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Team USA Eligible Players List
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Usa USA: Scrufdaddy / FuzzSHL Usa

96 Eligible Players

(S45) D Slip McScruff
(S46 RW Collin Gibbles
(S46) C Bobby Sharp
(S46) RW Michael Fox
(S47) RW Julio Tokolosh
(S48) RW Barrett Blackwood
(S49) G Marques Brownlee
(S50) RW Bobby Lane
(S50) LW Joseph Weston
(S50) LW Phineas Gold
(S50) G Monty Montgomery
(S52) G Strom Chamberlain
(S52) C Danny Marston
(S53) RW Ethan Price[/b]
(S53) C Ethan Duncan
(S53) LW Eric Hudson
(S54) D James LeBlond
(S54) D Elwulf Jericson
(S54) D Pojo Biscuit
(S54) G Richard Majors
(S54) LW Luffy Richard
(S55) D Colin Lambert
(S55) D Johnny Shuffleboard
(S55) C Lord Raiden
(S55) D Jed Mosley Jr
(S55) D Axel Foley
(S56) RW Zdenko Beranek
(S56) G Edward Teach
(S56) G Tyrone Banks
(S56) D Bud Weiser
(S56) D Matty David
(S56) D Jimmy Dekens
(S56) D Zebulon Leavitt
(S56) C Xavier Doom
(S57) D Sean Gatez
(S57) D Unger Oda
(S57) G Tyler Ward
(S57) D Jimmy Jimmy - S58 Transfer
(S57) RW Bobby Motz
(S58) RW Casey Outlaw
(S58) D Gregory Goode
(S58) G Jack Lewis
(S58) C Coco Colin
(S58) C Neal Turner
(S58) RW Pavel Jeziak
(S58) LW Ellis McPickle
(S58) RW Don Reid
(S58) RW Nike Kickz Jr
(S58) LW Austin Smith
(S58) LW Mats LaFleur
(S58) G Tyler Cannon
(S59) RW Jack Micro
(S59) D AJ Tirrell
(S59) RW Alimony Tony
(S59) G Shawn Lonkert
(S59) D Gino Lombardo
(S59) D Latavuis Jackson
(S59) C Aidan Quinn
(S59) RW Owen Bowden
(S59) C Brent Ashe
(S59) D Lucas Andrasak
(S60) RW Isiah López
(S60) D Mars Stanton
(S60) D Major Chip Hazard
(S60) D Ryan Gardner
(S60) RW Evil AllBran
(S60) G Harley Fank
(S60) LW Wet Jeans
(S60) LW Jimmy Larkin-Conway
(S60) LW Miles O'Brien
(S60) C Siris Gruggsson
(S60) G Corey McFarland
(S60) C Mike Doctor
(S60) G Guy Fieri
(S60) RW LaTrell Mcdonald
(S60) D Jonathon Hagan
(S60) LW Daniel Merica Jr.
(S61) D Michael Robertson
(S61) C Clifford Wilson
(S61) G Bob Hart
(S61) D Dobby Hintzkanen
(S61) D Michael Robertson
(S61) LW Wing Wang
(S61) RW Donald Jr Trump
(S61) RW Sam Siege
(S61) D Adam Wyatt
(S61) C Atticus Hale
(S61) LW Lucas McCoy
(S61) RW Jeff Hopkins
(S61) D Tanner Fox
(S61) D Vincent Fox
(S61) C Joe Burrow
(S61) D King Rhames
(S61) C Xman Damson
(S61) C Throat Goat
(S61) LW Barry B. Benson
Bold = Played in IIHF World Championships

Please add (S46) D Osbert Whacker @Chris-McZehrl

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Thanks to @karey and @JSS for the sigs!

Former USA Fed Head, Carolina Kraken Co-GM, Tampa Bay Barracuda GM
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Paulie Tracotanza should be Borromini Cannellini. Also, New Fed Head @Scrufdaddy and I'm Co


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Aleksi Kettu
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