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Dude for 2

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Clint Eastwood, Jun 10 2018,  09:36 AM Wrote:Can't buy love, but love can buy a lot.

Trevor Wilson  Platoon

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Picture credit to Allen, Jenny, enigmatic, Wasty, ckroyal92, 701, and EJ

300+ Career Goals, 750+ Career Points
5th All-Time Goals Scored for WKP,
8th All-Time Goals Scored for SEA/TBB
3rd All-Time in Playoff Points
17th All-Time in Goals

6 Consecutive 50+ Point Seasons, 7 Total
Quote:"idc if ur naked if ur holding that cup" -Jenny



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Kruuuuugs Steelhawks

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current sig by wasty | if you ever made me a sig, ilu

Garrett  Riot

[Image: GkHz3HI.png]

[Image: T8nB5Dn.png][Image: KXZ8h4k.png]


Knights - Player Page - Update Page - Knights

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Michael McFadden :D

Linna Dragons

[Image: 45029_v.gif]

Sigs by: King, Tweedledunn, Me
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Marc Palicka Czechoslovakia

[Image: ev8zDus.png]
Marc Palicka
Czech Center
Falcons Falcons Falcons

[Image: TeamCzechoslovakia.png]

eero niemi


Elijah Jones - Winger - #33 Anchorage Armada - Los Angeles Panthers
Player page - Update page
Toivo Kosonen - Defenseman - #33 Retired
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[Image: 2QNNdey.png]

Sebastien Primeau Reporting

Willis Vincent

[Image: UfL6Qca.png]

Kryyst Halifax/Hamilton

[Image: BUnyMT5.gif]
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Kryyst: Player Page | Update Page
Stinson:Player Page

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