried 'em both lul

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I carried 'em both lul
Ya especially when I won stevens

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