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RIP Dangel

I never in a million years thought I would have to write something like this here, but here we are. It has come to our attention that @acdangel, known to us as Dangel, passed away about a week ago at the age of 28. Dangel was a consistent and positive presence in the NEW locker room, so we were a bit alarmed when he was suddenly silent. Ace and I, and everyone else who knew and loved dangel, were concerned at this silence, but figured he was just taking a break or was otherwise off the grid for a bit. Just a bit ago, I searched for what I could about him and was absolutely devastated to see dangel's face smiling back at me in the corner of an obituary page. The cause of death wasn't announced, and he never gave us any indication that anything was up. 

His obituary described him as "radiant" and that's absolutely the perfect word to describe him. To those of you that never got to know dangel, you missed out on one of the brightest and funniest and most caring people in the entire world, let alone this site. His constant enthusiasm from the moment he joined the site was contagious in the LR, and it's fucking gutting to know that we won't have that anymore. I know shit like this gets tossed around whenever someone dies about how great they are but with 100% honestly dangel was without a doubt one of the best people here. When other people were feeling down and depressed, or anything was going on for them personally, 10/10 times dangel would be the one to speak up (in public and in private) to try and make them feel better and help out in any way he could.

from @Ace: "He was our locker room captain and so much more.  He was always the first to slide into my messages when something seemed off and I know he did the same for so many others. I valued my friendship with him tremendously and I will never forget our times playing Jackbox or just shooting the shit about hockey."

His family recommended donations in his name be made to New City Kids - or Cheerful Heart Mission -, his two favorite charities. If you're able to do so, I'm sure it'd be really meaningful to the family and to the charities to see donations in his name (Alex D or Alex Dangel would be fine).

Dealing with this shit the worst, and there's no good or easy way to go about it. @Ace and my DMs are wide open for anyone who wants to come talk or vent or cry or whatever will help. Dangel was always in such high spirits and brought with him a genuine and contagious positivity, so please feel free to share any happy memories of him. I know that'll help a lot of people deal with this terrible news. we love you dangel

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I will miss you brother.

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RIP Dangel. See you on the other side, brother

forever part of the pack

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Never forget

I'm devastated to hear about the loss of a fellow SHL player.
I never knew Dangel, and never got the pleasure of meeting him, but by all accounts he seemed
like an absolute diamond of a person with a heart of gold. He will be missed.



Dangel was a guy that made a shitty world seem a little less shitty.

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RIP Dangel. See you on the other side, brother

Sorry for your loss

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Terribly sad.


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Never knew dangel but hate seeing this. RIP Dangel :(

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He was always nice when I talked to him in Czechia discord. Rest in Peace

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this is fucking devastating to hear. dangel was a guy who'd fill the new england locker room with endless positivity and he'd help pull you up when you were down. he was the first guy to welcome me to the wolfpack, his laughter was contagious, and i honestly can't imagine the team without him because he was our lr rudder. rest in peace, dangel. we all love you buddy.

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rest in peace friend

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Damn sad to hear. RIP Dangel, and you will be missed.

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Dangel we've been on the same teams for awhile now, from St. Louis to New England. You were always in the locker room talking to everyone you could, you were a truly an awesome person to share a locker room with. You cared about everyone and would reach out to them if you thought they needed. This doesn't even begin to describe the person you were but I can't write any more. To me you were someone I could call a honest to god friend, and I'm really going to miss you.

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Rest In Peace Dangel

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Sorry for your loss but think its great that you reached out to see what was happening. I never got to meet him unfortunately but sorry for everyone who got to know him

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Rest in peace cog, for the short time that I knew you, we hit it off and I will miss you...

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