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Hot Potato Trophy
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Somewhat piggybacking off @gordieboom's idea of a custom trophy, I'd like to introduce my own idea:

The Hot Potato

[Image: 9QjzirA.jpg]

Here's how it'll work:

1. If the player in possession of the Hot Potato hits another player, the Hot Potato is transferred to that player.
The Hot Potato is attracted to weakness, and marks those who show it until they themselves show some physical strength.

2. The Hot Potato starts a season in the possession of the player in the Hot Potato's league who had the most hits in that league the previous season.
I will look at the last season's index and give the Hot Potato to the hits leader (Mike Izzy in S47 in this case). This will ensure the Hot Potato gets passed along quickly to start terrorizing the weak.

3. Should an event occur which removes the current Hot Potato possessor from the league the Hot Potato belongs to (i.e. retirement, send-down, call-up), the Hot Potato will be transferred to the most recent possessor of the Hot Potato still in the Hot Potato's league. If there are no eligible possessors to transfer the Hot Potato to, the last player to take a hit in the last game the current Hot Potato possessor played in who is not the current Hot Potato possessor themselves will inherit the Hot Potato.
This goes along with the Hot Potato's attraction to weakness: if someone leaves the league somehow, the Hot Potato goes backward up the possessor chain. If there is no one to claim it, it latches to the last person it saw get hit.

Link to tracking spreadsheet

This Hot Potato award will start with the SHL only in season 48 so I can get any kinks worked out before running one Hot Potato award in each league. Perhaps I will even give prizes for records if I can afford it. I will report on the passing of the potato as often as I can and keep an index updated in this post as well as previous/index/next navigation in each individual post.

Graders, you can stop grading from here onward. The index will be updated fairly often.


Sim 1 Game 5 - EDM vs CAL; Game 13 - CAL vs EDM
Sim 2 Game 18 - CAL vs WIN; Game 26 - WIN vs CAL
Sim 3 Game 35 - MIN vs CAL; Game 48 - CAL vs MIN
Sim 4 Game 57 - LAP vs MIN; Game 64 - MIN vs NOR
Sim 5 Game 74 - CAL vs NOR; Game 78 - NOR vs SFP
Sim 6 Game 88 - SFP vs TEX; Game 94 - MAN vs SFP
Sim 7 Game 105 - TEX vs MAN; Game 113 - LAP vs TEX
Sim 8 Game 122 - TEX vs CHI; Game 128 - TEX vs NOR
Sim 9 Game 134 - WKP vs TEX; Game 143 - TEX vs NOR
Sim 10 Game 151 - TEX vs LAP; Game 156 - TBB vs TEX

Hoooddor? Translate!

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If i ever get hit with this, i will hold this trophy forever. i have what, 13 hits in two season LUL

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7. Buffalo Stampede , Hippo Passamus 1 (Charles Walker 2, Viktor Marius 1) at 17:11


This will take some serious tracking.

Good luck!

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I'll inb4 Chiefs let my dude play 1 game this season, I'll get 1 flukey hit in against the holder and then since Jon is too new the trophy is inactive til Jon grows a bit lol

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fun stuff!

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not grading because this is a cool Idea and I don't want it to get buried in graded articles

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