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S68 SMJHL PT #4 - Pre-game Playlist

At this point in the season, you should be starting to get into the groove with your teammates. But it's not all about the chemistry when you're on the ice - it's the tunes you listen to in the locker room before you get out there that really help you bond.
Written Task: List 5 songs that are on your team's pre-game playlist, and tell us why they're played (150 word min.)
Graphic Task: Design the album cover for a CD-version of your team's pre-game playlist. Has to include at least the team name and logo.
3 TPE for doing the thing. (Just one of the things, not both.)
Only S68 SMJHL Rookies (S69 SHL Draftees) are eligible for this PT.
Link PBE, ISFL or SSL submissions here to get credit for affiliate claims.
Do not claim this TPE until a post is made in the claim thread.
Deadline: Sunday, December 11th @ 11:59pm PST

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ok. so. awhile back, @Hallsy dmed me and was like 'yo gecko what do u think of the new nicki minaj song' and i had not even known she dropped a new song and was also completely fucking zooted out of my mind at the time so i was like what

either way, apparently she goes 'eeeeee' in the song. I don't know what the song is called, but its on the playlist. Sure. Fuck it.

Other songs on the playlist include Brahms' symphony in e minor, Dvorak's new world symphony (also in e minor), Come as You Are (also e minor), and Till I Collapse (which is apparently in e major)

It stands to reason, of course, that songs written in the holy key are just better than ones that are not. Both e major and minor are good and holy and divine and all that. Other songs, such as many in the key of, for example, F? just aint it.

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Pre-game routine consists of listening to the motivational speech from Rocky, you know which one im talking about. After that we would slam on Amerika by Rammstein since we have a multinational team playing in America we would get team spirit high on for the game. Last pre-game song is Fort Minor's Remember the Name. If at this point you were not pumped up for the game and ready to die on the ice, you would not play many minutes. That was one of the staples made clear during my first year here - no attitude means no results, means no playing time.
Last but not least, the final song that we play depends on the fixture we just played. If we had lost a game we would play I dont want to set the world on fire by The Ink Spots, or if we had won one we would play Flo Rida's GDFR. For obvious reasons.

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The hardest part about this is that I only get to pick 5 songs! There are a ton of bangers we listen to before each game. But if I only have to pick five then these would be right at the top:

1: Starting off with “The next episode - Dr. Dre (San Hill Remix)”. This is an excellent remix on a classic that really gets a person fired up.

2: I am a big Toby Mac fan so next would be “Unstoppable - Toby Mac” most of his songs are bangers but this one is one of his best.

3: Another band that has a lot of hype music is Fall out boy. “Uma Thurman - Fall Out Boy” is one that always gets the team fired up.

4: “Legend - Jaroslav Beck ft. Backchat” is an absolute banger of a tune to get you hyped pre game. If it’s not a part of your pre game list then it should be added.

5. Lastly, a rock classic that gets everyone fired up for anything that they’re about to do. “Welcome to the Jungle - Guns N Roses”.


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Luca Pane's pre-game playlist includes a variety of songs across many genres.

1. Jaja Ding Dong by Fire Saga - We start the playlist with a banger. Who can resist the absolute charm of this song? The chorus is catchy and gets everyone singing.
2. The Chain by Fleetwood Mac - This is just a jam and a half. Another song to catch everyone's attention. You'll never break the chain.
3. Legend Has It by Run The Jewels - Who wouldn't want to jam this song out before a game? It has the energy needed to boost everyone up.
4. On The Road Again by Willie Nelson - A classic song that gets everyone singing along. Bonus points when you play this song before starting a road trip.
5. Truckin' by The Gratefull Dead - I had to include one jam band on a list full of jams. Truckin' is another song that is good for those away games.

So that's it, Luca Pane's pre-game playlist that he gets to share with the room.


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Well, since the spotify wrapped thing just came out I think this is the perfect time to do such a PT. I will now shamelessly steal songs from my own and other people's wrapped results to put in this PT.

First up is going to be CP Violation from Valve, a song from the Half Life 2 soundtrack. This one is honestly just a song that really gets you pumped and gets you in the zone. Great song for pre-game warm ups out on the ice.

Next up is going to be Never Fight A Man With A Perm by IDLES. This one is more of a punk vibe but still really gets the blood pumping and makes you want to go out there and knock some heads.

Third will be Cut Your Hair by Pavement. This one is a little more mellow than the first two but it's a great anthem for the whole team to sing in the locker room pre-game as we get prepped.

Fourth is going to be Fields of Verdun by Sabaton. Some great heavy metal that gets the blood pumping for a good old fashioned physical hockey game. Also a great anthem for the guys to sing in the locker room.

Last up is Near DT, MI by black midi. More punk/hardcore vibes with some slower parts dispersed throughout and ends with a great rush that makes you want to go out on the ice and scream.

