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Raiden exits Baltimore
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Well as regression is hitting Lord Raiden hard, I will depart from the Baltimore Platoon after 17 seasons (3 years irl). Its a bittersweet day. I knew it was coming eventually even though I wanted to go on as long as I could. I have been with BAP through 2 rebuilds and 1 great sketch. Unfortunately we could never claim the top spot. But I cannot thank everyone in Baltimore enough. Thanks to @JR95 and @Zoone16 for taking a chance on me in the draft. All the great players I have played with over the course of my career. And to @hhh81 for keeping me as long as he could and getting the team back on the right track. I am honored to leave Baltimore with several records

All-time Career 
Games Played - 1122
Points - 946
Goals - 364
Assists - 582
Power Play Points - 205

I never won an award but was nominated for the Jeff Dar Trophy twice (S69 and S70) 

4 All-Star Appearances - (S67, S68, S69, S70)

Not the greatest career, but one to be proud of I think. As I leave Baltimore, I look forward to my next team and I am ready to give them as much as I can. Hopefully I can go on for another 17 seasons.....

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Someone get this man a cup.

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The sun will rise on you again! ?

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Colorado Raptors Capitan S42-Until Forever!
Czechia Wants you! Ask about a transfer!!


Hell of a career. Congrats and good luck with the next player

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Knights Timber pride

The goat on and off the ice. Congrats on a great run with the platoon, I’m grateful to have started my career with you as my captain Smile

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Get this man to 1000 points. And a cup

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My Lord

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Hope someone picks you up and gets you a cup <3

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It made me very sad to have to say goodbye to Raiden. You've been amazing to have on the team and have been an incredible bridge between eras. Thank you, first member of the COL-BAP gang!

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Retired players:
-Toki Wartooth
-Nathan Explosion btw
-Angus McFife XVIII

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Grats on the career!

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O Captain My Captain, I hope you already know how I loved your presence and you have been a great presence in our locker room.  Go get that Cup my friend.

Ekaterina Valieva - Baltimore Platoon

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One of the Platoon greats!

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