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S47 Outlaws Interested Prospects
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Hello rookies,

If you were expecting more mundane questions then you came to the wrong spot. All I want to know is what you want to tell me; keep in mind this your chance to sell me and my team on you so bring your A game. If you have a discord then please include that info so I can reach out to you and invite you if you land on our team.

Thank you for your time!

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Hey Dangles,

I know goalies aren't exactly a valuable resource, but what I can tell you is that you'll get an active, all around good person on your team if you draft me. I don't mind being the back up, everyone has to earn their stripes.


Hey man,

I guess this is gonna be more of a ramble on but I am a defenseman, and an active member.
I used to be in the SHL way back when, I think it was like 2012 when I used to be a member here. Wasnt so active as I was more into the VHL and didnt have the time to do both of them. Over there, I was a goaltender, and an average one. But what I loved most about the sim league experience I had there was being the co-commish of the juniors and also a GM for the Helsinki Titans.

Other than that, I love to play hockey and I love to workout. Will start school in about 3 weeks and cant wait to pursue a career in my field and learn something I will use in my life

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There are a lot of things I WANT to tell you, but none of them are appropriate for this forum.

I wont share my discord because you already have it.

I think that about sums it up. Looking at your roster you have your top pairing set, but the 2nd line is a little questionable, and with one of your top guys potentially making the jump up I think I would be a great fit to address your team needs.

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Im eating waffles right now, so i thought i would tell you how to make waffles. First you want to preheat your waffle iron. Then beat eggs in large bowl with hand beater until fluffy. Then beat in flour, milk, vegetable oil, sugar, baking powder, salt and vanilla, just until smooth. After that you want to spray a preheated waffle iron with non-stick cooking spray. Then pour your batter onto the hot waffle iron. Cook until golden brown. Boom Waffles.

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Here's the situation. I put pucks in the net, and i set up plays that is then followed by the puck getting put in the net. Give me the goddamn puck and it's going to end up in the net.

You can slide into my Discord DMs whenever you want.

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You probably know me from other sim leagues under a different name.

You'll get a relatively active scoring winger with an already stellar build out of me.

I'm a simulation hockey league legend and every one of my players has made the finals. Do you want to make the finals? I think you do.

Busturd on discord

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Dangles, need the best goalie in the SMJHL?

Hope you're doing well. Let me know if we can be an item, I'd love to discuss further with you.

Peace brother.

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If you don't know then I am not for you.

Got the disc.

I will be opening a cocktail bar in whatever city drafts me

Hey Man!

I'm brand new to the SHL, looking for a fun team that has a lot of good conversations going. I'm looking to make my character a shutdown defenseman and have been working on getting TPE to get those stats up.  I use discord regularly (mostly for gaming), feel free to reach out with any questions! Clintafern#2906

Let's just say I can bring the "party" to Anaheim.

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syndicate Outlaws Switzerland

Im active and ive been part of winning teams with my last player, I have the experience on this site that a true rookie doesnt . that shit is valuable

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First of all I'm terrible at talking about myself when I'm not answering questions, so sorry if my post isn't that interesting.

I'm new to SHL and to sim leagues in general, found this site with Google. I'm planning to build a playmaking winger that can help with offense. I plan to check this site at least once a day, so I'm somewhat active. Just looking forward to have some fun on this site during my time off work. I'm willing to answer some questions you have via PM or Discord (Dhafol#2809).

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