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PGS S52 - Game 90: St. Louis Scarecrows vs. Newfoundland Berserkers
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Game 90:
Scarecrows  St Louis Scarecrows at Newfoundland Berserkers  Berserkers
Final Score: 6 - 5
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This game featured the St. Louis Scarecrows visiting the Newfoundland Berserkers, and it turned into one of the more entertaining matchups we’ve had all season. Coming into the game St. Louis found themselves in a 4 way tie for first place with 23 points, and while despite Newfoundland finding themselves in 8th place, they were only 5 points back. At this point in the season, St. Louis had been the hottest team offensively, putting up just over 3.5 goals a game, while Newfoundland has had some trouble keeping the puck out of their own net, giving up 3.5 goals a game themselves.
Period 1 was about as full of action as you could hope for to get the game started off right. Just under 3 minutes in, Rintarou Okabe buried a wrist shot past goaltender Jason Voorhees, with a great set up pass from Akira Ren after a good neutral zone play by Thomas Vanice to force a turnover.  Mega Tron was all over the ice for St. Louis in the first, throwing hits, causing turnovers, creating chances, and 3 minutes later his shot was deflected in front of the net by Trey Nets, for a goal to tie the game at 1. After only two more minutes, Disisde Dayudie, an incredible offensively minded defenseman, put a slap shot in the back of the net after a selfless play by Slatt Potts, sacrificing the body to put Dayudie in prime position to score. Just a few minutes later, half way through the first, the game was tied up once more as Mega Tron provided another assist, this time to Erben Kasius on the powerplay. The scoring and pace of the game died down for the remainder of the first, with an uncharacteristic amount of icings, missed shots, and turnovers from both teams.

Period 2 started out tied at 2-2, but it would only remain that way for 21 seconds. James Ronlain won the opening face off, and St. Louis played keep-away from Newfoundland until Flash Gordon deked around the defenseman and set up a one timer for Danny Marston, to give St. Louis their first lead of the game. However, 21 seconds into the 2nd was the last time St. Louis would have momentum in the period. Newfoundland tallied 3 more goals in the period, including a good showing from their rookies, with a goal from Vince Chalut, with Patric Twist and Jukka Timonen adding an assist each as well, with the later setting up Dayudie for his second of the game.

With a 5-3 lead heading into period 3, Newfoundland looked to put the game away. But St. Louis introduced a game breaking roster move, putting Elizabeth Doyle in net after goal number 5. Despite not appearing in the 3 starts of the game, Doyle stole the show, stopping all 18 shots against. Newfoundland kept their foot on the gas, firing the puck on the net, but could never get one past Doyle, who gave St. Louis plenty of time and opportunities to chip away at the lead. Flash Gordon once again deked around Newfoundland’s defense, this time finishing the play himself to put St. Louis within 1 with 15 minutes left to play. The physical play of the Scarecrows wore down the Berserkers, with almost 3 times the amount of hits, they kept the pressure on and kept creating turnovers until Yamamoto Mitsuharu and James Ronlain were able to tie the game and take the lead respectively, just 8 seconds apart. With 8 minutes left to play, the 1st line of Newfoundland tried their best to tie it back up, but after the 7th lead change/tie of game, the score this time would remain. St. Louis took home the win in an extraordinary game full of back and forth scoring, big hits, and tons of shots on net.

3 Stars:
1 - Rintarou Okabe (NLB)
2 - Disisde Dayudie (NLB)
3 - James Ronlain (STL)  

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The Unstoppable Top Line:

The Berserkers top line is an absolute force to be reckoned with. Their gravity is tough to overcome for any team because they can generate scoring seemingly at will. Even though the Scarecrows were able to out-gun them tonight with a more balanced attack, it's clear to me that if the Berserkers can get performances like this out of Okabe, Vanice, and Potts-- they'll win more than they lose. That top line combined for a total of two goals, five assists, and twenty shots on the night. Really, an awe inspiring effort. If they can keep that compete level up, they'll continue to be one of the most dangerous trios in the SMJHL. Vassallo had a rough night in net for the Berserkers, and their penalty kill dropped the ball on one of two chances. With a top line chugging along at that pace and a little tighter defence, this game is a different story.

