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The start to Duckworth’s career has not went according to planned. He was held scoreless in his first season in Halifax playing in a total of 15 games. This is unusual for Duckworth as he is usually a high scoring defensemen. Here’s Hockey analyst Jay Boom’Boom on Duke Duckworth.

“ Well you gotta feel for the kid, joining a struggling hockey club this late in the season then not putting up any points is tough. However this kid is still young and still in the development process. I think he will work his ass off this offseason and come back ten times better next season! I do think this will effect his draft ratings as the scouts have not seen the best of Duke Duckworth. I believe in this kid and I think he will shock some people next season” said analyst Jay Boom’Boom.

We spoke with Duke Duckworth and he had this to say.

“ I have been putting in my best effort every game but just haven’t been rewarded on the score sheet. I know there are things I need to improve on and that will be my main focus this off season. I will get better and you will see a better side of me next season, so be prepared!” Said Duke Duckworth.

Now for a new fun segment with Jay Boom’Boom. He is going to predict Duckworth’s stats for next season.

Goals: 5
“ He’s proven he can score in other leagues so I think we will get a little taste of it next season” said Jay Boom’Boom.
Assist: 29
“ As a offence defensemen this guy has the great ability to set up plays and create scoring chances. I think that he will be rewarded with a decent amount of assist” said Jay Boom’Boom.
Points: 34
“ If Duckworth can reach 34 points in his rookie season as an offensive defensemen that’s a great season” said Jay Boom’Boom.
PIM: 14
“ Unlike myself, Duckworth is a very disciplined hockey player who takes very few penalties” said Jay Boom’Boom.
Plus Minus: +5
“ Overall he is very strong defensively and that will lead to a decent plus minus. Although he has to be careful when he’s on offence that he doesn’t forget about the defensive side of his game” said Jay Boom’Boom.

Now for some advice with former SMJHL enforcer Jay Boom’Boom.

“ My advice for the young hockey players out there is to play disciplined hockey. I know I’m a terrible example of this but it will make a huge difference in your game. These days it’s all about skill and trust me they will make you pay for taking stupid penalties. Enforcers are no longer a valued role in professional hockey that’s why my career ended so quick. So play disciplined and don’t let them get under your skin, they just want you to react and take a penalty” said Jay Boom’Boom.

Thanks for listening to another article featuring our favourite hockey analyst Jay Boom’Boom. Jay Boom’Boom has one final message “ JAY BOOM’BOOM SIGNING OFF HERE COMES THE BOOOM!!!!! “.

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Ha I still had a better rookie season pointless streak. 23 games beat that.

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Lol, my first season I think I played 18 games and I think i only finished with one assist in the regular season

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We had a rookie (@esilverm I think?) who didn't get a single point until the 2nd to last game of the season. Being a rookie is rough, but your 2nd season you'll kill it
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05-17-2019, 12:42 PMcaltroit_red_flames Wrote: We had a rookie (@esilverm I think?) who didn't get a single point until the 2nd to last game of the season. Being a rookie is rough, but your 2nd season you'll kill it

Yah same thing happened to @fever95 last season.

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dang i was 2nd on my team as a rookie monkaS

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Sacrifice something to the SIM gods.

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