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IIHF Rulebook
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Federation Heads:
Each IIHF Federation is run by a maximum two, minimum one person governing board. The selection of a new federation head when someone retires, resigns, or is removed will be up to the discretion of the IIHF Commissioners.

The hiring of a coach goes under the maximum two, minimum one person governing board ruling except for the fact that the coach will only be responsible for lines, not the additional head-office roles the Federation Heads experience.

-Roster Size: minimum of 20, maximum of 22, allowing for 4 lines of forwards, 4 defensive pairings, and 2 goalies.

-You must always pick an active over an inactive, unless the active has 350 or less applied tpe. In that case, you may leave the active off of your roster in favor of the inactive. Inactive is defined as not having posted for 1 month.

-Active skaters must receive a minimum of 10% playing time in the 5v5 line-ups

-Position changes are allowed as long as they are within the constraints of the roster requirements and activity stipulation.

-You are able to drop an inactive on the roster for an active at any point up to the medal stage of the tournament. Once an active is placed on a roster he must be played for the remainder of the tournament.

IIHF International Transfer Regulations

IIHF Transfers can fall into four categories:

A) Transfer of a Player from an Unassigned IIHF Region

- If a player's birthplace is not from one of the 12 assigned IIHF Regions, they are eligible for transfer to any IIHF Region.
- Nations may have unlimited unassigned player transfers.

B ) Transfer of a Player from an Assigned IIHF Region
- If a player's birthplace is from one of the the 12 assigned IIHF Regions, they are eligible for transfer to any other IIHF region if they have not yet been dressed in a "simulated game" for their nation.
- Nations may only have one assigned player transfer per season.

C) Exceptional Transfer
- Done out of necessity (a nation not having enough players to have a team, or transferring a new Federation Head), this type of transfer ignores whether or not the player is locked-in to their nation.

D) Goalie Transfer
- If an active backup goalie does not play at least 6 games over the course of 2 seasons (can play 5 games 1 season and 1 the other). They may apply to the IIHF Commissioners to be eligible for a transfer. They cannot be contacted by other nations before they are approved for a transfer by an IIHF Commissioner.This transfer will count towards the receiving nation's assigned transfers.

1) IIHF transfers will be OPEN whenever the eligible player list has been sufficiently updated for the beginning of the season (hopefully by the start of the regular season).

2) IIHF transfers will CLOSE when the off-season tournament begins.


- A player will be considered "locked-in" and unable to transfer if the player plays in an IIHF tournament (not WJC), or if the player transfers to a new nation.

Limit on the Amount of Players that can Transfer out of a nation per season:

Limits will be determined at the beginning of the transfer season for the whole season as follows:

25 eligible players or less = 0 Transfers out of the Nation
26 - 35 eligible players = 1 Transfer out of the Nation
36 - 45 eligible players = 2 Transfers out the Nation
46 or more eligible players = 3 Transfers out of the Nation

In addition, a nation may not transfer more than 1 player from the same federation in a season.

Tampering is defined as either a) communicating with a player who is not eligible to transfer (i.e. a locked in player or a new rookie) with the purpose of persuading them to join your nation or b) encouraging new members or recreates to create a player for your nation outside of the public forums in an obviously selfish or pressuring manner.

For Part A:
1. This includes any private discussion involving leaving the nation with whom the player is locked in/created for with the purpose of joining the offender’s nation.
2. Public forum comments are allowed within reason.

For Part B:
1. This will obviously be highly discretionary so please reach out to a Commissioner for clarification. Generally you should appear objective, make use of the “Nation needs thread” to advise new members, and be promoting the league first and foremost over your nation.
2. Messaging a new user to the site to create a player for your nation is not allowed. Additionally, mass recruitment comments (i.e. on Reddit, discord, other forums) that are mostly emphasizing “Join our Nation” are also not allowed.
3. You are allowed to talk to members currently in your nation to recreate as your nation. However, once they've created they cannot be talked to until the first playoff sim of their first full SMJHL season.
4. Public forum comments are allowed within reason.

Rookie Transfer Eligibility:
- SMJHL Rookies CANNOT be contacted before the beginning of the SMJHL Playoffs

- Do not converse with players before the first sim of their first full SMJHL season's playoffs regarding matters to do with transferring to your own nation or other statements that may be construed as such, as it is tampering.

- Punishments for tampering and other offenses will be at the discretion of the IIHF Commissioners. General guidelines are as follows but the exact punishment may vary on a case to case basis:

First offense: You will be punished by not being able to perform any transfer for one full season as well as a issued a fine and a suspension.
Second offense: You will be fired in addition to the above.

-Now the rankings, which will use the formula used by FIFA for their World Rankings, though slightly altered. It will look like:

Ranking Points = 100 (Result Points x Match Status x Assessment Period)

The points from this calculation will then be added whatever the team previously has.

-Result Points: 3 for win with no OT or SO, 2 for win with OT or SO, 1 for OTL or SOL, 0 for a loss

-Match Status: x1 for friendlies (no longer done), x2.5 for Round Robin, x3 for Playoff match, x4 for Gold Medal match

-Assessment Period: Last season = x1, Two seasons ago = x.5, Three seasons ago = x.3, Four seasons ago = x.2

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