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S42 Earlybird PT - IIHF Championships

When one first hears the name "Forsberg" they don't exactly think of them being from a city-state like Luxembourg. In fact, that is the name of many Swedish players come through the league. That is not to say I don't have any relation to Sweden, you see my father is Swedish so I do have ties to the area. My mother however is an American woman who was born to an affluent family. This is how I ended up in Luxembourg, one of the richest countries within Europe. So you could say I have 3 teams in the IIHF that I am really cheering for, the obvious ones being Sweden and the United States, with the third one being Germany with such close ties to the area. When people ask me what team I would like to join for the world juniors I am really undecided. Part of me wants to represent my father while the other part my mother. Of course there is always the possibility that I break off from both so I can see earlier playing time within the world scene. At the end of the day though I am a Luxembourger, a city-state that will always be underrepresented, but not under valued.

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Hello! My name is Tig Murphy, born and raised in Dublin, Ireland. After growing up in Ireland and spending most of my life there, my parents made the difficult decision to move me to Canada to better develop my hockey talent as there are very few places to train, much less compete, at home. 

I'm a fast puck-moving defensemen who, while not physical, provides solid defense. My playing philosophy is to constantly advance the puck - outlet passes are quick, pucks are moved from the defensive end to the o-zone as quickly as possible, and we spend more time in their end than we do in ours. I model my game after guys like Giordano, Lindholm, Klefbom - skilled, not flashy, but efficient and effective.

Representing my country would be a dream come true, but for now, I'm focused on developing my game and physical strength to make sure I'm ready to make the jump to SMJHL hockey - and if I'm lucky, the SHL.

I will, of course, support Ireland in all international tournaments, although I have grown a soft spot for Canada as an adopted home. 

Above all, I'm excited for the SMJHL draft and to see where I land. I can't promise wins, but I can promise that the team that drafts me won't regret it.

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Tommy Salami has brought disgrace upon my family. He may only be my cousin, but the way he treated his time in the SHL is laughable! He had all the potential to become something great and he failed to do it. I have learned from his mistakes and I will not let the same things happen to me. I looked up to my cousin, wanted to follow in his footsteps and join him in the SHL. That can never happen now, his career is done, announcing his retirement just as I'm entering the league. The past is the past now, I am going to make sure that no one remembers Salami after they get a taste of Pepperoni. I'm going to represent my home country Canada and lead them to gold unlike Salami who took the easy road playing bottom pair minutes winning a gold medal for the evil Germans. I'm going to win scoring titles, I'm going to win championships, I'm going to be Tony Pepperoni.

My hockey story all dates back to my Pops. My old man was a Firebird. He grew up on the rinks of Kladno in the Czech Republic and after his S10 performance in the SMJHL with Prince George he went back to Kladno and taught me how to skate and score. I'm not blazing a path, I'm just gliding in his wake. The old man was one of the best to ever do it. He put up rookie numbers that most only dream of seeing in their career, and he made it possible for other Czechs to follow in his skates.

I've got a ways to go before I get my shot. I know that. I'm not as good as he was at this stage in my development. I've had to work whereas it came natural to him, but I know I can get there. I know that I'm a hockey player at my core and I know I have the talent. When it comes together, I'll be wearing the proud sweater of my homeland and listening to our anthem play while they place that gold medal around my neck.

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Growing up on a farm, Hippo never thought that he’s be anything but a farmer, being a short guy he also never though he would make it in the ice hockey world.
Oh, how wrong he was. Once he set his mind to becoming a great hockey player that is.
Hippo was never one to score many points or impress his coaches before his teens. But once he became twelve and checking other players became legal the coaches saw a whole new side to Hippo.

He did do anything fancy or spectacular, he just started moving players around, commanding the space on the ice. Racking up the points without any finesse.
Determined to not let his short frame stop him from progressing he pushes on, working hard every day to not lose momentum.

"I’m going to become a cannonball personified on the ice, and anyone who stays in my I will remove.
I make my plays to my team by passing the puck to my team mates after demolishing our opponents.

I’m not only called Hippo, I am the Hippo.
I will carry you all on my broad back."

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First SHL Goal
7. Buffalo Stampede , Hippo Passamus 1 (Charles Walker 2, Viktor Marius 1) at 17:11


Hey there everyone,

My name is Josh Brogen and I’m a left winger eligible for this seasons SMJHL draft.
I grew up on the East Coast of Canada in rural Nova Scotia. Come winter, there’s not a whole lot to do so we do what many other Candians do coast to coast. We strap on those skates and play hockey. We played for hours on end, pretending as if we’re the players we grew up idolizing. Wayne Gretzky, Paul Kariya, Sidney Crosby, out on the ice you could be any of these guys and you could spend your time fantasizing about donning that Maple Leaf on your chest and representing your country as you take on the best players from around the world.
For many, it’s just a dream. But I’ve spent countless hours on that rink in the freezing cold honing my skills so that one day I might pull on that jersey. I’ve made it to the SMJHL draft, so I’m closer than I’ve ever been. I will not stop working, and I will not give up. I promise that I will be give my all, so that my moments will be played on ponds across Canada.

