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Comprehensive Rookie Tutorial: Start Here!
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Welcome to the league!

So you've just joined the site and want to get started, but don't know how. Look no further. This post is the first in a set of numbered threads that form a tutorial to help you start off on this site with all the basics that you need to know. 

A disclaimer: If any part of this doesn't make sense, we encourage you to contact one of the mentors, whether on Discord or through site PMs! The message you received when you registered has the list of who's on the committee, any of us are willing and able to answer your questions.

The first thing you'll be wanting to do when you join is create your player!

There are a few basic things that each player template has to consider before you get to the actual player building.

Username: Self-explanatory. This is where you would put your username that you registered on the site.

First/Last Name: These are for the first and last name of the player you're creating. They don't have to be even close to your own! One of the best parts of this site is that it allows you to create players completely different from you. You can pick crazy, bizarre names, and it's totally fine. You can create as a player from a completely different and foreign country, and have a name to match. It's really up to the reaches of your imagination.

Position: This will be either forward (LW/RW/C), defense (LD/RD), or goaltender (G). Choose wisely! Don't worry too much about what the league might need or have space for. It's your player, create what you would like to build towards the most. Goaltenders are a little bit harder to find space for, but ultimately, if you stay active on the site and keep progressing your player, no matter what position you are, you will be able to find a home on a team.

Birth Date: You can make this realistic if you'd like, but ultimately, since seasons on the site don't follow an IRL equivalent timeframe, it doesn't really matter. And this date won't have any impact on the sim or anything.

Shoots: Which side is your player's dominant shooting side.

Recruited By: This is where you say how you found out about the site. If someone referred you/brought you in, just write their username here. If you were brought from a recruitment thread on Reddit or another site, you can state that. Google, etc. Really, just listing what or who brought you to our site.

Jersey Number: Self-explanatory.

Height/Weight: The sim engine does take these into account if you are a skater, with taller/heavier players playing a better physical game. SHL players with dimensions anywhere from 110-300 lbs have been seen, as well as 4'2” to 7'6” for height. All in all, the sim will accept the size of any reasonable hockey player that you might think of in the process of creating your player, so feel free to get creative.

Birthplace: Where do you want your player to be born? Your player's birthplace will determine what nation they're eligible to play for in international play! If you want more information on international play, feel free to visit this forum or ask the mentors to find out more on the different nations, their management styles, and their rosters. If you're not sure yet where you want to play, feel free to either leave this blank or make your character's birthplace a nation that doesn't have a federation! That will enable you to be able to choose your team at a later date. If you do choose a birthplace with one of our current federations and later would like to play elsewhere, you're allowed one transfer after your rookie season as long as you have not yet started in a tournament for your birth federation. The current existing federations are: Austria, Canada, Czechia, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Latvia, Norway, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Alright. Now that you've gotten all of that out of the way, here's where the real fun begins: building a player. For each different position, there are different roles that players can build towards. Each type of player has a different role on a roster just like in real hockey.

To find the different roles, click here and browse through the different possibilities. As time goes on you will be able to alter your build in a way to change your role but having an idea in mind of what kind of player you are looking to build and what role they play will greatly help you out to start.

Once you have decided which role you would like for your player, it's time to actually create your player!

Go to this page (Create a Player) to get started!

The first part of the form deals with the player aspects mentioned above. They're either fill-in-the-blank or drop-down for your convenience. Once you've gotten through all that, it's time to get down to the build itself! This will break down into the position, the archetypes, and finally, the attributes.

You've already chosen an role based on what kind of player you'd like to build. Each role has different key attributes which will be highlighted in red once you select your role. These are the most important stats for the player type you want to build and you should consider making these higher than the other stats available. Again if you feel overwhelmed its totally normal, there is a lot to take in so feel free to reach out on site and ask a rookie mentor!

Finally, to start your player off, you are given 155 TPE (total points earned) to apply to your player as you wish when you first create. TPE do not apply 1 to 1 - the scale to apply any TPE you earn, including your starter TPE, will depend on the attribute value itself.

