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Rex Kirkby Update Thread


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Thanks to @rum_ham, @suavemente, @sulovilen, and @tweedledunn for the sigs!
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Training +5

Ac +2
Award predictions +4
IIHF predictions +5


Final build:

Player Attributes

Points Available: 41(4 bravery)

Offensive Ratings
Screening: 5
Getting Open: 18
Passing: 17
Puckhandling: 17
Shooting Accuracy: 12
Shooting Range: 16
Offensive Read: 17

Defensive Ratings
Checking: 17
Hitting: 14
Positioning: 17
Stickchecking: 17
Shot Blocking: 17
Faceoffs: 5
Defensive Read: 17

Physical Ratings
Acceleration: 17
Agility: 16
Balance: 17
Speed: 15
Stamina: 17
Strength: 17
Fighting: 5

Mental Ratings
Aggression: 5
Bravery: 13
*Determination: 15
*Team Player: 15
*Leadership: 15
*Temperament: 15
*Professionalism: 15

[Image: 56096_s.gif]
Credit to Ml002, King, Wasty, Carpy, Bruins10, Rum_Ham, Turd Ferguson and Enigmatic for the sigs.
Specters Wolfpack Platoon Armada Scarecrows Uk


[Image: SFresh3.gif]
Credit to @Geekusoid, @rum_ham, @Carpy48, @enigmatic, @BDonini, and @honkerrs
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