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PBP Rules
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PBP Guidelines

The Basics

PBPs are for finals only.
Payout will be 5 TPE for completing a PBP with a potential bonus up to 3 TPE.
Games must be accepted after 4 hours.
Evening games (games simmed in the evening) must be started by 10:00 AM the following day.
Morning games (games simmed in the morning) must be started by 6:00 PM that day.
At minimum, a PBP should be completed in 3 or fewer hours and highlight the exciting moments of a game. PBPs should not be made up solely of exact copy/paste jobs or screen shots of the game index.

PBP Claims
PBP Claims will be done in FOUR groups: SMJHL Morning, SMJHL Evening, SHL Morning, SHL Evening.
You may sign up for ONE draw by posting in the thread with what draw you’d like to be included in. If multiple posts are made your most recent post will be considered your sign up.
A random lottery will be publically streamed for each group. All 14 possible games will be assigned at this time. In addition, two alternates will be drawn for each time slot (Mornings, Evenings) to replace anyone who does not accept or start their PBP on time.

PBP Trades
PBP’s may be traded between two players that both have PBPs in the same season. For a trade to be official BOTH members must confirm with the PBP director.

PBP Alternate Process
The alternates will be contacted via the in-game message system about the opening, the first to reply will receive the game. If neither alternate is available or they do not reply within FOUR hours, the game will be made available publicly via the forums where the first person to reply to the thread, that has not already completed a PBP that season will receive the game.
If someone who has rights to a future game that is not guaranteed at the time of the “free claim”, they may claim the earlier game. Their future game will go through the same PBP alternate process.

Bonus TPE
Everyone that does a PBP can earn 3 bonus TPE. This TPE will be awarded as follows:
+1 TPE for finishing the PBP in under two hours
+1 TPE for adding something extra to the PBP (personal commentary, gifs, images, etc)
+1 TPE for if the viewers enjoyed it (as shown in pre-PBP poll: “Did you like this PBP?”, thread activity, comments, etc.)

Alternate/Short Series TPE
If you sign-up for a PBP AND are granted one that does not end up happening (from a series ending early) OR from an alternate that does not receive a game OR sign up and are not awarded a game, ONE uncapped TPE can be earned by completing the Top PBP survey at the end of the season that determines payouts. An alternate that does not accept a PBP if one becomes available will not be eligible for this TPE.

PBP Penalties
If you do not accept your PBP within FOUR hours by telling the PBP director in a PM on discord or the forums, you will lose your game. No exceptions.
If you do not begin your PBP within TWELVE hours from when you were SENT the message to accept, you will lose your game. No exceptions.
Everyone will have ONE freebie to fail to meet the PBP criteria. You will receive a warning on the forums. If you fail to meet the PBP criteria twice you will be excluded from the PBP lottery for the next season. Cases of a third offense will be dealt with on a case by case basis with the HO’s input.
If you are unable to complete your PBP and do not give notice to the PBP Director or a member of head office you will be banned from participating in PBPs for FIVE seasons. Leniency may be granted with discretion for extreme circumstances.
If you complete a PBP that was not assigned to you by the PBP Director you will receive 0 TPE or other awards and receive a ban from participating in PBPs for the following season.

Monetary Bonuses
The three best PBPs will be awarded bonuses of five, three, and one million.
To qualify for these bonuses you MUST receive all three bonus TPE.
The best PBPs will be determined based on creativity, building anticipation, entertainment, and effort (judged by original content word count, images, etc.) and voted on by everyone who completed a PBP this season and the PBP director. The PBP director will send a list of PBPs that met the 3 TPE requirement and a poll to all PBPers to rate all of the PBPs with the top 3 earning monetary bonuses.

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