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S73 PT#5: I'm Gonna Win The Cupyright

In the hilarious twist of events, our legal defense is gearing up for a battle on the icy rink of wordplay! We've enlisted a team of top-notch attorneys who specialize in the art of puns, metaphors, and legal acrobatics. Picture this: a courtroom transformed into a hockey arena, where our lawyers gracefully skate around copyright technicalities, pirouetting through patent laws, and scoring points with clever wordplay.

Our defense argues that "I'm gonna win the cup" is as generic in the sports world as a puck on ice, and @micool132 might find it challenging to trademark a phrase so commonly echoed in locker rooms and arenas worldwide. We're countering their claims with a dash of humor, suggesting that trying to trademark this phrase is like trying to trademark the sound of a cheering crowd – impossible, yet undeniably entertaining!

As we lace up our legal skates, we're confident that our defense will be as sharp as a skate blade, ensuring that the spirit of sportsmanship prevails, even in the courtroom drama!

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i've been traded and joined new teams a few times in my days, and it's always a bit of an adjustment. that being said the SHL isn't the biggest league in the world, and you get to know a lot of the folks in the league over the years even if you've only been in one spot. so when i moved from TEX to ATL or ATL to NEW or even from NEW back to TEX i've always been walking into a room where i knew a few people. that helps a lot when it comes to getting down new strategies and positioning on ice. the more rapport you have with the people in the room the more theyre willing to help you out and make sure you're succeeding. that's why i always bring tons of money to a new room so that anyone i dont know gets a big bag of cash to make them like me. if i do know you already you're just getting a big smooch on the forehead

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Prompt:  If your player got traded to a new team, how would they go about adjusting and learning the new system?

If Bobby Tkachuky was traded to a new team he would be pissed unless he asked for a trade, and would make it his personal mission to destroy his old team. Now that has nothing to do with the prompt but must have been mentioned. How Bobby would adjust to a new system on his new team, would start by taking time to watching video on his own team along with asking new teammates about how they go about playing the system. Bobby is a team player and would try to find his role in the system by talking to couches about expectation and the role they want for Bobby. After Bobby takes his time to learn and fall into the system he would then become more vocal and make suggestion on how to improve the system. At the end of the day Bobby plays a very simple game, hit hard, back check hard, and go to the net to dominate defenders. This style would fit into any system.

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Graphic Task: Draw your player finding out they've been traded via social media before their GM can let them know.

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As the international tournament drew near, the press sought the thoughts of Fry's young team. The kids' responses were predictably heartwarming and endearing, reflecting their innocence and eagerness. However, a twist emerged when the team's captain declared, "I'm gonna win the cup" during his interview. This innocent but ambitious statement led to a copyright lawsuit filed by @micool132, who claimed to hold a trademark for the phrase in professional hockey. In response to the lawsuit, Fry's legal defense revolved around several key arguments. First, they contended that the phrase, "I'm gonna win the cup," was a common expression used in various contexts and was not specific to @micool132's trademark. Furthermore, the phrase lacked specificity and unique association with @micool132's brand, making it a generic expression. Importantly, Fry pointed out that his youth team was not in direct commercial competition with @micool132's professional hockey endeavors, as the phrase was used in an entirely different context. Lastly, Fry emphasized the importance of freedom of expression and the innocence of a child's statement, arguing that it was an inappropriate target for a copyright lawsuit.

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Jamie T Wrote:But I wish I'd been a little more exceptional
And I wish I'd been a little unconventional
But I was not enough, no, I'm not enough

Option 2

For a goalie, changing systems is probably the easiest position to switch gears in as his main job of stopping the puck doesn't change. Sure, goalies have different tendencies the way they go about making saves and rebound control but overall for a goalie the only system is to stop the puck from going into the net at all costs. Playing the puck could be the biggest adjustment a goalie and defenseman would have to figure out before truly being on the same page. Some goalies enjoy playing the puck behind their net and look to make a helpful outlet pass to spring a rush up ice. Some goalies prefer to let their dman handle puck handling and stay in their blue paint. For Beau Kavanagh it's a little bit of both. The goaltending coach in Baltimore has been working with Beau to increase the opportunities he's able to play the puck once he graduates into the SHL. Beau isn't know for making many plays with the puck other than stopping it from entering the back of the net for now; but who knows, maybe he'll be more inept at playing the puck and springing odd man rushes to help his team. 

