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Khan Smeb :syndicates:

Discord are for plebs

Loki Stars

[Image: ml002.gif]
Credit to Copenhagen, Wasty, FlappyGiraffe, InciteHysteria, and caltroit_red_flames
 [Image: MM4nqx6.png][Image: Niz2wua.png][Image: egAspOO.png]:knights:
[Image: GZ9XvkA.png]
[Image: download.png]

picard Panthers

6,000 mile road#DidItForDildo1,700 miles more
A Silver Road

[Image: shl.jpg]
Epic sigs thanks to Wasty/Copenhagen and King
[Image: 7MO9RpC.png]  [Image: gdppv5N.png] [Image: gs89eGV.png]
Drought Ender, Curse Breaker, Firebird


[Image: emond.png]

Anders Christiansen Stars

[Image: zz4Zc9V.png] [Image: r3LU6Ux.png] 

[Image: 9E2tiLR.png]

[Image: wolfpack2.png] [Image: stars.png] [Image: Dxdffra.png] [Image: hGKuRrv.png] [Image: sAx3Llh.jpg] [Image: firebirds.png]

Alex Winters  Rage Czechoslovakia

[Image: 39alaska39.gif]
[Image: 0XJkcN5.png]
[Image: czechpp.png]||[Image: czechup.png]
S45 Jesster Trophy Winner

Jonathan Lundberg - Chiefs

[Image: LaneSig.png]
Thanks to Wasty and Carpy48 for the sigs!


[Image: Klaus-move.gif]
[Image: Dynamic_Duo3.png]

[Image: Rq2Dtaw.png][Image: PPpK5xb.png]

Tatu Stampede

[Image: tatumakela.gif]
[Image: falcons2.png][Image: finland.png][Image: stampede.png] | [Image: vhY18i8.png] [Image: cAVF6C6.png][Image: stampede.png][Image: finland.png][Image: falcons2.png]
[Image: detdet.png]

Noah Tedla -  Outlaws

[Image: noahshl.gif]

         Usa Outlaws Chiefs  Player Page  Updates  Chiefs Outlaws Usa 

Jules Watt Colorado

[Image: lxWiN2z.png]
ty kyl


[Image: 55830_s.gif]
sig by jss the god and harry hans and njbadapple

Lions Renegades Russia

artermis,Feb 2 2017, 04:11 PM Wrote:9gag pretty lit tho

Donny McMasters  Lions

[Image: Ri3ORF0.png][Image: mcmasters_sig_2.png]

Alex Light Platoon +2 TPE

[Image: Zoone16.gif]
||[Image: QhAQn2i.png][Image: yIvjn4j.png]||

Bob Bergen

[Image: 53994_s.gif]

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SMJHL Commissioner , SMJHL Awards Head, Banker (NEW/WKP), Rookie Mentor


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