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Anaheim Outlaws History
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GM History:
Dangles13 (S45-S48)
SpartanGibbles (S49-Present)

Co-GM History:
Hockeyfan (S45-S46)
SpartanGibbles (S47-S48)
BDonini (S49-Present)

Team Captains:
Hiro Fujikawa (S45-S46)
Mathias Seger (S47)
Lallo Selman (S48)
Nick Connolly (S49-S50)

All-Time Leaders:
Goals: Hiro Fujikawa (62)
Assists: Hiro Fujikawa (66)
Points: Hiro Fujikawa (128)
Wins: Tibuk Soonika (143)
Shutouts: Tibuk Soonika (10)
Hits: Jerry Mander (397)
Shots Blocked: Noah Tedla (192)
Minutes Played: Jerry Mander (4970)

Season Results: 148-125-27 (0.493)
S45: 20-28-2 (8th Place)
S46: 25-19-6 (3rd Place)
S47: 25-18-7 (5th Place)
S48: 30-17-3 (2nd Place)
S49: 22-23-5 (9th Place)
S50: 26-20-4 (4th Place)

Playoff Results:
S45: Lost in Round 1 against Halifax Raiders (4-1)
S46: Lost in Round 2 against Montreal Militia (4-1)
S47: Won Four Star Cup against Montreal Militia (4-3)
S48: Lost in Four Star Cup Finals against Vancouver Whalers (4-3)
S49: Lost in Round 1 against St. Louis Scarecrows (4-3)
S50: Lost in Round 2 against Detroit Falcons (4-2)

1st Round Picks:
S45: Jerry Mander (10th OA)
S46: Corey Kennedy (2nd OA)
S47: Nick Connolly (5th OA)
S48: Anthony Archer (10th OA)
S49: Ivan Maximus (9th OA)
S50: Nicholas Owens (2nd OA), John Forfeit (3rd OA)

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