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OLD SMJHL Rulebook
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Inactive – a user/player who has not posted on the SHL forums at in the past 30 days

Multi – a duplicate account created by a user with an older “main” account

GM – General Manager, the head of a team’s operations; responsible for completing offseason duties (e.g. regression, budgets, drafts) and in-season duties (e.g. lines, trades, signings)

Team Management - Any user on a team who is involved in discussions regarding offseason and in-season duties. This includes team GMs, Coaches, and any other user that the GM has appointed.

HO – Head Office, the governing body of the SMJHL; includes the Commissioner and a staff of officers who oversee the League and its operations, set dates for season events and deadlines and enforce these rules as necessary

Offseason – period beginning when the SHL Commissioner says “You may now retire and keep your player” after the Challenge Cup Finals conclude and ending at the first sim of the following SHL regular season

TPE – Training Points Earned, the currency players obtain and use to improve their attributes

Suspension – a temporary restriction on a user’s forum activity or monetary or TPE earnings

Ban – a user’s permanent removal from access to the SHL forums and connected platforms (e.g. Discord) barring appeals or reinstatement conditions

Offer – any approach (e.g. private message, public post, off-platform activity) requesting a user/player to assume an organizational role in or sign a contract to play for a club

League Week – begins Monday at midnight Eastern Time (USA), ends Sunday at 11:59 PM

Full Season – the time between two offseasons, including one regular season and postseason

SMJHL Rookie – a player who will be eligible for their first SHL Draft during the next offseason

First-gen - a player created by a user who has not previously created and retired a player

Recreate – a player created by a user who has created and retired at least one former player

I. GM Rules

A. Conflict of Interest

 1. Any member of a team’s management team may not transfer money from their personal bank account to any other player unless it is for a job, such a graphic signature. Management must give HO prior notice for approval. Payment for these jobs may not exceed $1.0M each.
 2. Each team may only name one (1) Co-GM in addition to their GM.
 3. SMJHL GMs and Co-GMs may not also hold a SMJHL HO position or a SHL GM or Co-GM position.
4. If a user holds a team management position while also having a player active in the SMJHL, that player must play for the team that the user holds the position for.
     Any attempt to circumvent these rules will carry the following punishment
          1. Loss of a 1st round pick if the user in question does not play for the team
         2. The Offending GMs (the ones having someone in management while on another team) will be fired.

B. GM Recreation Rule

  1. All GMs and Co-GMs must use their team's highest second (2nd) round pick in the SMJHL Draft their player is eligible for on their own player.
2. If both the GM and the Co-GM recreate and enter the same SMJHL Draft, the team must use their own first (1st) and second (2nd) round picks to continue holding their roles.
3. If the GM or Co-GM of a team recreates after the draft to circumvent this rule, the offender will be fired. The club will forfeit their second (2nd) round pick in the following season’s draft.

C. Player Discipline Rules

 1. If a drafted player is banned or found to be a multi before the season begins, that player will be ineligible for the season.
 2. If a player is banned or found to be a multi after the first sim of the new regular season, that player may continue to play for the remainder of the season.
 3. In either case, no one may update the banned player. They will auto-retire at the end of the season.
 4. HO may issue additional penalties based on other factors in play.

D. Free Agent Rule

 1. A Free Agent may sign a SMJHL contract starting at 12 noon Eastern Time (USA) the day AFTER HO approves the player. This window gives all GMs a chance to review the player before offers open.
 2. SMJHL teams may sign newly-created players from free agency until the first sim of the postseason goes live. All transaction windows close when the postseason begins.
*Please see Section 11.E for DFA rules

E. Player Contracts
 1. Minimum SMJHL contract = $1.0M
     1. Inactive Free Agents with 155-200 TPE may be signed to the SMJHL minimum.
 2. Inactive Free Agent minimum for 201-425 TPE = $2.0M
 3. There is no maximum amount for a single SMJHL contract.
 4. The SMJHL budget cap depends on how many players have been drafted in the latest SMJHL entry drafts and the latest 4 SHL entry drafts. The formula for S50 is as follows:
(S51SMJHL * 1 + S50SHL * 2 + S49SHL * 2 * 0.9 + S48SHL * 2 * 0.6 + S47SHL * 2 * 0.1) * 0.1 + (2 * ESTIMATEDROSTERSPOTS +2)
S51SMJHL is the amount of players drafted in the SMJHL from the S51 draft class.
S50SHL is the amount of players drafted in the SHL from the S50 draft class.
S49SHL is the amount of players drafted in the SHL from the S49 draft class.
S48SHL is the amount of players drafted in the SHL from the S48 draft class.
S47SHL is the amount of players drafted in the SHL from the S47 draft class.
ESTIMATEDROSTERSPOTS is defined as follows:
22 - (S51SMJHL + S50SHL + S49SHL * 0.9 + S48SHL * 0.6 + S47SHL * 0.1)*0.1 + 2
     1. Player contracts, and Team Award Bonuses count toward the salary cap
 5. SHL Send Down players will impose a $2.0M cap hit per player on their SMJHL team regardless of SHL salary
 6. IFA’s can be released from the roster to make way for an active player and receive the salary cap relief from the released IFA
7. All players signed to the SMJHL prior to the seasons trade deadline will be entitled to a bonus of 2m, paid out by the GMs on behalf of HO. This will not count on the teams cap.

