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Weekend Funtime: Failed Promotions

In S43, The Anchorage Armada had a Teddy Bear toss. The idea is that as soon as the Armada score their first goal of the season (during a home game), all the fans would toss teddy bears onto the ice. They would be donated to charities and hospitals in the local area. The problem is that it took 3 home games for the Armada to even score! Even then, the goal bounced off a few players and no one even saw it go in! It was a disaster, but hilarious nonetheless.

[Image: 400x200.jpg]

Every year the Pride have a mid-day game where class rooms of young children can come for half price as a field trip.

The Pride we're playing Manhattan, and so they wanted to come up with something that sounds tough, and intimidating, something the kids could get into. They also wanted to poke fun at Manhattan culture. So they decided on a "Free Hot Dog night" and tshirts that say "Warning: Opposition will will be persecuted."

Unfortunately, the combination of an interns spelling mistake and poor choice of photo, resulted in some angry letters from parents.

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raiders              Uk              pride

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Recently the New England Wolfpack decided to try and do a Holiday PJ Drive.
Lets just say that their insistency on requiring NEW clothes didn't go over too well with local community.

Shout out to ml002, schultzy, slashacm, tedward!
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[Image: f4IDm9I.jpg] I [Image: KhdDH3Q.png] I [Image: UDyqktK.png] I [Image: gs89eGV.png] I [Image: f4IDm9I.jpg]
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(09-05-2018, 10:04 PM)Beaver Wrote: Wow look what the PT affiliation has done to our pristine league.
(12-19-2018, 12:31 AM)Beaver Wrote: I personally blame the PT affiliation for handing out massive amounts of free TPE to all these players, inflating the TPE they're at when they get called up.

Steelhawks S39 Connor Tanner Bobblehead Steelhawks

For reasons unknown to the fans until after the game, Connor Tanner did not even lace his skates for the game where his bobblehead was meant to be given out.

[Image: ctanner.gif]

1. Montreal Militia , Barbie Tanner 5 (Jack Tanner 15, Connor Tanner 11) at 3:55
First Triple Tanner Point.

task closed!

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