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Shiqa Vitalievich - The Pride of Russia
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First Article!

February 22, 1980… The 1980 Lake Placid Winter Olympics.

The hosting American hockey team pulls off one of the most unthinkable upsets in the history of not just the sport of hockey, but in the history of the sporting world itself. They were able to defeat the Soviet Union, who had dominated the sport on the international level for years, with nothing more than a group of kids straight out of college. The Soviet hockey world was devastated. Soviet scientists knew there was only one way to rectify this mistake. There goal was to combine two gametes from volunteers in the Soviet Union, and develop a human embryo. They would train him for one thing and one thing only, hockey! Of course, the science behind these techniques was not yet perfected. Only after thirteen attempts and almost forty years, an embryo was finally developed and raised into a little boy. Scientists named him, Shiqa Vitalievich! 

For seventeen years, Shiqa was raised in secrecy and given basic education up to the high school level. However, he spent most of his day being trained to be the perfect hockey goalie through computer simulations. Of course, these simulations could only take him so far. When Shiqa had his eighteenth birthday, it was clear he was ready for his first challenge. Finally, Shiqa Vitalievich was revealed to the world when he declared for the SMJHL Entry Draft. Only time will tell if decades of research and development will pay off for Shiqa and the Russian hockey world.

Nice backstory and nice first article!

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Nice, welcome to SHL!

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