F. Send-Down Status

 1. SMJHL teams pay $2.0M of each send down’s salary on their roster.  The SHL team pays any additional salary to the send-down beyond the first $2.0M.
     1. If a player is called up to the SHL on a temporary basis, the SMJHL team will still be responsible for the full $2.0M salary
     2. If a player is called up to the SHL for a permanent role, the SHL team will be responsible for the entire salary of the player that season.
     3.  Any players signed by the SMJHL team to backfill a temporary call-up will subject to pay that player 500k min. Special cases can be reviewed by SMJHL HO to determine if you need to rent a bot (ie. No players available).

G. Roster Eligibility

 1. Each team must field a minimum roster of 20 players (skaters and goalies) and a maximum of 22. These include the following restrictions on roster composition:
     1. Maximum of 3 Inactive Free Agents between 166 and 200 TPE
     2. Maximum of 2 IFAs between 201 and 425 TPE
         1. A team may only sign a 201-425 IFA if they hold the player's rights..
     3. No limits on other players (e.g. rookies, send-downs, IFAs between 155 and 165 TPE)

H. Backup Goalie

 1. Each team must start their backup goalie a minimum of six (6) games per season. This does not prohibit teams from starting their backups in more games.
 2. Teams who violate this rule face the following penalties:
     1. A $2M fine per missed start assessed to the following season’s budget
     2. An additional requirement for the following season to start the backup an additional two games per missed start the prior season
         Example: A club starts their backup four (4) games one season. They will pay a $4M fine out of next season’s budget and must start their backup ten (10) games next season (6 plus 2 for each of 2 missed starts).
 3. Each team may start their backup goalie a maximum of forty-four (44) games per season. This prevents a team from designating their higher-TPE goalie as backup, then starting that goalie every game.
 4. GMs who violate this rule in two (2) consecutive seasons will be fired.

I. Replacing GM's Rule

 1. Every GM vacancy will open to applications. SMJHL HO will vote for the successor.
 2. GM's cannot appoint their own successor. They may recommend an applicant, though the final decision rests with HO.
 3. GM's cannot hire a SMJHL Draft prospect as a member of the team management. They must wait until after the draft, and may only hire from among their realized draftees.

J. GM Absence

 1. Should a head GM need to take a leave of absence for longer than five (5) days, they must notify HO.
 2. HO may talk in private with the GM and make additional recommendations based on the dialogue. If the GM needs an indefinite leave or one longer than 14 days, HO may ask for a resignation.
 3. A co-GM may temporarily assume a head GM’s duties and powers to fulfill them so long as the head GM received approval for a definite leave in advance.
     1. The head GM must ensure all affairs are in order prior to their departure. Any issues or violations that stem from pre-leave actions or lack thereof may be punishable.
     2. If the acting GM is removed during leave, a caretaker will be appointed until the leave ends.
 4. If a head GM does not return to activity within three days of their alleged return, they may be terminated and applications will immediately open in an expedited replacement process.  
 5. A GM who goes inactive for more than one week is considered to have abandoned their post and will be terminated. Juniors leadership must be present and available for their players.

K. Trades

 1. A player who leaves a team via a trade cannot return to that team for one full season.
 2. Teams may trade cap space for the current season. During the offseason, they may trade cap space for the upcoming season.

II. Player Rules

A. SMJHL Eligibility

 1. All players begin their career in the SMJHL and remain eligible to play in the SMJHL for their first five (5) seasons after creation.
     1. If a player creates any time before the trade deadline, it still counts as their first full season (i.e. even if they don't play a full season, it is still considered a full season.
     2. Players created after the trade deadline do not count the current season as their first full season.
 2. SMJHL players may not apply more than 350 TPE for the first two seasons and 425 TPE for the third through fifth seasons to their attributes. If a player exceeds this criteria for TPE, they may bank the remaining balance and apply it later when they enter the SHL.
 3. Players who create after the draft and before the trade deadline may sign as a Free Agent with any SMJHL team. They will enter the following SHL Draft.
 4. Players who create after the trade deadline and before the playoffs may sign with any SMJHL team. After the Four Star Cup Finals end, they will be released and enter the SMJHL Draft.
 5. Players who create after playoffs begin may NOT sign with an SMJHL team and will enter the following SMJHL Draft.
 6. A user may not have two players in the same league (SHL or SMJHL) at the same time.
     1. If a player in the SMJHL retires and their user creates a new player, the old player will not finish out the current season. They will immediately retire.

