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Who is Patrice Bergeron Jr?

With the recent SMJHL draft finishing up and players getting comfortable with their new teams, a new prospect has emerged from the woodworks. This player from Germany is named Patrice Bergeron Jr. It is not known whether this hockey player is the well known Patrice Bergeron's son or not but considering his biological father is unknown fans believe it could be a possibility. Whenever the older Bergeron is asked about the topic he will give the media inconclusive answers or shrug off the question. A popular conspiracy theory is that Bergeron made a deal with the devil and shipped his son off to Germany to keep him shielded from himself. However a popular argument against this is, why would Bergeron name his son after himself if he wanted to keep him a secret. However whatever you think, that doesn't change the fact that Bergeron Jr is a very good up and coming prospect. He prides himself in a very defensive two way game just like the elder Bergeron, and wins faceoffs at a very high rate. Bergeron is working tirelessly on both his English and hockey career in hopes of being drafted into the SHL. He wasn't eligible to be drafted into the SMJHL this past draft, but is eligible to sign a contract. In an interview with a German reporter Jr was quoted saying "My ultimate goal is to play in the SHL as soon as possible, but I will show the SMJHL what I'm capable of if I have to". A cocky look was pictured on his face as he said this, a much different attitude you would expect from someone with the Bergeron name. With all eyes on Bergeron due to the controversy his name and mysterious backstory have caused he hopes to channel this attention to his hockey skill. Bergeron says he is anxiously waiting for a call from the right GM but until then he continues to sharpen his game in Germany. "Maybe he is my dad, maybe he isn't. But all that matters to me in this stage of my life is furthering my hockey career. I'm sure whoever my father is will reveal themselves after I sign my first big contract in the SHL". Said Bergeron later in the interview when asked about his father being Patrice Bergeron. Bergeron Jr, is definitely on of the most interesting stories in hockey right now and plenty of eyes will be on him moving forward.

you know, i think this guy might be patrice bergeron's kid

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Great article!

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