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06-10-2021, 09:32 PMKeygan Wrote: Player Name (optional: player number) Conner Tanner
Team (SMJHL/SHL/IIHF - pick one) Edmonton Blizzard
Player render (if you have one) Matthias Norlinder
Color scheme for your sig (optional) Edmonton Smile

I’m draft eligible, so I’d count for bonus, but I’d pay if you’d rather that.

[Image: uX7tJIv.png]

Payment received.

[Image: Niz2wua.png]  [Image: egAspOO.png]

[Image: carpy48.gif]
sigs either by @Wasty, @Nokazoa, @rum_ham, @sulovilen, @Capt_Blitzkrieg, @sköldpaddor or myself
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