B. Equipment

 1. SMJHL Rookies may purchase SMJHL Equipment, which gives permanent TPE, between the start of the offseason and when they enter their first SHL Draft. After that SHL Draft begins, they may only buy SHL Equipment.

C. Team Training Camp

 1. SMJHL Rookies may complete Team Training Camp up until playoffs begin. When the first playoff sim goes live, TTC closes.

D. Send-Down Status

 1. A player signed to a SHL contract may be sent down to the junior team which owns their rights, provided they have at most 350 applied TPE for the first two seasons and 425 applied TPE for the third through fifth seasons and are in their first five (5) seasons from creation (see: SMJHL Eligibility Ⅱ.A)
     1. A send-down’s rights default to the SMJHL team they last played for barring any transactions which exchange said rights.
     2. If no Junior Team owns a player’s rights, that player will enter the release process (See: Releasing a Player)
 2. A player is "sent down" when their GM or Co-GM posts in the “send-down” thread.
     1. If the SHL GM does not post the proper paperwork, the named player becomes ineligible to appear on a SMJHL roster.
 3. SHL teams still pay salaries for all send-downs they own rights to. These salaries do NOT count against any SMJHL team’s cap.
 4. A SMJHL player may bank TPE beyond 350. They may not apply it to their attributes while they remain on a SMJHL roster.
 5. A player may not redistribute previously-applied TPE to the bank to meet the 350 TPE cap.
 6. SHL teams may not send players down after the SMJHL Trade Deadline has passed. They may call their send-downs up at any time.
 7. SHL GMs must give advance notice of a call-up via the thread as well as PM. They must notify the respective SMJHL GMs no later than one sim before the call-up. If the teams agree, they may call the player up earlier.
     1. SMJHL GMs who do not adjust their lines according to a call-up and double-play their player face the following consequences:
         1. First Offense: $5.0M cap reduction the following season
         2. Second Offense: $10.0M cap reduction, sanction against FA signings for the remainder of the current season
         3. Third Offense: Termination from GM position
 8. If a SHL parent club releases one of their send-downs, the SMJHL team which owns that player’s rights must sign them to a contract before they may continue to play on a SMJHL roster.
     1. The budget must be re-submitted to confirm the player’s contract obligations are accounted for and fit within the club’s budget for the current season.
     2. The new contract must at least last the remainder of the current season for the salary that player received from their old SHL contract.
     3. If a club puts a player in the active roster and a sim goes live without assuming the player’s salary obligations, they face the following penalties, applied the season after the infraction:
         1. 1-25 regular-season games: $2.0M salary cap penalty
         2. 25-50 regular-season games: $5.0M salary cap penalty
         3. Any playoff games: $2.0M salary cap penalty per series affected
         4. Repeated offenses in consecutive seasons will result in GM termination.

 Also note, per SHL waiver rules:
 “Players sent down to the minors after their first 3 seasons since being drafted into the SHL will be subject to waivers and can be claimed by any other SHL team.”

E. Draftable Free Agents (DFA)

1. If a user creates a new player between the SMJHL trade deadline and playoffs, they may sign for any team as a free agent. After the Four Star Cup Finals, they will be released and enter the SMJHL Draft.
   a. DFAs do not count against the salary cap.
   b. A DFA will receive a standardized contract of 1m.
   c. Teams with 1m or over in cap space at the SMJHL Trade Deadline may sign DFAs immediately after approval. Teams with less than 1m in cap space at the SMJHL Trade Deadline          must wait at least 12 hours after approval to sign a DFA.
   *All teams may contact players immediately after approval.
2. These players CANNOT do Team Training Camp, Point Tasks, Championship Week, Play-by-Plays or purchase equipment for the current season. They MAY do weekly training and activity checks.
3. If a member creates a new player after playoffs start, they must wait to enter the upcoming SMJHL Draft. They may NOT sign with a team for the remainder of the current season or earn TPE through any means except weekly training and Activity Checks.
NOTE: New members may complete Your First Point Task and the New Player Survey at any time to earn TPE.