The Update Scale is provided below

From 5 -> 6    1 TPE
From 6 -> 7    1 TPE
From 7 -> 8    2 TPE
From 8 -> 9    2 TPE
From 9 -> 10    5 TPE
From 10 -> 11    5 TPE
From 11 -> 12    8 TPE
From 12 -> 13    8 TPE
From 13 -> 14    15 TPE
From 14 -> 15    15 TPE
From 15 -> 16    25 TPE
From 16 -> 17    25 TPE
From 17 -> 18    40 TPE
From 18 -> 19    40 TPE
From 19 -> 20    40

Keeping this in mind, you have 155 TPE to add onto the base values of each archetype in the form and build your player. If you want to know more about what each attribute does past the creation interface, there is an extensive description post right here on the OOTP website. Our mentors suggest, that at least to start, try and limit the number of attributes that go above 13 as this limits your ability in the sim as a player in juniors.

Once all this is done and the build checks out, you can submit and you're done! A member of SMJHL Head Office will swing by the Create a Player forum shortly to approve your player and register you for the upcoming draft class. Feel free to move onto Step 2, improving your player!

We have a video Tutorial for Updating now link. Please note that some of this might be dated and discuss strengths, weaknesses and different attributes, those have since changed but the general process remains the same.

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You've just created your player, and you're really psyched about it. You're probably wondering what's next. You'll see a lot of people throwing around different words like "updates" and "TPE" without you knowing how it really all works. This step will explain to you the mechanics of player progression and the different things you can do to improve your player, and then the next step will show you how to actually follow through and do it.

To start out, the fundamental unit of player progression is TPE, or total points earned. You start out with 155 to add onto your player when you create your player, and as you progress further into your career, you will continue to earn more and more of them through training and point tasks.

In order to teach you how to improve your player, we're going to walk through the steps of your very first Point Task! Click here to get started with that first point task and follow the directions it gives, using this post for context!

PT Step 1: Money!

The first step of your first point task grants you a free training! From here on out, though, your trainings (and equipment for bonus TPE) will cost you money. The specific ways that you can earn money are detailed in Step 4 of this walkthrough. Whichever way you choose to earn money, however, the principle will always be the same. Once a week (the week always resets at midnight EST between Sunday and Monday), you will be able to do one of these individual trainings, which grant you a set amount of TPE in exchange for money.

PT Step 2: Withdrawals

Your first training is free!

Go to your bank interface and claim your free $500k by clicking this button there:

[Image: unknown.png]

From there, click the link to "My Bank Account", and make your first transaction! The process for buying your training will always be the same.

[Image: unknown.png]

Select the training you want to buy (in the case, the 500k), and click the button!

Click on the completed training under "Bank Transactions" on that same page to get the link for your update thread, which you'll use in the next step.

PT Step 3: Updating

Now that you've earned the TPE from your first training, open up the next part of this tutorial in the next window and learn how to update!

You will create a thread called an update thread. Over the course of each week, you will put the links to all the TPE you earn into one single post in that thread (as you earn more TPE, you can keep editing and updating the same post). Under the links, you will indicate how you want to "spend" that TPE and how you want to improve your player with those points. At the end of the week, an updater will come into the thread and verify that the links are valid, and they will transfer the updates that you have written for your player onto your player page for it to be put into the sim engine. At that point, they'll make a post in the thread saying "Updated!" and you'll start a new post for the next week of TPE earning.

Step 3 of this walkthrough, as linked in the PT post, and above details how to make an update post!

PT Step 4: Completion!

Once you're done with all that, follow the last instructions on the PT post to complete the task, scroll down in this thread, and move onto the next step!

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Now that you've earned a few TPE from training, it's time for you to use those points to improve your player.

In Step 2, you learned the basics about how update threads work. You will use the same process that is included in this guide for all TPE you earn over the course of your career on the site, no matter the source.

Here's an example of a typical update post for one week:

[Image: Z17g2yT.png]

This might seem really confusing, but here's a step-by-step breakdown for how to make an update post. The whole thread is just an alternating collective of you making an update post and your updater making a post signaling that you've been updated.

Let's start simple. Let's make an update thread just for the training that you've just bought!

