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S73 PT#5: I'm Gonna Win The Cupyright
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Please pick ONE prompt to write about. Do not mix and match prompts. Identify the prompt you are using in your submission - Copying and pasting the prompt will deduct from your word count so if you do this make sure YOUR submission is 150+ words excluding the prompt.

Option 1:

Written Task: The press interviewed your kids for their thoughts on the upcoming international tournament, and the responses were predictably heartwarming and cute. Unfortunately, your captain concluded his interview by saying "I'm gonna win the cup". @micool132 has filed a copyright lawsuit against your sponsor nation, citing his existing and long-standing trademark of that phrase with regards to professional hockey. What is your legal defense?

(Thanks to Micool for playing along. For your task, describe how and why you are going to win the cup.)

Graphic Task: Draw your junior federation's cup banner.

Option 2:

Written Task: If your player got traded to a new team, how would they go about adjusting and learning the new system?

Graphic Task: Draw your player finding out they've been traded via social media before their GM can let them know.

You will receive 3 TPE for fulfilling all requirements.

All responses are due on Sunday, November 5th at 11:59 PST. NOTE: IF YOU SUBMIT/EDIT AFTER THE DEADLINE YOU WILL RECEIVE REDUCED/NO TPE.

Affiliate claims from either PBE or ISFL or WSLB or SSL are accepted; link directly to your post and note if your username is different there.
If you have any questions/concerns, please PM me. Tasks with malicious intent will not be graded. The graders reserve the right to determine malicious intent, after discussion with me. You will not be warned.

This task is for SHL players and send downs only. If your player is S74 or S75, that's not you.

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Option 2

If Dusty Rhodes went to a new team I don't think he'd have much trouble adjusting. I think his game is balanced enough to play any role his team would want him to. He would obviously prefer to be the physical force and tone setter for the team but that has to be earned through solid play and effort and protecting your teammates. Rhodes has that in abundance. Plus Dusty is a fan favorite as well. This should help him get acclimated as the fans will have a tendency to cut him a little slack if he struggles out of the gate. But Dusty is just basically a blue collar guy so he'd go out and put in the work to learn the system and try to develop that chemistry with his teammates. So I don't think being on a new team would be an issue for Rhodes. He may even find it to be exciting and provide a boost for his career.

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Option 2

Since Kevens has been traded before, he's had to find ways to adjust to the systems of a different team before. It all starts with knowing your teammates first. Getting to know how each of them thinks and acts both on and off the ice is crucial to forming bonds that will translate to better relations with the team and better play. It takes some time to get up to speed on how the systems work, so showing up frequently and consistently to practice is the best way to learn the systems in the long-term. The more time spent exposed to the playstyle and personality of new teammates, the faster a traded player can learn these systems. There's no shortcut to adapting. It's all about slowly building up good relations and habits over time and using prior experience with other teams to enhance the learning process. Some systems will be more difficult to adapt to than others, so asking teammates for tips about how to fit in and play well is a good option too.

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Option 2:

No shot Antonio Flusso adapts to a new system. There's a good chance he doesn't understand the current system he's in, if we're being honest. Now as a two-way d-man, you'd ideally want this player understanding the ins and outs of a coaching staff's design for the team's play on the ice. But here we are. Just hits the ice, plays his game in a nice simple way, goes home and cashes his paycheck. Adjusting to the team itself is pretty simple as he's a player who keeps to himself and says as little as humanly possible. The new team, in a perfect world, will never even notice they acquired a new player at all. He might make an introduction at first, but after that, hopefully a season will go by without him having to do or say anything. He will play his game as perfectly as possible so the coaching staff never has to go over anything with him and his team, so that he can avoid any professional interaction with his teammates as well. He'd just show up, do his job and never bother anyone. So, business as usual.

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Learning a new system can be tough, but at the end of it hockey is hockey. Knowing the fundamentals that have been drilled into you for years makes learning anything new easier. I for sure take some more time in the video room with a coach, going over big picture and concept ideas at first, and after a game or two can get into more detailed strategies involved in it. Even more time is needed if it is a mid season trade as the coach is not going to have entire practices dedicated just to me learning the system. I would have part of the reason I was traded for is they have confidence in my abilities to learn the new system quickly enough to be effective for the playoffs. Which should be pretty easy for me as I am amazing. Stick to what I know, add in what they want me to do, and it makes me a better player and us a better team.

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Option 2

The first thing to do would be my homework. Get play books from the coaches, look at game film and learn how my potential linemates move and their tendencies. Once I get a feel for what we are supposed to do and what to expect from my teammates the next step is getting to know them better. I would take them out for a team bonding event, bowling, dinner, game night at the rec room. Something that would help us connect on a level that is more than a game situation. Once I learn them and what is important it would be time to put everything to practice, getting on the ice and playing alongside them. Get used to knowing where they will be and how they move on the ice . When you put everything together we would be a more unified unit, we would be able to know one another, the designed plays and how to expect when and where a player will be to truly get the most out of one another. Beyond this it would be up to the coaches to impart their knowledge to ensure we are doing the best we can.

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As I am the co-gm of Edmonton, it will be a little hard for my player to play for another team since I am sworn by oath and blood to play for the team until I am dead. That is, however, the only loophole in this whole situation, when I am a lifeless corpse, my player will be able to pass to the other side and finally play for a team that will probably appreciate his talents. Another fun perk about being an absolute chad of a corpse is it takes zero effort to learn and fit into the new team and system, I'm just there to fill a role, have fun, make some new friends, and the following season my player will vanish, puff, dissolve into ash like in the Avengers. The hardest part of playing for a new team for 1 season will be doing everything in my power to try and not tamper anyone while i'm there. It runs deep in my blood and is a birthright of an Edmonton GM.

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Well @micool has probably been tagged about 100 times already so thought I would do the same to call out that the trademark is completely bogus!. No part of that phrase includes an organization name or anything else like that ("I am going to Disneyworld!" comes to mind) and there is no slogan there so I would say that they can go pound sand. Now, we have to be honest, it will likely turn out to a long legal fight that I am sure we will win, but needs some financing to cover. I assume my player actually has some money here and is definitely stubborn enough to fight it, so we just gotta bankroll it for a period of time. Then we get to counter sue for legal fees and opportunity costs of that money (I would have made $823M in <insert crypto coin no one has heard of here>!). The main goal of this is to invalidate the trademark that should not have been granted anyway and make it painful for them to try to get anyone else in court. Someone has to fight for the little guys and who is littler than some kids being picked on by the man? It has Nightline written all over it. Prepare for a smear campain micool - you just picked a fight with the wrong people.

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Option 2:
Well if Cale was every traded to a new team he would probably throw a fit to start. Who likes being a veteran player in the league and suddenly is brought into a new room or organization and expected to be something that maybe they are or not. Cale is a pretty chill guy who likes to have fun and would likely adapt well to the locker room. He is a professional athlete afterall and should have no issue picking up the “new” system. A life in hockey he has played many different coaching strategies so it would be relatively easy to pick that up as well. The catch would come in being able to trust the players around him and be on the same page when looking at going to something like a zone defense. Knowing and understanding your own role is part of the battle but knowing what the others on the ice would do is what makes it more complex and tough. Overall Cale is a competitor and would put in every bit of effort required to ensure his team is successful including working on learning and understanding his new roles.

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