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Who is Patrick Neiderreiter?
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Who is Patrick Neiderreiter? That's a good question. He asks that himself sometimes too. As far as the normal stuff goes, He's just a normal west coast kid like all the others. On the topic of the west coast, he's not a socal kid, so get the idea of scorching temperatures and pretty beaches out of your head, The Bay Area is wet mess of extreme temperatures and too much rain. Not necessarily an ideal place for certain sports, but it's perfect to play hockey. For some reason hockey isn't too popular in this part of the country as far as kids/teenagers are concerned. Some of the colleges have teams, but there's really not that many places to develop your ice hockey skills. Probably because it doesn't actually snow here, people don't consider it "Ice Hockey Territory". Either way, if you're lucky you find a certain place here or there that is still trying to keep the tradition of hockey alive in hostile territory. Sadly, most of these places are where rich people live and not close to the normal civilized kind of places, so that usually entailed driving an hour to practices and games, but for someone with the love of hockey in their heart, it was worth it. Patrick started playing hockey as soon as he was old enough to sign up. His parents were able to afford to get him gear but it didn't go much passed that, he wasn't able to attend clinics and things of that sort, but he made up for it but being on the ice as much as he possibly could. Patrick grew up as a Sharks fan because if you're even relatively related to hockey in the bay, you're probably a Sharks fan. As time went, on he continued to play through the leagues up into middle school and into high school. Again, since hockey isn't big in the bay, His high school didn't have an Ice hockey team so he was forced to play independently to have a change at getting seen by any of the colleges. Somehow becoming one of the top goalie recruits, Neiderreiter took his talents to the Michigan Wolverines where he boasted a .933 SV% through his single year of college. Tired of feeling like his talent was being wasted in College hockey, he decided to move on to the SMJHL and signed with the Anaheim Outlaws. He knew it would be a harder path then directly entering the draft, as he was behind Soonika, one of the best goalies in the SMJHL. On the other hand, Patrick's twin brother, Peter Dawson, plays in the PBE with an Anaheim GM. His first season was pretty lackluster for the most part. Being a fairly competitive team, Patrick only started 5 games for the team, going 2-3. Chances are though, next year will be a big year for him and he's getting ready to help the team compete for a future championship.

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@Calgary take note.. Sounds like a good one here.

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