The first step is to make the thread. Click here to go to the subforum where you will create your update thread, and click "Post Thread" in the top right-hand corner to begin. Title your update thread with [SXX] position - name Update Thread. So for example [S56] LW - Example Player Update Thread. If you joined your class' discord server, you can easily see, which draft class you're part of. (You should have received an invite to that in the first PM you got on here.) If you're not sure, feel free to ask a mentor at any time.

There is an Update assistant now. At the top, enter your TPE amount before the update and then for every task that earned you TPE that week, enter the name of the task and the link. Don't worry about capped TPE for now, these will only start to matter in your second season. When you're finished, click on "Generate" and copy/paste the generated text to your update post.

If you prefer to do it manually or if you have to edit your post, see here how to do that:

As shown in the example, there are a few components of an update post:

First, the links themselves! Each time you earn TPE on the site, you will need to link to it in your update post for it to count. The updaters will check these links to ensure that all the earnings you're registering are valid and correct. In order to obtain the link to a specific post, you'll do as follows: right click the number in the top right-hand of the post (as shown here) and copy the link address.

[Image: JX2vkP7.png]

You should be using the link to the specific post that earned you TPE. If it's an Activity Check or training, the direct links to your posts in those threads suffice. If it's from a point task, you'll need to wait for a claim thread such as this one to go up after it's been graded. Once the specific post for that PT has been created, you'll link to that particular post in your update thread.

The code to create a hyperlink like the ones in the example is as follows:


[Image: 45PXHHo.png]

Otherwise, you can create the hyperlink by clicking this button on the text editor and filling out the prompt boxes.

Using hyperlinks will keep your updates clean and easy to follow.

As in the example post, each instance of TPE earned should have a hyperlink to the post where you earned it, the label of what that post was, and next to it, an indicator of how much TPE was earned.

The next part of the update post is the total!

As shown, always make sure to add up how much you've earned in that update post (so, for that whole week). You'll also want to add that to your current total to show what your new total for the end of the week will be.

The last part of the update post is the fun part - improving your player!

We talked in Steps 1 and 2 about how putting TPE into each attribute helps them increase and improve your player. This is where you're going to do that.

As shown in the example, you want to show a few things each time that you're improving an attribute: how much TPE you're putting into it, which attribute it is, and how it changes the attribute value (before and after). Remember, after your attributes pass a certain value (depending on your update scale), 1 TPE no longer equals an increase of 1 for your attributes! Make sure to follow your update scale in Step 1 when you're improving your attributes.

If you don't have enough TPE to raise an attribute to the next level, you can just bank any unused TPE. Just keep track of banked TPE somewhere in your update post.

Follow this procedure for the training that you just earned and congratulations! You've made your first update post! Go back to your first PT to complete the final step!

Now that you've finished the tutorial, please fill out a short survey about your first experiences on the site. It can be found in here. Filling it out lets you claim an additional 1 tpe and help us out improving the process for future players.

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In order to keep developing and progressing on the site, you'll need to have some sort of sustainable income. You can earn money in a few different ways: 

First, contracts!

Whether you're playing in the SMJHL or the SHL, you will always be earning a seasonal salary if you are on an active roster. This money will help you cover the costs of your training from week to week! You will be able to come to an agreement with your team's general managers on your contracts!

In the SMJHL, contracts are a bit more limited, as you'll only be under your juniors team's contract for one season. Your contract will have a maximum value of 3m, and it'll only last one season. Once you get drafted into the SHL at the end of your rookie season, you'll be signing a contract with your SHL team. Don't be afraid to make it a real discussion - they want to see you succeed as well, and will be happy to negotiate the terms of your contract (value / term) until both parties are completely satisfied.

Second, media!

Head over here to see the media center for the juniors league! There are two forums like these on the site, one for all media relating to the juniors league and one for all media relating to the pro league. You can write articles relating to the site and the league in order to earn money! For each 100 words that you write, you will make $100k in site earnings. Your first article will be worth a double payout as long as you indicate somewhere, whether it's at the beginning of the article or the end, that it's your first on the site.

