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Kelowna Knights Announce S48 Captains

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Right before we are about to start with the S48 pre-season it’s time to announce your captains for the Kelowna Knights. But before we start doing that I would like to say a few words about the players that will be leaving our organization because they have been called up to the SHL.

These players have all made their mark in Kelowna and were part of the team to play in the Four Star Cup Final in S46. The players that have left us and will continue their wonderful career in the SHL are:

Bobby Sharp (@Nerio) - Buffalo Stampede
Zach Laliberté (@soyna87) - New England Wolfpack
Nathan Explosion (@micool132) - San Francisco Pride
Barry Batsbak (@Katth) - Calgary Dragons

We wish them the best of luck in the SHL!

And Alexander Andersson-Grande (@"SwegButthole") unfortunately retired from professional hockey. We wish him all the best.

With these goodbyes we also have new players entering our locker room following the S48 entry draft.

Rick Sanchez (@HABSFAN9733)
Prince Devitt (@CFJ)
Sterling Slaughter (@ItsLTH)
Raquel Castillo Gutierrez (@Jiggly_333)
Martyn Kakko (@martyn142006)
Nicklaus Engel (@rittflyers)

We wish them a great rookie year and future career with the Kelowna Knights.

So now the moment you’ve all been waiting for, the announcement of your captains for the upcoming season.

Your first alternate captain will be…

David Vent! (@ImShiny)

[Image: mByELBY.png]

In his 4th season with the Kelowna Knights, David Vent is a veteran amongst many rookies. With his leadership on the blueline he’s a true example for the young guys. With 26 points last year, it was a breakthrough year for him in the SMJHL, we hope that he can continue this momentum forward.

Your second alternate captain is…

Piotr Horvat! (@Slowpoke)

[Image: Ic0eaM7.png]

This will be Piotr Horvat's second season with the Kelowna Knights. After winning Kelowna's rookie of the year award he has shown that he is an important player on the ice, but it doesn’t end here. His presence in the locker room is what makes him stand out. So the “A” is well deserved.

And finally we can reveal that your next seasons captain for the Kelowna Knights is....

Gunnar Soderberg (@sköldpaddor)

[Image: gunnarsoderberg.gif]

In her third season with the Knights, Gunnar Soderberg returns as your captain for the Kelowna Knights. It’s no surprise that Gunnar Soderberg is a true leader on and off the ice and as shown in our awards ceremony is everything what a Kelowna Knight ought to be. She always has a positive approach even when things aren’t going so well. She is a true captain and the best captain you could wish for.

Go Knights!

Knights Knights Knights Knights Knights Knights

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Knights Knights My second passage with the team has been great, good luck to Kelowna, have a great season!

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Let's go Knoots  Knights Knights Knights

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Let’s go win a cup Knights!!!

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What a buncha beauties

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