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S68 SMJHL PT #4 - Pre-game Playlist

Pre game playlist so it's time to go get the boys all jazzed up and ready to go for some hockey, and I get to pick this week so I'm gonna go obscure (or at least I think it is) and go to a youtube channel I like that posts a ton of different pump up music and stuff and then interlude and head for something super well known in the middle. 
1st up is Impossible by Blackway to get in pump up mode but not go hard just yet. 
2nd would be flight of the Valkaries by Richard Wagner to get everyone flying open and loose. 
3rd Don't stop the devil by Dead Posey is very viby and fly open before we focus up and get ready to go 
4th Dead Man Walking by War Hall to change to the mode to much more stoic and focused to give everyone their moment to reflect and get mentally right
5th and final is BAD by Royal Deluxe to unleash and skate out ready to crack goals and take souls. 
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Quote:At this point in the season, you should be starting to get into the groove with your teammates. But it's not all about the chemistry when you're on the ice - it's the tunes you listen to in the locker room before you get out there that really help you bond.
Written Task: List 5 songs that are on your team's pre-game playlist, and tell us why they're played (150 word min.)

Pump Up the Jam (Technotronic)
To be played in the pre-game. What better way to warm up than listen to some classic Jock Jams tunes?

Separate (Hot Chip)
Except instead of “ ♪ Separate the head from the body ♪ ” it’s “ ♪ Separate the opponent from the puck ♪ ”.

No Time for Caution (Hans Zimmer)
From Interstellar, and probably my favourite song in any movie soundtrack. Great tempo and perfect for those moments when you desperately need a heroic tieing goal.

Beyond the Sea (Bobby Darin)
Even though whales make their names in the Sea, and they spend their entire lives in it, it's important to look beyond your environment and aspire to reach greater heights. In this case, greater heights would be referring to land.

Don’t Worry Be Happy (Bobby McFarrin)
To be played after the game, when the team has probably lost given our record this season. Regardless of how things went on the ice, it’s good to make sure that you’re not getting too high or too low, and just keeping an even keel.

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First and best song is of course To My Polacy by Pięć Dwa. Is best song, has excellent bouncing and very good flow. Team loves it, Grzegorz knows he will have game of many saves when this song is play.
Second song to play is Konfrontacje, also by Pięć Dwa. This song is more aggressive than first song, more determined, makes good song to raise team's fighting spirit after there is a hard period.
Now we must leave good Polski music for our third song, because this is Sonne by Rammstein. Song was written to be intro for boxer friend of Till Lindemann, so what better song can exist to raise spirits for hockey fight? Sometimes defensemen need to kick enemy forward in ass if he spend too much time in our crease. This song helps to fight.
Fourth comes song sad and happy teammates of Canada have shown to me. Is very good song for recovering mental after letting in stupid goal. Mary Ellen Carter by Stan Rogers will always remind that everyone lets in goals sometime, what is most important is to rise again!
Last song is best for all situations. It good bounce, make team happy, make them ready to fight and defend and score all at same time. This song makes the team feel like invincible. Obviously song is Free Bird. ANT ZIS BURD JU KANNOT CZEEEENDZ!

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Being an old school thrash metal guy lots of thrash metal would be on the Crows pregame play list. The last song played before hitting the March of the S.O.D./ Sargant D and the the Stormtroopers of Death, why because it is heaviest thrashest tune there is bar none. It is listed as two songs on the album, but they are not. The first is always followed by the second. They are one song.  The other four songs in no particular order would be as follows:
  • “I am Abomination” by Exodus from their album Shovel Headed Kill Machine
  • “Blitzkrieg Bop” by The Ramones from their debut album Ramones
  • “Thrash Zone” by the Dirty Rotten Imbeciles from the album Trash Zone
and to round things out, I guess I would have to go with
  • “Fucking Hostile” by Pantera off the album Vulgar Display of Power 
So, in summary the Crows listen to a lot of old school trash metal.