"Hejhej, my name is Tobias Viklund, born and have spent most of my life in Luleå, Sweden. My father was a soccer player and desperately urged me to follow in his footsteps, however my mother being a hockey goaltender in college definitely changed my path for the better. She's for sure the biggest thing that's shaped my life, and still does. I was playing hockey at a very young age, and having a parent to follow you every step of the way definitely improved my skill. I can't wait to get drafted into the SMJHL, seeing which team wants me is nerve-wracking!

My biggest dream would to represent Sweden in the IIHF, and of course I root for them every single year. I just made the WJC Scandinavia team, which i'm the most excited for, it's honestly everything 12 year old me would have wanted. My skills are best at left wing, but I'm definitely open to playing either side. It's a joy to play at the boards and grind hard to get results. I look forward to supporting my team, and will do all I can to take us to the finals!"

Palicka is laying the foundation for the many Czech greats to come. The Land of Czechoslovakia has historically lacked great centers. Marc is here to change that.

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Marc Palicka
Czech Center
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You don't see a lot of french-sounding name thrown around in the SHL or the SMJHL. The Québec born players are a rare sighting in this league, but Pierre Laroche-Durocher has managed to overcome the oppression of the Rest of Canada to make a place for himself amongst the square-heads. The young man, whose name can literaly be traducted to "Rock TheStone-OfTheBoulder" (and yet is only a surprising amalgam of one very common first name and two common last names in Québec), can definitely compete with anyone who speaks Shakespeare's tongue instead of Molière's. But he wants more than competing, he wants to beat'em.

It's his defensive game that will allow him to be known around the hockey world. A pure stay-at-home defenseman, he'll defend his goal teeth and nail, just as the irreductible french-speakers in America: any english-speaking player will be given a hard time when trying to step into his territory.

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2;1154;Wrap-around try by Jean-Uhtred Ragnarsson-Tremblay...
2;1154;Ragnar-Alexandre Ragnarsson-Tremblay fooled, Jean-Uhtred Ragnarsson-Tremblay scores!
2;1154;It's his first goal this season...

Being from Czechoslovakia, it will be a tall order to crack the squad. I will probably be a backup in the World Junior Championship but I do not anticipate any ice time. Hopefully next season but we will see. It will be quite a while before I can crack the senior team, if ever, as they are set at goalie right now. Time will tell though. We have a good strong squad and a lot of young hungry up and comers. It will take a few seasons to weed out the pretenders but I am excited for the future.

There are really no paths to pave as there have been some very successful Czech players in the past. I am just excited to represent my nations and hopefully get a shot at a medal some day. I will represent the nation proudly and that’s really all I can do at this point.

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As a middle brother of 2 younger and 2 older brothers, my hockey development was me trying to get better than my brothers. Hours upon hours of my time were spent at the local hockey rink learning to skate and handle the puck so I can outpace and out handle my brothers. Living in outside of Prague allowed me access to a lot of trainers, once they saw the potential in me. I quickly joined the ranks of other up and coming draftees out of the Czech as I found myself better than the average player my age. My family hard scraped on cash I am trying to pave the way so I can help support my family and allow my younger brothers to go to college so that they can get better jobs. I want to get better, stronger, and faster so I can compete at the SMJHL level.

I am playing for my Family. for my Country, and for myself as I want to get into the SMJHL and eventually the SHL.

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As i'm from Finland i will choose Team Finland for IIHF. I'm very proud to be Finnish and i have gotten strength from surviving cold winters and mediocre summers. Not a lot people believe this but finnish summers suck and you need to go through a lot to get through it. also im really proud of the finnish hockey history. 2 gold, 2 silver and 1 bronze in last 12 tournaments.
Personally i'm not from a hockey family. My parents and granparents been always big soccer and floorball fans. i played both for sometime but i told them i diden't like them and decided to play ice hockey. At the beginning i was really small framed and got hitted a lot bc i was small compered to others. But time went on i started to build bigger frame to what am i now.

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Mason Hudson was born a good old Ontario boy, but moved to the Czech Republic with his family at the young age of 4, where he quickly learned that he had quite the skill set to play our wonderful sport of hockey. Although it is unlikely that he'll be able to crack a spot on the Czech World Junior Championships team due to his late joining of the draft, Hudson knows that it won't be too long before his opportunity arises. The average sized left winger boasts a sizzling wrist shot that can find its way past even the most experienced of goalies. His agent, Blues, has managed a hall of fame caliber player in the past, and looks to continue his legacy as a world class agent in S42. Will Mason Hudson be able to make this Czech team? We'll have to see, but this reporter feels that Hudson's performance in Sunday night's draft will have a lot to do with the answering of that question.

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Sulak O'Hritea has taken an interesting stance on international play for him. "For the time being, I have no interest in playing any international hockey, whether it be the World Junior Championship or for the current IIHF teams. I'm here to focus on my professional play, not get bogged down by the high school drama that international tournaments have. I've heard many stories about players and general managers handling these tournaments and setting rosters unprofessionally, thus I do not want to devote time to something that could boil down to a popularity and friendship contest," mentioned O'Hritea after a recent training session as he prepares for a the SMJHL draft. Sulak was also asked what team he would play for, if he were to play for any IIHF teams, "Obviously I can't play for Switzerland, as it isn't one of the major countries recognized right now in the world. If I had to play for an IIHF team, it would have to be either Ireland or the Czech's. I have roots to Ireland, and my always prepares Czech dishes whenever I'm home."

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