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S37 Dragons Budget

<div align="center">Dragonite Calgary Dragon's Season 37 BudgetDragonite

Forwards: 42.5M
Defensemen: 23M
Goalies: 10M
Current Contract Cost: 75.5M
Minor League Relief: -4.5M/8M
Cash in Trade: 2M From EDM
Send Downs:
Augustus, Barbashev, Bulota, McKinley

Total Budget Occupied: 69M
Total Budget Cap: 70M
Available: 1M

[Image: TeamBarDragons.png]


Esa Anrikkanen (S18)
S37: 4M

Yorgen Bartenberry (S24)
S37: 500k

Jurgis Bulota (S37) Send Down
S37: 1M

Taro Eichelele (S31)
S37: 3M

Dani Forsberg (S34)
S37: 6M
S38: 5M
S39: 5M

Shane Gagner (S27)
S37: 5M
S38: 5M
S39: 5M
S40: 5M

Mike Izzy (S35)
S37: 2M
(adjusted to higher tpe tier at time of off-season announcement 5-700tpe)

Schnitinfritz Jagr (S23)
S37: 2M*

Joe Kurczewski (S31)
S37: 5M

Alex Mack (S22)
S37: 4M

Alexander McKinley (S37) Send Down
S37: 1M

Nicholas Pedersen (S20)
S37: 4M

Randy Randleman (S24)
S37: 5M
S38: 5M
S39: 5M
S40: 5M
S41: 5M


Roman Augustus (S36) (Send Down)
S37: 2M
S38: 2M

Anze Barbashev (S37) (Send Down)
S37: 500K

Michael Boychuk (S23)
S37: 4M
S38: 4M

Casey Creller (S36)
S37: 2M
S38: 2M

Chuck Goody Jr (S35)
S37: 2M

Lukas Johnson (S23)
S37: 2M

Pierre-Luc Laflamme (S22)
S37: 4M

Connor O'Reilly (S23)
S37: 3.5M (PO)

Fernando Pergher(S23)
S37: 3M


Richard C. Hocolate (S29)
S37: 3M
S38: 3M

Thaddues Prince (S33)
S37: 2M

Hunter Wong (S21)
S36: 5M

* Indicates Hometown Discount</div>

[Image: parmborg.gif]
[Image: steelhead77.gif]

#1 All-Time SHL Goal & Point Scorer 
- First 2,000 TPE Player in SHL History - 
- First 400 Goal Scorer in SHL History -
- Only 500 Goal Scorer in SHL History -
- First GM to Win 5 & 6 Challenge Cups -
Esa Anrikkanen Award - SMJHL ROY - Est. S34
Vidrik Onoprienko Award Winner - S45

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