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It's all Katy Perry it's a Katy Perry if you're not Katy Perry Taylor Swift I'm a whole f****** feminist and f*** out of here that's what I've been doing that's it's gonna be listening to Jammin making trailer play the music loud even though she's not on the team cause hes on voice chat but also on video call cause you know I listen to stuff dude it's what I do I shake my hips like they don't lie I was Shakira but I'm also prime time cause prime don't lie prime is prime is prime and can't be less than prime I always rhyme f*** it I don't use for mouth and yards or nothing everything where it needs to be Not honored he honored but whatever yeah he owner guys will kind of get that I guess whatever it's a word

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1 - nickel back burn it to the ground

2 - nickel back burn it to the ground

3 - nickel back burn it to the ground

4 - nickel back burn it to the ground

5 - nickel back burn it to the ground

The reason for us playing this song 5 time in a row is because it’s just a hype song for the hockey times and the boys are just absolutely going ham in the locker room every time it plays everyone’s going rowdy everyone’s got their A game so it’s probably actually the only song Hirano knows all the words too even though he’s from Japan and his English I a little spotty. The GMs have tried to ban the song from the locker room because they are tired of hearing it but it’s like a pre game ritual now so there is no stopping the boys from going on a rampage when it’s blasted to full volume.

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The first song that goes on the pre-game playlist is Red by Taylor Swift ( This isn't intentional- Alphonso Davies is just a huge Taylor fan and usually beats everyone to the sound system in the gym. We quickly correct this error each time.
The second song that goes on the pre-game playlist is Hypnotise by The Notorious B.I.G. ( We put this on to correct from the prior song. Nobody really hates Taylor or anything, it's just not workout music.
From there, usually the coach enters the room and decides he doesn't like rap, and puts his own music on. The song that's most likely to be is With A Little Help From My Friends by Joe Cocker (
After the coach leaves temporarily, we switch the sound system back again and play the Denzel Curry cover of Bulls On Parade (
The final song that goes on the pre-game play list is In The Face Of Evil by Magic Sword ( This song is played right before everyone hits the ice, so we're all ready to go to war out there.

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A lot of the musing that John Hopoate listens to before games and just in general is very Australian music. It makes him feel more at home and there are a lot of good and drunken memories attached to these songs from the past.
Eagle Rock - An absolute staple in the Aussie drinking scene and Hoppa loves to sing this and Horses as he is getting ready for the game.
Horses - Another classic and a great song to be belting out getting prepared.
Down Under - This one when it'sa bit quiet and we are just starting to vibe in the lead up to the game.
Nutbush - Nutbush when we need to start getting moving and getting active ready to play.
Thunderstruck - This one is a different vibe to the others. This is the last song that Hoppa listens to on the way out onto the ice to really get fired up for the game.

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ADO - New Genesis. Top Banger, i'd enter the ice to this if i could but i think i'd have to settle for headphones because people hate foreign music.
Common - Be (intro). Chill opening but goes harder and makes me think about that Muhammad Ali hype video on youtube.
Avicii - Levels. Brings back memories from the better days, hypes you up and everyone knows it. Arguably one of the best songs of the 2000s, so simple yet so great.
The Notorious B.I.G. - Hypnotize. Do i even need to comment this? BIGGY BIGGY BIGGY CANT YOU SEE
Big Yoshi's Longue. Why not end it off with a banger? :beegvibes:

Those are 5 that i can think of off the top of my head, highly personal but it is what it is. At least it isn't all in korean or japanese, so people will understand 4/5 of them, lmao. Well, that's it for me, see you next week!

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It is always a big debate when it comes to pre game music.  We have a lot of differing opinions on what genres of music play.  EDM, hip hop, heavy metal, pop, there are a lot of choices before we even get into individual songs.  Since I am not one to have a lot of titles, I will just speak about the genres we select each game and how many of each song that the DJ is instructed to play.  We give him freedom to flip it up and keep it fresh.
To get the party started, we told him to start with a banging EDM track so the crowd can also get into it.  From there we have him play a classic rock track, usually one that the crowd likes to sing along to.  The next would be a 90's hip hop track.  We tried to get them to let us do the uncensored version but apparently you can't.  After that, we go with two more EDM songs.  Lastly, we finish with a heavy metal song.

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Song #1 is Alberto Balsalm by Aphex Twin
We open up with this song for 2 reasons. Number one, it's a soothing, calming song. The purpose of this is to effectively erase outside noise the players mightve mentally brought into the space. The second reason is that it has plenty of crunchy bits to gnaw on. This also serves to eliminate outside noise by forcing the brain to engage with the music, to touch upon the hilltops of complexity within the song, but not so much to drown the brain in activity.

