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Activity Check #218

Hippo Passamus, awaiting draft

[Image: vhY18i8.png]| [Image: q95r3bg.png]
[Image: 55729_s.gif]

First SHL Goal
7. Buffalo Stampede , Hippo Passamus 1 (Charles Walker 2, Viktor Marius 1) at 17:11

Nikolaj Boyle checking in.

[Image: BOYLE.png]
[Image: DrbPYHV.png][Image: UDyqktK.png]


Cory Knouse Blizzard

[Image: mtDOugA.png]

[Image: 4NkSjIm.png] [Image: 7bttGDC.png]

[Image: KhdDH3Q.png] [Image: q4PM2XX.png]

Alex Winters, picking a suit for the draft

[Image: 39alaska39.gif]
[Image: ysHARua.png]
[Image: 0XJkcN5.png]
[Image: czechpp.png]||[Image: czechup.png]
[Image: 42qJSBc.jpg]
S45 Jesster Trophy Winner

Dank Boija  Finland Finland

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                                           [Image: Snussu.gif]
                                                 Thanks, Mayuu, JSS, Danny and Wasty!!! (Gif made by myself)

Kiko Rytmeyr, checking in.Unassigned, awaiting draft.

[Image: ThatIrishFellow.gif]
[Image: SMJHL-Scarecrows.png]
[Image: T8nB5Dn.png][Image: KXZ8h4k.png]


I dont know what to do with my hands

[Image: Fantobens.gif]
[Image: detdet.png]

Carlo Russo

Kristian Eriksson Stars

[Image: 17307_s.gif]

StarsMilitiaRenegades PLAYER PAGE || UPDATES RenegadesMilitiaStars

York Stars

[Image: symmetrik.gif]

Prince George Firebirds GM (S34-S36)
Toronto North Stars GM (S37-S43)


[Image: image0.png?width=562&height=677]


[Image: 34964_s.gif]
[Image: jQOOjMM.gif]
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Germany Scarecrows Steelhawks  Blizzard  Stampede  Falcons

Trying to Augment my personality to be more like my hero

Kevin Maddox RaptorsStampede

[Image: CcdSfiJ.png]
[Image: 0XJkcN5.png]

Konstantin - Undrafted

[Image: 55830_s.gif]
sig by jnh

Lions Renegades Russia

artermis,Feb 2 2017, 04:11 PM Wrote:9gag pretty lit tho

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