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WJC Rulebook
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A. Eligibility
    1. Players
        a. Any player that is eligible for SMJHL play by the first playoff sim is eligible for WJC play. That is, any player that:
            i. Has 350 or less applied TPE for up to 2 seasons of SMJHL play.
            ii. Has 425 or less applied TPE for up to 5 seasons of SMJHL play.
            iii. Is within 5 season from creation(ie: S50 SHL Draft Class are Eligible from S48-S53 WJC. Since S48 WJC starts in offseason before they will be drafted to the SMJHL)
    2. Exceptions
        a. Due to difficulty in having sustainable numbers of eligible players, there are a couple of exceptions to the above rule.
            i. Bots created with player pages (mainly goaltenders) 
            ii. Retired players whose player pages are not in the retired sub-forum
    3. Records
        a. A spreadsheet of all eligible players (except for the upcoming SMJHL draft class) is maintained here. Please contact a member of the WJC HO on matters of eligibility or the spreadsheet.
        b. IIHF transfers are recognized up until the creation of rosters. IIHF Rulebook Found here:

B. Rosters
    1. Roster Size
        a. 20-22, allowing for 4 lines of forward, 4 defensive pairings, and 2 goalies; teams may use their final 2 defensive roster spots on forwards if no more defense are available to them and vice versa.
        b. The minimum roster size when looking at the creation of teams is 18 skaters and 1 goalie. If teams do not make the minimum roster size due to no goaltender, another nation may lend them one. Both the GM and player (if active) must agree to this for it to take place.
        c. You must always pick an active over an inactive. Inactive is defined as not having posted for 1 month. This includes players created after the most recent SMJHL Trade Deadline.
        d. You are able to drop an inactive on the roster for an active at any point up to the medal stage of the tournament. Once an active is placed on a roster he must be played for the remainder of the tournament.
            i. This rule must be followed when a new player is created.
e. In the rare circumstance an active player does not have an active spot on their current nation's roster, they may play for another nation with the fewest amount of active players.
    2. Lines
        a. Active players must always take priority over inactives and appear on a higher line than them in 5v5 lines. 
            i. If a nation is found to be playing an inactive on a higher line than an active, they will be fined 3 round robin points, no exceptions. 
        b. Active goaltenders must start one quarter of round robin games, including backups.
            i. If an active goaltender does not receive the required amount of starts, the nation will be fined 3 round robin points.
            ii. If a goaltender is active, but 7 or less days away from being declared inactive, this rule may be waived at the discretion of the WJC Commissioner. 

C. WJC Tournament Structure
    1. Timing
        a. The WJC tournament will begin the day after the conclusion of Round 3 of the SMJHL playoffs.
    2. Groups
        a. Groups will be decided by the previous season’s round robin standings.
            i. Odd numbered positions will play Group A. 
            ii. Even number positions will play Group B.
    3. Stages of Play
        a. The first stage will be the Exhibition round.
            i. Each team will play every other team in their group once
            ii. Results don’t count towards the rest of the tournament. 
        b. The Round Robin will follow.
            i. Each team will play each team in their group four times.
            ii. Points will be awarded for each game in a 3-2-1-0 format.
            iii. Standings at the end of the stage will determine the Medal Round seeds.
        c. The tournament will conclude with a Medal Round, to determine the medalists.
            i. Each round will be a single match elimination
            ii. Matchups will be determined through cross-group seedings. The highest seed of Group A will play the lowest seed of Group B; the second seed of Group A will play the second lowest seed of Group B; and so on. 
            iii. After the first round, the tournament will proceed in a bracket style.
            iv. A bronze medal match will be held between the two semi-final losers.
    4. Prizes
        a. All players (and GMs if not on the team) will receive a cash prize for achieving a medal. 
            i. The gold medalists will receive $2,000,000 each. 
            ii. The silver medalists will receive $1,000,000 each. 
            iii. The bronze medalists will receive $500,000 each. 

D. GM Responsibilities
    1. Eligibility/Preference
        a. Users with an active junior player will be at the top of the priority list for GM selections, although all users on the site are eligible to be a WJC GM. In the rare case a nation doesn’t receive any applications from members within its’ ranks, another user who was originally unsuccessful may be offered the job.
    2. Responsibilities
        a. Rosters - Collate a legal roster to ice for your nation. Upon completion post a media list in the SMJHL Media subforum and send a plain list, as names appear in sim, to the commissioner.
        b. Hosting Bid - Upon being offered a GM job, you may wish to put together a bid to have the championships be hosted in your nation. To apply, PM the WJC Commissioner with the following:
            - Details of where the games are going to be played. If you’re representing a joint nation, consider splitting games between two of the nations. You should include two cities and two arenas, one for each group.
            - Minor details of events/ceremonies that will take place during the tournament. 
            - Minor details about how hosting the tournament will impact your nation(s).
            - Optional: a rough sketch of how a logo for the tournament would look.
        If your bid is successful, you and your team will receive a 25% cash bonus on top of all graded media regarding hosting of the tournament. To receive the bonus, send a link of your graded media to a member of HO. 

        c. Lines - Submit team lines, and update them as necessary, throughout the tournament. 

E. WJC HO Responsibilities
    1. Roles
        a. Commissioner
            i. Oversee the running of the tournament every season. 
            ii. Check player numbers and set nations accordingly. 
            iii. Organise an individual to sim the tournament every season. 
            iv. Ensure GMs are completing their duties.
            v. Run WJC Discord Server for communications and foster a WJC community 
        b. HO Members
            i. Assist with the running of the tournament. 
            ii. Ensure GMs are completing their duties.
            iii. Assist with running WJC discord and helping members with issues
            iv. Work on special projects as determined by the commissioner to help improve the WJC.   
        c. Simmer
            i. Set up a simming schedule for the tournament in conjunction with HO.
            ii. Update WJC index according to sim schedule.
            iii. Follow the set schedule as closely as possible
    2. Expectations    
        a. Every individual contributing towards the running of the WJC should always act to ensure the tournament is the best it can be. Any user who doesn’t act accordingly may be removed from running the WJC.

G. Awards
    1. Awards Available
        a. There will be 5 player awards available through the WJC. Votes for these should take into consideration the Round Robin and Medal Round stages.
            i. DeMaricus Smyth Award for top forward.
            ii. Harvey Danger award for top defenceman.
            iii. Peter Larson award for top goaltender.
            iv. Alex Andani award for top WJC rookie. 
            v. Brady McIntyre Award for WJC MVP.
    2. Ballots
        a. GMs will submit their ballots following the conclusion of the tournament. 
        b. There will be one ballot per nation, regardless of multiple GMs.
        c. GMs should remain as unbiased as possible in their ballots.
            i. WJC HO reserves the right to question, and potentially disregard, a ballot, if they feel it is biased.

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