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S45 SMJHL PT # 2: Team Chemistry

The Whalers this season have been in most fronts a top team in the league, with Kennedy and Nowes in the top 5 for scoring and McCarthy and Karazija leading all defensemen in points it is no wonder that they lead the league in Goals For with 93. Another thing that has been great is our Power Play which stands at 26.05% and our Penalty Kill is slightly below the league average of 80.10% at 79.27% for a combined 105.32% PP + PK which is top three in the league. The team has also been consistently good at getting points away from home with a 7-5-1 record on the road. However not everything could be considered good as they are in the top 3 for goals against at 90. Overall the Whalers have succeeded in scoring many goals a night but often times lack the ability to keep those same pucks out of their's. With a little tightening of their defensive game I firmly believe the Whalers could go all the way and be this year's Four Star Cup champions.

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The Vancouver Whalers started off pretty strong, getting as high as 2nd in the league in the standings, with the rookies on the team contributing consistently and the veterans playing incredibly well. Unfortunately, the team has dropped all the way down to 5th in the league in the standings (as of this post) and seem like they are hell-bent on falling even farther, up to the point where they are going to lose home ice advantage and lose in the first round (which would be incredibly disappointing with the roster the team has). The team is 4-6-0 in their last 10, very concerning considering they were 10-6-4 in their last 20. The biggest problem for the team has been the ability to play defensively. They are first in the league with 3.44 goals per game, but they are 8th in goals against with 3.33. That kind of margin is not going to get the team out of the first round, and considering they are 3rd in shots against the major concern might be goaltending. Thankfully they are 2nd in goals for/against at 115.16% so if the goaltending improves and the rookies continue to update the team might be a real threat in the post-season.

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The Lethbridge Lions are having a really tough season and I believe I am partly to blame as their goaltender having an abysmal .884 PCT, and 7 wins in 24 games played as well as 3.29 GAA I feel I really need to pick my game up. The offense I feel also needs to pick it up if we want to have a chance at even making the playoffs as our goal differential is -28 with only 64 Goals For, the lowest in the league meaning we are having a lot of problems scoring as well as keeping the puck out of the net. Our special teams are average and need work with only a 12.50% PP and a 77.42% PK. Things have started to turn around slowly recently and here is hoping that we can climb out of the bottom 2 with 16 points and become competitive in the league.

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Don't nerf points, here is some statistics if this is not enough - PP 12,5%, PK 77,42%, PP+PK 89,92% Average PIMs a game 7,5. (4 stats)
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The Detroit Falcons score goals like none other. The top line produces at an efficient rate, the second line produces at an efficient rate, even the third line puts up a considerate amount of goals! With an abundance of new rookies in the SMJHL this season plenty of teams have rookies contributing, and making significant differences in a game to game basis. Rookies like kylonen and Zvejnieks have been producing at a torrid pace. Rookies like Kit Smeb need to pick it up however. The falcons have also been playing stellar defense, keeping the puck out of their net at crucial times, and limiting their opponents scoring chances. Guys like Richter and Scottson have been absolutely vital to team success, and Robinson is no joke in net. Give some credit to the general managers here in detroit, they have done an absolutely fantastic job at building a perennial contender in the SMJHL.

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After almost 30 games the Vancouver Whalers are off to an offensive start. Although after some recent losses they have dropped from sharing the lead to coming in fifth at 32 points. Despite that they are leading the league in Goals For at 93 goals. As good as that sounds they also have the third highest Goals Against at 90 goals, so all in all that's only a +3 rating. Compare that to the current leader Anchorage Armadas +25 goal difference and the Whalers have some way to go before they are back to battling for the top spot once again. Another area where the Whalers excel is the Power Play with a percentage of 26.05% which ranks them second in the league right after the Kelowna Knights. If things are going to look up for the Whalers anytime soon they have to keep up their scoring while improving their defensive game. Maybe it is time to give Ask Jr. a chance to prove himself?

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As an expansion team, both outsiders and members of this season's Lethbridge Lions were prepared for a slow start. The Lions remained glued in the basement to begin the year, as a team mostly composed of rookies saw the TPE deficit they were facing mount them. However, the Lions are rapidly showing signs of improvement in all facets of the game, and their last 10 games are proof of this. Granted going 5-5 is nothing to be overly excited about, however when you compare that to the Lions first 10 games, in which they were 2-8, the progress becomes obvious.

There are shining stars in the mix however. The Lions currently have 2 rookies rated in the top 10 point scorers across the league, and rookie Monkey D. Luffy leads the league in short handed goals with 3. 

With Patrice Nadeau's continued constant improvement between the pipes, and a rapidly improving rookie core, the Lions are setting themselves up to continue to climb the SMJHL standings.

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Colorado's Performance so far has been pretty good. The Raptors were off to a good start, with 3 wins in a row in their first 3 games. For a while there was only a few players making all the plays, like Zidek, Selich and Darrow. They were basically holding up the fort as many raptors are newer players. Lunga Gumba in particular is probably the weirdest player because he has all this shooting skill and no skating skill, which makes him a bad player at the moment. He had played more than 10 games before getting his first point. He will get there, tho. Daniel Smeb on the other hand started off badly, but has now shown much improvement and now sits in the middle of the pack at 11 points. What Colorado has been doing really well is using their aggressiveness to their advantage. They can do a lot of damage on the ice, as they are in 1st for hits at 19.86 points, beating STL buy almost 3 points. The raptors have been doing a lot of hits to take the puck away, and racking up a lot of minor and major penalties. However, Colorado needs to work on their faceoffs and their PPs and PKs. They are sitting last in the league right now for PP points at 8.60%, and second last in faceoff percentage at 47%. I think if Colorado focused more on getting their skating and scoring ability up, as well as their faceoffs, they will do very well and will have a good chance of winning the championship.

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Well the S45 season for the Montreal Militia has been an up and down one of sorts. With a bit of streaking in both ways going on we are trying to find a common ground that puts forth more consistency. After pacing the league with a sub-2 goals against average, Vrana has hit a patch of ice and his GAA has risen above 2.4. The biggest Achilles has been our power play unit which was at a sub-10% conversion rate. With conversation and tweaking, the Militia pulled off an over 35% conversion rate. In the SMJHL it is important to convert when given the opportunity. Outside of that the locker room has come together nicely. Hardest part was losing Jay. Great activity driver on discord and in the locker room. We move forward and really feel like we can put together a team for the long run as we look towards the middle of the season.

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