Song #2 is The Grid by Tigran Hmasyan.
Right out of the gate, this song is complex. The time signature can be described as 5/16 + 5 + 7 + 5 + 5 + 5. That is, the number of sixteenth notes in a measure. However, real math whizes will note this all adds up to 4/4 if you want it to, which gives it a sense of repetition which all enjoyable music needs. The purpose of this song is to really blast the brain with complexity, but with forward movement. The song carries with it a familiarity but is rarely the same beat to beat. This forces out the remaining noise carried over by the player's daily lives.

Song #3 is On Melancholy Hill by Gorillaz.
This song serves to "pump up the jams", as it were. It's immediately exiting and has a strong 4 on the floor beat, but the real rhythm is lead by the bass which gives an odd foundation on which the melody lays. It's a somber song, but a happy sombriety. We're using this to ramp up into more serious stuff, but also because its a banger. And lastly, to eliminate complexity from our warmup.

Song #4 is Swarm by Meshuggah
Rarely mentioned by fans of Meshuggah, Swarm is an excellent song to increase the pace of our warmup. It's got a few bits of complexity in there, but mostly it's got a strong backbone of a sixteenth note pulse, yet punctuated by what seems to be a triplet groove on top. In reality, it's merely 3 16th notes repeated, while the drums follow the 4/4 16th note pattern behind it. This forces the listener to alternate the focus of their rhythm from "left" to "right". That is, theoretical sides. There's no necessity for actual left or right in truth.

Song #5 is The Art of Dying by Gojira
We briefly interrupt our rising intensity for the introducing minutes of this song. It has it's own incredible build up of intensity, from blistering rhythms to a heavy, low tempo head banger. This interruption mimics the way we play hockey, with moments of rest and bursts of intensity. At the same time, we want our players energized and ready for the game, so that leaves out similar, more doomy songs. This is no time for sludge.

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1. Born in the USA - Bruce Springsteen
2. Start me Up - Rolling Stones
3. Bochum - Herbert Grönemeyer
4. Hells Bells -AC DC
5. Smells like teen spirit - Nirvana

Because i am an 45 year old Rock and Roll type i need this guitars keep on rocking in our locker room. The Song Bochum is a tribute to my favourite soccer club in germany. In a great locker room there has to be great rock music and not only loud basses. AC DC is my favourite hard rock band. There is no better song then Hells Bells to enter the home ice and see the spectators headbang around. And its even cooler if at the first puck drop the beats from the all time heroes around Mick Jagger sound through the hockey rink and he shouts: "Start me up" and Keith Richards jams his guitar riffs. And a playlist without the Boss Springsteen isnt even thinkable.

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PS. Sorry for my bad english, i try my best :-)

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With playoffs in our sights at the beginning of the season, the on-ice leadership team for the Knights designated a gladiator-themed music playlist in order to pump up the youngsters and get them playing Kelowna-styled hockey. It seems as though the captains put some thought into it by googling the gladiator movie soundtrack and basing their music choices on that movie. The first song that comes on pregame is Strength and Honor by Gavin Greenaway, highlighting the characteristics displayed by true Knights past and present. Another Gavin Greenaway song follows, titled The Might of Rome, which underlines that no matter the opponent, Kelowna will always have a chance in battle by having each others' backs. After that, the same artist continues with The Battle, where players are encouraged to envision a variety of plays that may arise in the upcoming game and how to navigate them. The fourth song on the Knights' playlist is by Greenaway again, and is titled The Emperor is Dead, ensuring that the players' mindset is hyper-focused on emerging victorious and slaying the enemy. Lastly, Elysium by Gavin Greenaway comes on as a symbol of calm after the storm as the team awaits the next battle.

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Ashford's taste is all over the place but he's definitely got a bias for pop-punk or just punk, depending on the day. So his playlist is usually full of those songs, no matter what he's doing. The rest of the team probably doesn't enjoy them but they usually compromise and everyone gets their turn.

1. Satellite by Rise Against - Just a motivational song no matter if you're mowing the lawn or getting ready to play Kelowna. It does it's job of getting the blood pumping.
2. Godspeed by Anberlin - Sure it's about arrogance and excess but it reminds Klaes why he's doing what he's doing and keeps his focus.
3. The Downfall of us All by A Day to Remember - It reminds Klaes of where it came from, and also reminds him how he got here.
4. Disconnected by Face to Face - An oldie but a goodie.
5. Something Loud by Jimmy Eat World - The band that just gets better and better.

Klaes likes to keep it positive and his playlists usually reflect inward reflection rather than "let's go beat the other guys." Maybe he's just pretentious though.

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