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2x shutdown 04/14
(This post was last modified: 04-15-2019, 09:42 AM by shutdown.)

draft related 2x bonus

[Image: dm2IN6j.gif]


[Image: xvPjYUR.png]
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There's a 2x bonus for the draft doing on this week, I'd suggest claiming that and using your new user bonus another week

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04-14-2019, 06:43 PMBDonini Wrote: There's a 2x bonus for the draft doing on this week, I'd suggest claiming that and using your new user bonus another week

Good call. Thanks!

[Image: xvPjYUR.png]
syndicate Outlaws Switzerland

damn new member comin in hot with the gif posts nice

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Very cool. You've got the stepping stones to a great signature design. your player render looks sharp and was enhanced in a way that compliments the medium. The light manipulation looks good on the jersey (the face looks a tad over-exposed, but i'm fine with that. other graders are not). The background gradient looks great, and the green streak does as well. both are visually sufficient on their own and work well with the player render. The animated gif looks good and loops well. The text is not appropriate for the signature (dont do bold script fonts in all caps. its very unnatural for the eye to follow). you've shown us a closeup of this man who is going to take us coast-to-coast and you've written his name in a font that says "cupcakes for sale". The animation issues with the letters/words jumping around are accidental, I'm sure, but still, something to double check before exporting. The border between the gif and the green background is a little hard. your smudge brush efforts were valiant, but maybe try making the basic green gradient background larger and then masking out what you don't need. there are a few ways to do it, but what's important that you dont leave the line. it feels like this guy is standing in front of a tv.

Steps to take to improve:
Render - the player was undrafted when you made this, i'm sure, but switching out the dallas shoulder patch for carefully warped and blended SHL logo would really make it your own. 
gif - crop out the box score, and make sure the edges of the video look appropriate. my current sig is a terrible example of this.
text - have it match the theme closer.

great start. looking forward to more submissions!

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