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prompt 1

my legal defense is simple. first off i claim that micool trademarking the term "im gonna win the cup" and then suing a young liechtensteiner boy for saying it is cruel and heartless. this is AFTER i play the legally approved chewbacca defense. you see, chewbacca is a wookie from the planet kashyyyk. but chewbacca lives on the planet endor. now think about it; that does not make sense! why would a wookiee, an 8-foot-tall wookiee, want to live on endor, with a bunch of 2-foot-tall ewoks? that does not make sense! but more important, you have to ask yourself: what does this have to do with this case? nothing. it does not make sense! all of it, this whole entire case, does not make sense. because micool has no sense suing a young kid for saying he wants to win the cup. maybe that's his idol, and he's out here ruining this kid's life. for shame

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If Boots were to get traded to a new team at this point in his career it would be in the hopes of winning a cup or just being a veteran presence in the room. Boots would need to get to know everyone and would attempt to socialize with teammates, especially the younger guys as they are fresher to the league while the other vets are more established in their roles on the team and their daily routines. Boots would do much like he does in Texas and attempt to steer away media and attention unless his teammates want that. On the ice Boots would start out playing safe strats in his own end and establishing a relationship with his goalie so he knows where he needs to be on the ice. Once he's figure out everyone else's role on the team and has adjusted to his coach's system he may attempt some more riskier plays but will for the most part stick to being a solid two way player

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First prompt and well this is a sticky situation. Firstly I apologise to @micool132 since we all know he is in fact winning the cup. That captain does not know fuck all! I feel like Isaac would turn face and join Micool's side and help him in court against this sickening captain so we can milk him for all the pennies we could!

After Micool has in fact, won the cup, I would point and laugh at the financially ruined captain and state that this all could have been avoided if he just kept his mouth shut. I would then INSULT him by calling him a poor mans @Aneeqs to truly rub salt in the wound. This would likely lead to the captains retirement and then he would report me for tampering that I forced this upon him. I have no idea if this would lead to a tampering charge but no doubt I would then have to do more podcasts.

All because Micool is going to win the cup.

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Now I am free <3

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I think we’re going to win the cup because these kids play with the most heart and passion, and as I mentioned in my previous PT, they move the puck incredibly well. As children, teams who move the puck tend to win more games, and that strategy is going to lead us to victory for sure.

I have also spoken to the captain of the team to let him know that what he did was copyright infringement (I had to explain what that was but I think he understood after my presentation). I have also reached out to micool about the incident and he seemed cool about it (I had to). We have the same love for the Montreal Canadiens that we were able to come to an agreement. He will not sue me, my team or the captain, and in exchange I will get him tickets to 5 Habs games. They can be home or away games and they must be in the middle sections somewhere. In addition, micool gets to take a picture with the cup after we win it.

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Written Task: If your player got traded to a new team, how would they go about adjusting and learning the new system?

Seamus is an all around defensive player. Specializing as a two way defender he can easily slot himself into any line and power play unit and be a player that the coach can rely on to play a steady game, but not a specialized one. There are players out there who have trained and created an actual niche at what they can do, and therefore would be hard to slot into any line out there, but that is not the case with Seamus. With his above average defensive knowledge and his excellent hands it would take a few games for Seamus to get into the groove. Seamus was built to be an average player that can excel with other pieces around him. Amplifying the whole, but not being exceptional himself. What he prides himself on is his leadership abilities and calmness under pressure. You might not get someone who going to come in and score 25 goals, but youll get a guy who is a veteran pressence and has won the cup. So seamus knows things.

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The first thing I’m going to do for this frivolous bullshit lawsuit would be to announce to the media that anyone that can try to sue for saying “I’m gonna win the cup” is a douchebag. And then, I’m going to publicly roast micool for trying to sue a fucking kid who’s excited about a hockey tournament. Predictably, social media warriors will join the cause, and most of the entire world will completely hate micool, and he’ll be cancelled. Before you know it, he’ll be kicked out of everything he’s ever been a part of, and he’ll be homeless. His friends won’t talk to him, and he’ll fade from existence. You can’t sue a child, especially an excited one. He’ll become one of the biggest assholes in history. It won’t go well for him, so in the end, he’ll be forced to drop his lawsuit, and we’ll all move on from the mess he created. Because of this, Team Iceland will gain worldwide support and become super popular. It’ll be great to have the whole world cheering on my kids. (180)

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