F. Undrafted SMJHL Players

 1. If a player is undrafted in the SHL Entry Draft, they return to juniors as a SMJHL Free Agent. The type of player determines how they may be signed.
     1. For Inactive 155-200 TPE: teams may sign on a first-come-first-serve basis.
     2. For Inactive 201-425 TPE: the team must own their rights.
     3. For any Active: the player may choose who they sign with and enter the following season’s SHL Draft.
  2. These players are NOT send-downs. They can however do SHL Point Tasks, Training, or anything a send-down would qualify to complete. They are also NOT SMJHL Rookies. They may do SMJHL weekly training and Activity Checks.
 3. A SMJHL player must enter the SHL via draft. A player may not bypass the SMJHL to sign directly to an SHL team. A player may not declare themselves ineligible for either the SMJHL or SHL Draft (i.e. may not declare themselves Free Agents).

G. Recreate TPE

 1. A recreate may only earn and use points earned after their approval and for which they are eligible. A member cannot apply TPE they earned under their old player to their new player.

H. Player Changes
1. First generation players are allowed one free strength change OR one free archetype change WITHIN their position. This is only valid while playing in Juniors. Once called up, you may still pay to change once per career. See Below.

Please see below from the SHL Rulebook: (Section 11.C.4.c.1-2,5)
    c. Changing your build and/or strengths/weakness
  1. You are allowed to change your strengths/weakness once for free - you must be a first gen player (meaning you are on your first player and have not recreated ). 
  2. Once per career, a player may pay for an additional strength/weakness change OR a complete build change.
    Strength/Weakness Change: Change one or both of your strengths and/or your weakness, for a fee of $8,000,000. 
    You must still comply with the template for your respective player type, the player type cannot be altered.Build Change: Change your position and/or player template, as well as strengths/weakness, and may include switching between forward and defensive builds, for a fee of $12,000,000. The player will designate what position and build type they are changing to, as well as any necessary changes to strengths and weaknesses necessitated by the new build type.5. If you are changing a weakness, your current weakness, as well as your new weakness will be changed to reflect the current amount of TPE you have applied to that attribute. For example, pre-change, CK is weakness, and you have put 4 TPE into it, to make it 42. Post-change, CK is no longer a weakness, and the new attribute score would be 44 (40 +4).

    A. Releasing Rule

     1. A team may release up to three players per season.
     2. If a player is released before the regular season, the team will NOT assume any salary cap penalties or responsibilities.
     3. If one team releases a player and another team signs them, the new team assumes that player’s salary obligations.
     4. If a team releases an active player who goes unsigned the remainder of the season, the releasing team assumes that player’s salary obligations. That player may not return to the club the following season.
     5. If a team releases an inactive player who goes unsigned the remainder of the season, the releasing team assumes half of that player’s salary obligations.
     6. All other teams may sign a released player after approval on a first-come-first-serve basis (inactive) or by choice (active).
     7. Any team releasing a player under 200TPE will lose their rights to that player.
    8. A team may additionally release a player who: #1. Has no update thread (ie. 155 TPE) and #2. Has not logged into the site in 14 days or longer; and replace that roster spot with an active player signing. The team will not be penalized against the max number of releases per season nor for any of the released players salary against the teams cap. The player released becomes an inactive free agent immediately.

    IV. Playoffs

    A. Playoff Rules & Format

     1. All teams from the regular-season standings advance to playoffs.
     2. First Round: #7 vs #10, #8 vs #9
     3. Teams will be reseeded after the first round
     4. Conference Semifinals: #1 vs #8, #2 vs #7, #3 vs #6, #4 vs #5
     5. Conference Finals: #1 vs lower-seeded CSF winner, #2 vs higher-seeded CSF winner
     6. Four Star Cup Finals: Conference Finals winners
     7. The Eastern and Western champion titles are awarded to the 4SC finalists based on relative geography on the North American continent.

    V. Entry Draft & Lottery

    A. Entry Draft

     Teams exiting the playoffs in the first two rounds are the only ones eligible to win the first overall (1OA) pick.
     Teams earn positions 2 to 10 based on Conference Finals and Four Star Cup Finals results.
     Teams can only drop 1 spot max. This guarantees the 10th-place team 2OA at worst.

     1. First round losers: 30% at 1OA
     2. Second round losers: 10% at 1OA
     3. 2OA to 6OA sorted by regular season position
     4. Conference Final loser with the worse regular-season record: 7OA
     5. Conference Final loser with the better regular-season record: 8OA
     6. Four Star Cup loser: 9OA
     7. Four Star Cup winner: 10OA
     After Round 1:
       -Traditional draft order based on the previous regular-season standings


    SMJHL players, GMs, Co-GMs and personnel must abide by rules applicable to all members and players, except those where SMJHL rules deviate from the SHL. SMJHL HO reserves the right to make executive decisions when situations arise not covered in the written rules.


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