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The PT department is looking for 1 podcast to partner with in season 49 for an illustrious 2 min PT segmant on their show every week. A segmant to advertise breaking news! new implamentations! task and showdown highlights! and any other information that the PT department wants to add.

Among the great competition between podcasts, this has the making of a lucritive partnership for a show as being the PT departments audio word in 49 should bring great advertising to their Pod! PT's next season could have that podcast highlighted on the global stage!

If you are interested in this 1 year deal to host our 2 min ad, post your presentation below on how you plan to highlight our segmant. Will there be sound or a jingle before it? when will it be heard on your podcast?? what are your ideas which will stand out over the other shows?!  electrify us and you have our business!

Will keep this post open until July 20th!
The PT team is excited to start this partnership, lets make audio magic together in 49!

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I can do a calming British accent that's pleasant to listen to for long periods of time. I could also try to go something to grab the listener's attention. Just tell me what to do and I'll do it.

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You want a pitch?

Welcome to the Johnson & Johnson Podcast. The only SHL podcast... hosted by us. Darnell and Gabe Johnson.

You want a 2 to 5 minute segment on our show? You've got it. Right after the intro.

No jingle, no fanfare. A jingle is an auditory trick, and a trick is what a whore does for money. Intro, right into your segment. We'll give it a title. "Announcing:" should do.

We'll then proceed to roast the previous week's PT for the rest of our show, as is tradition. (Note: This is negotiable.)

Non-negotiable is our obvious chemistry, the velvety tones of our dulcet voices and our unmistakable, patented energy. No other podcast is physically capable of bringing the same energy to the table as we are. If you want your segment heard and listened to, there's no better option than us. We were the victors of the podcast wars, after all.

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Thanks to @Bruins10 and @Carpy48 for the sigs.

does this allow me to never do PT's again or something, what's the incentive here

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@Mike Izzy you know trella and I are ur guys

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(07-14-2019, 02:49 AM)SlashACM Wrote: @Mike Izzy you know trella and I are ur guys

bambacast incoming

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crutch,May 30 2018, 10:44 PM Wrote:don't worry, it's just trella, all bark and no bite

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Can l be a two timer or will everyone call me a cheater

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Sigs by @FlappyGiraffe,  @Steelhead77,  @ToeDragon84, @slothfacekilla, @Wasty and other dude I need to find your name

Lil' Manius

Big Manius


(07-14-2019, 03:06 AM)Bonk Wrote: Can l be a two timer or will everyone call me a cheater

What exactly is this supposed to mean? Who are you cheating on and with?

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No, you sell me why my podcast needs you.

I expect to be wined and dined over this.

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