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S48 Hall Of Fame Ceremony


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Great day for Calgary, eh!

07-31-2019, 06:26 PMSamee Wrote:
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1458 GP | 514 G | 549 A | 1063 P

3x 3rd All-Star Team (S29, S30, S35)
5x Challenge Cup (S27, S29, S32, S40, S42)
2x Jeff Dar Nominee (S23, S29)
1x Anton Razov Nominee (S32)

Esa Anrikkanen is a forward who left one of the biggest footprints on the league itself as a player on his own. Esa Anrikkanen is one of the few players to have accomplished a career with over 1000 points scored on his team, and also holds one of the longest careers out of any player to step foot in the SHL, playing 1458 games each season, a 28 season career. During his long career, played entirely on the Calgary Dragons, Esa lead the Dragons to 5 challenge cups, and was a part of three 3rd all star teams.

Esa received 10 votes (79 points) from the Hall of Fame committee.


Dragonite Dragonite Dragonite

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S50 Challenge Cup Finals Game 7
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Knights General Manager Kelowna Knights Knights

Congrats Esa and Randleman Smile

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Former players:
Ivo Willems (S9) (S10-28 SHL)  
Xander Green  (S33-35) (S36-47 SHL)

Congrats Esa & Randy. Welcome to the Hall, it was nice riding yours guys coat tails for a couple of decades.

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