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Pride Report : Playoffs!


Season 47 Edition

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For the first time since Season 38, there will be playoff hockey in San Francisco!
The SHL San Francisco Pride overcame a mid-season slump to finish strong down the stretch, securing the final playoff spot
in the West, on the second-last day of play. This is a strong achievement from a team which had spent multiple seasons at the bottom of the standings, perhaps signaling that the long rebuild was paying dividends.

The Pride finished with a record of 24-22-4, for 52 points. Interestingly, this is the same record they had last season - in S46 they finished in 6th spot, just 1 point away from the wildcard spot. This season, however, was a different story, and that record was strong enough to gain that last position.

San Francisco will face the Texas Renegades in the Wild Card round - the winner will advance to play the New Orleans Specters, who had the best record in the Western Conference.
Fun fact - the Renegades also missed the playoffs last season with 53 points, losing out the tiebreaker. They had 53 points again in S47, but this time it was good enough to make the dance.

The Pride are a team built from the net out. Goaltender Chris Partridge is an excellent goaltender with one of the best Goals Against Average in the league. In many ways, the team goes how he goes - when he is hot, he can carry the team to unexpected wins. The Pride will rely on him to keep them in games.

The strength of the Pride is their defense - they enter the playoffs with the second-fewest goals against of any team, apart from Edmonton. A big reason why is their Blue Line Corps. They have two truly elite players in Isak Odegard and Jack Tanner. Playing with them are two players just entering their Prime, Charlie Schieck and Ray Bork both had strong seasons. The third pairing is a blend of veteran and youth, as Fedor Shiribokov is the Jedi to rookie Leopold Lockhart's padawan. The Blue Team contributes heavily to the Pride offense, with Odegard, Bork, and Tanner all scoring 10 or more goals, and Schieck leading the team in assists and total points, with 29 and 37 respectively.

The forwards for the Pride are overall a very young group, Dionyz Vyskoc and Dakota Reid being the only vets playing a significant role. 5 of the top 6 forwards were from the S43 Draft Class. They struggle to score sometimes, they had the fewest goals scored of any team in the playoffs, and had no forwards score more than 35 points. However, the biggest improvement for the forwards has been a dedication to team defense. However, the team does have a few snipers up front who they will look to for timely goals - Jeff Brogen had a team-high 19 goals, and Vince Reaper, Leshaun King, and Richard Metcalf Jr. also scored at least 10 goals on the season. For most of these players, it will be their first time playing in the heightened atmosphere of the post-season. For many fans, it will be their first time, too!

[Image: 32db03a9703565cfdc700b09418208db--la-kin...d-king.jpg]

With the majority of these players still growing and developing, team management is not only excited to be in the playoffs, they see this as a sign that the rebuild plan is paying off, and bodes very well for the future. Over half their players are from S42 or younger, and they have an active prospect pool of players waiting to break into the league.

Of course, the task before them is the immediate one - get their first playoff win in almost 10 seasons!

Games 1 and 2 are away in Texas, tickets for Games 3 and 4 are on sale now! Contact the Pride Ticket Office for more info!

Roll Pride!

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pride pride pride

Really interesting that both teams finished with the same amount of points, but totally different playoff outcome this season. Great piece kez

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Let's gooooooo

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I’m so happy to see you guys back in the playoffs. Hopefully you do well

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If I don't score 6 goals a game I will be disappointed in myself

Gotta make up for missed playoffs

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Justice,Sep 18 2016, 02:09 PM Wrote:4-0 and 0-4 aren't that different tbh
McJesus - Today at 10:38 PM Wrote:FIRE EGGY
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See you in round 1

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hype hype pride roll pride

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