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SMJHL Sports Daily sits down with Artem Mozgov
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Hello I'm John, and I'm Kim and today we want to introduce our guest Artem Mozgov, a 3rd line winger for the Vancouver Whalers who signed a late contract to join the firehouse, otherwise known as the Whalers. Mozgov was off to a hot start scoring in his first set of games, after progressing and making a name for himself among the other prospects he started to have financial problems and owes the bank over $300,000 dollars but his team claimed the 4th seed and right now he is waiting for the 2nd round to begin.

S.D. Kim Welcome to the show #88!

A.M. "Thanks, happy to be here."

S.D. John What did you think of your first season of SMJHL hockey?

A.M. "It was competitive and I learned a lot from the veterans, as the season progressed I started feeling more comfortable and think I've adjusted to the North American game.

S.D. Kim Which teammate helped you the most? What are some of the things you learned?

A.M. "It was a team effort all season and if anybody in the locker room had a question somebody had an answer, if I could put somebody above the rest that would be Wilson, not only did he answer questions but he explained and put a game plan together every game, he is very informative and he wears the C with pride and the guys in the locker room definitely appreciate his contribution."

A.M. "I learned you gotta put in an effort and get work done if you want to see results, over in Russia we only had practice 3 times a week and I used to slack off.. really like to go to the gym with the team, something I needed to do a long time ago."

S.D. John Here's a look at your season stats on the big screen, what areas do you think you could improve on if you want the Whalers to have a successful post season?

A.M. "Well I wanted to go into the season and make a difference, scoring 7 goals in my first season really helped motivate me to continue going into practice early and learning last. I need to start making good use of my ice time and play a more all around game, I was too focused on scoring points and now that the playoffs are beginning winning the championship is the only goal I need."


S.D. Kim Are you ready for the match up against the Militia?

A.M. "Oh yeah, the whole team is prepared for the duel and losing isn't an option."

S.D. Kim Noticed you were busy this season buying equipment from all the sports stores in the city spending that three million dollar contract you signed in less than a few months, it was released recently that you are out of cash and currently living in the general managers garage.. is that true?

A.M. "Oh yeah." *laughs* "We don't have a lot of new brands and equipment back home, price didn't have a factor.. I know I'll use the stuff i bought for the entirety of my career down in the SMJHL, maybe I'll upgrade if I make the SHL down the road but wont end up in another garage that's for sure."

S.D. John If you could choose a SHL to draft you, which team would it be?

A.M. "The Minnesota Chiefs definitely have the best logo and I like their color combinations. It doesn't matter who drafts me though, will put in effort and play wherever the team needs me to be.. I just want to win. I sent in an application for the draft combine, still waiting to hear from them."

S.D. John Are you happy to be in Vancouver or is there another SMJHL destination you wouldn't mind being in as well?

A.M. "From the start Vancouver has been supportive and everything about the team is awesome. The Halifax Raiders have it going on, their logo is amazing and if the Whalers didn't exist I'd want to be playing for them."

S.D. Kim Well good luck in the playoffs

S.D. John Thanks for coming by and giving us a great interview

A.M. "No problem, thanks for having me, very important for me to get as much exposure as I can if I want get drafted."


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