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1. The Script and – “Hall Of Fame”

2. M83 – “Midnight City”

3. Eminem – “Till I Collapse”

4. Metallica – “Enter Sandman”

5. Linkin Park – “Bleed It Out”

Number one allows us to just feel ourselves and just what each one of us players look forward to within the world of the SHL. We all want to remembered and not just another name across the stat line.
number two It just gives you that feeling of just fresh breath and allows you to breath before a game and just focus. Feeling the great vibes between each of my teammates in the locker room
Number three Each one of us never going to give up till we collapse we play for each other out there every night on the ice just as brothers and we feel like a family each time were on the ice
Number four It just get's you pumped and feeling the sports vibes as you are ready to lay out your opponent and score goals!
Number five Just trying to feel and Just getting into our rock mode to make It each night and we just want to feel that greatness that we all know were capable of!

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The songs on my player playlist are the following:

Overwhelming- Matt Ox. This is the song that got Ox on the map with music and I think the reason the Grizzlies signed him, basically as a marketing scheme to sell tickets, but its hype so its in the playlist.

$$$- XXXTENTACION- Ox was a feature on this song and its all about gettin that money which ox is here to do, and get the cookies from the opposing players by stealing the puck from them.

Pull up- Matt Ox- Nobody will be pulling up shots on Ox, so this is kinda like reverse psychology or opposite day

Jetlag- Matt Ox, off long flights to different SHL arenas Ox tends to get jet lagged, this is a good remedy for that feeling.

Trident- Matt Ox- To end it off Trident is on the list, this is just a good chill beat to play and wind down the list to get ox ready to hit the ice

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Matt Ox- Grizzlies Defense

this is the only song that needs to be played in the locker room. it is the only song that is played from song number 1 to song number 69, maybe a few songs after that, but once it reaches song number 420 this song is back on until song number 6969. this is pretty much the only song played in the locker room, gym and sometimes during games because it embodies the strength and determination of the detroit falcons roster. the song was brought to light by adult video star billy "aniki" herrington in his first interactions with the rest of the team and his reputation for being a lord of the locker room has propelled the hit single into super-stardom. with billy "aniki" herrington swearing by this song in his training and preparation rituals, it is not wonder as to why the detroit falcons are clapping the ass of the rest of t

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In Maine, we only need one song to amp us up pregame. It is Timber by Mr. Worldwide Feat. Ke$ha.

We use this song to amp us up because we are the Maine Timber and any opponent better be scared. We may score goals like a log rolling down a hill as fast as it can after going TIMBER!!!. We also really like Ke$ha because her love of trees excites us. The excitement towards the end of the chorus is what drives our whole locker room to succeed in games. We love Timber so much that we score 10+ goals at home just so we can hear it on repeat. When we win the Four-Star Cup this year, we gonna party hard listening to Timber for 10 hours straight. Timber is our version of Queen's We Will Rock You/We are the Champions. We have it blaring over the speakers after a home win.

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I'm definitely more so a fan of electronic music so that'll heavily influence my choices, but I'll sprinkle in a bit of classic rock for the other fellas. Sorry no country or rap in this playlist.

Tusk (Fleetwood Mac) - No reason in particular, just a song that slaps and helps lift the energy in the room, especially right before pre-game skate.
Issa Vibe (Wax Motif) - It's in the name, it's a good vibe. Get the team in the right head space and ready to go. Also has some tasty bass.
New Gold - Dom Dolla Remix (Gorillaz) - Catchy and full of energy, this song can be put on repeat with very few arguments.
World Hold On - FISHER Remix (Bob Sinclair) - Good vibes only in this dressing room. The epitome of good energy, this song will get your head bobbing and you toes tapping.
Bel Mercy (Jengi) - Let the good times continue. You've probably seen that dancing ski toddler on tiktok? This is the jam.

Thanks for the sig ragnar!
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Debuting the playlist would obviously be Only Girl (in the World) by Rihanna, something that the team will sing together and get the vibe going, putting everyone in a good mood. Even bringing it up gets this song stuck in my head all over again. It makes me feel special Smile. Next up is Stacy's Mom by Fountains of Wayne, kind of the same reasoning behind this one too, it's something that'll get the team hyped and have everybody singing along. Honestly, Barbie Girl should be added while we are at it because Sweet Caroline has been claimed by the Kraken for a while now, and we gotta get some Kelowna crowd favourites in there. As for the last two, the team playlist would be filled out with some classic hockey pump-up songs. Bleed it Out by Linkin Park pops into my mind, but maybe something like The Boys are Back in Town by Thin Lizzy would be a good one to kick off a homestand. 

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Regina Elk Pregame Playlist

1. (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction by the Rolling Stones - Classic riff that will amp up the players and crowd alike. Tough to find someone who won't know this one within the first three seconds.

2. Welcome to Paradise by Green Day - Because Regina is paradise, and our opponents deserve a warm welcome. Fast song with a great guitar riff will also get the Elk ready in the locker room.

3. Mr. Brightside by the Killers - A true crowd pleaser. A good bonding song for the team to sing along to before the game.

4.  Burning Down the House by Talking Heads - A more tame pump up song that will remind the players of what they're looking to go out and do on the ice - burn it down.

5. Where The Hood At by DMX - The true pump up song just before going on to the ice. If this song doesn't get you into the killer mentality, then I don't know what will.

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