Written media can be anything within the scope of your imagination! Frequent topics of articles include player/draft analysis, team storylines and narratives, and player backstories. Feel free to get really creative! Some articles, depending on the amount of creativity and time/effort put into it, can earn payout bonuses depending on how awesome they are.

If you're not much of a writer, you can take a different spin on it and make a podcast! These can be recorded any way you like (Soundcloud, Youtube, etc.) The payout for these is 50k per minute, and it caps at 3m for an hour-long podcast. You can record more, of course, but you'll only get paid for the first hour. You can only post one podcast for money per week, so make it count! Don't be afraid to have some fun with it! You'll get the payout as long as you stay with topics related to the league for most part, so don't be nervous if you want to try this option out.

Third, graphics!

Head over here to check out our graphics forum! We have a lot of talented graphics artists putting out creations for other players to enjoy. Might you be the next? Each week, a player can create four graphics submissions pertaining to the league and get graded on a quality scale for a money payout by the graphics department. If you're not too experienced yet, or you simply want to work on a commission basis, you can also have people pay you (within certain monetary limits) individually for you to make them a graphic! These are most often what we call “sigs,” or signatures. They're mini-banners representing our players and our careers that go at the bottom of people's posts. Just a little flashy, just a little fun. They add some color to the site and help everyone know each other, as well as providing convenient information such as player name and team.

Fourth, league jobs!

Once you've gotten your bearings a bit more on the site, you can find employment on the site and earn a seasonal salary that way as well. Most of the positions that help the league run on a daily basis are paying jobs, such as media grading, PT grading, and fantasy league managing. The one major exception to this rule is being a general manager… for now. If you're looking for a paying job, keep an eye out for this forum! This is where any job openings will be posted, typically including an application and an explanation of what the job would entail.

Finally, Twitter!

This is a bit of a supplement, but it's a fun way to keep yourself involved in the league and earn a bit of cash for it. If you make three tweets per week related to the league on Twitter (whether from a personal account or from one you make specifically for the league), you can earn 200k! Just make sure that they're on three different days and that each one has the hashtag #shlhockey. To claim this money, get the link to the third tweet of the week and post it in this subforum of the bank!  

Congratulations, you've made it through the basics of the site! To complete your tutorial and get started on the site, move on to step 5 for some handy links and helping guides!

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Now that you've got the basics down, here are a few handy links and sub-forums that you can look through while you're finding your bearings on the site.

SHL Fantasy - Every season, you can sign up to be part of a fantasy league on the site. Similarly to ESPN or Yahoo! fantasy leagues for the NHL, you're scored on the performance of the players you draft over the course of the regular season. The only difference is that the players that you're drafting are SHL players! Signups open every offseason for the upcoming season, just post in the signup thread and you'll be good to go! For merely completing the draft every season, you'll earn $1m, and if your team does well enough, you can earn up to 10 TPE as a bonus reward. The fantasy subforum has all of the guides you'll need to do well in this activity.

SMJHL Games - This is where the index threads for the SMJHL games can be found. Every day during the regular season, the index will be updated, and our simmer will drop a note in the thread indicating this. You can follow along with your season through this index, and it'll be clearly labeled with the season.

SMJHL Media - This is where you'll be posting media about your player or the SMJHL, and reading other members' media as well. 

Post-Game Shows - During your rookie season in the SMJHL, you can earn up to 15 TPE by participating in this system. There is a more detailed explanation in the subforum, but the gist of it is that you'll be summarizing and commentating on games throughout the season like a color commentator.

Same IP thread - If you bring anybody onto the site that may be sharing an IP address with you at any point, make sure to post in here to let us know!

How to Build a Sig - You'll find that most members of the site have some sort of signature under all of their posts providing links and information pertaining to their players. This is a tutorial on how to create one for yourself!

Rulebooks - Make sure to take a peek at the rulebooks for the different leagues. While you don't need to know them back to front, a working knowledge of them would be useful to make sure you're not inadvertently breaking any rules Smile

Team GMs - This post contains a list of all the SMJHL and SHL GMs, along with links to their profiles and team information.

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