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Comment 1: Highlights

Enormous hit by damage dealer, Luc-Pierre Lespineau-Lebrunette (leads the league in both hits and penalty minutes) on Thomas Vanice stopping him dead in his tracks, 15:41 into the First. 
[Image: giphy.gif]

Extra slick sauce pass right on the tape from Akira Ren to Rintarou Okabe on the PowerPlay at 7:03 into the Second Period while on the Powerplay from a penalty by Luc-Pierre.
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Amazing effort from James Ronlain and who should be number one star of the game with three assists, Ruslan Zaprozhets, at the start of the 3rd to help keep the play alive and get the Scarecrows right back into the game with a goal from Flash Gordon to finish it off. Play of the game. 

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Comment 2: Heavy Hitters
This game may have come down to survival-of-the-hardiest match as the winners of the comeback game, the St. Louis Scarecrows put up an absolute hit clinic, that may have some of the Newfoundland Berserkers needing to spend some time in a real clinic after the game. Six different players on the Scarecrows put up more than 2 hits in the game with Luc-Pierre Lespineau Leb laying down a skull-rattling 6 hits. Not to far behind him was Flash Gordon who had 4 hits while also boasting a goal and an assist! The Scarecrows were able to control the game, and hitting was a key part of that strategy. 

Comment 3: Comeback Focused
For most of the game the Scarecrows were trailing the Berserkers. Going into the locker room after the first period they clearly discussed how to take control of the game, scoring just 21 seconds into the second they finally had the lead. That is until the Newfoundland Berserkers answered back by scoring 3 in a row to make the score going into the third 5-3. The Scarecrow's coaching staff was quick to adapt and swapped their goalies to backup Elizabeth Doyle. This proved to be a smart move as Doyle was a brick wall and with the St. Louis hit based physical game strategy they were able to wear-down the Berserkers and dominate the third to come back with a 6-5 win over the Berserkers. Always make sure to play a full 60 minute game, the Scarecrows proved they are able of doing just that in this game. A strong message to the rest of the league.

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Unsung Hero

The Unsung hero has to be Ruslan Zaporozhets of the St. Louis Scarecrows. He was crucial in the Scarecrow's win against the Berserkers as he registered 3 assists. The first assist came at less than a minute into the second period putting the scarecrows up by one. However, I think he really shined in the third period where he registered two assists. Coming into the third the Scarecrows were down by 2 and needed to create some magic if they wanted to win this one. His first assist of the period brought them within one and his second of the period got them the game winner. If it wasn't for his pinpoint passing, no way the Scarecrows were winning this one.

Goalie woes

The St Louis Scarecrows goalie Jason Voorhees was not having himself a game tonight as he let in 5 goals in the first 19 shots. Scarecrows management saw that Jason Voorhees was not playing his best and knew that at some point they needed to make a change. Well that change did happen towards the end of the second period as the Berserkers scored their third goal of the period. The scarecrows back up goalie, Elizabeth Doyle, was up for the task as she got called into battle. Doyle saved every shot thrown her way going for 18/18 as the scarecrows completed their comeback.

Rintarou Okabe Shines

Despite the loss Rintarou Okabe of the Berserkers shines while on the top line. Okabe is in his third season season with the Berserkers and is ready to get called up the the big leagues in the next season or two and he really showcased his skills on the ice tonight. Okabe scored two goals and registered an assist with 21 minutes of ice time. Okabe had an impresive 61.1% faceoff win percentage and gave it is all. Okabe was a crucial part of the Berserkers power play and penalty kill success tonight. He was absolutely the reason the Berserkers came so close to winning this game.

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Turning Point

The turning point in this game came at the at the very beginning of the 3rd period. After allowing his 5th goal of the night on 19 shots, Jason Voorhes was pulled for Elizabeth Doyle late in the second. Doyle didn’t see any action at the end of the 2nd, but came up strong in a big way to start the 3rd with 3 saves in a row during a scrum in front of the net 30 seconds into the period. Doyle continued her strong play over the next few minutes, making 3 more saves for a total of 6 in the first 3 ½ minutes. St. Louis was clearly energized from Doyle’s strong showing and began picking up their play, eventually going on to storm back with 3 straight goals to win the game 6-5. Doyle ended the game stopping all 18 shots she faced, all in the third period.

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Usually in a back and forth game like this one, it's tough to point to something and say that's where things went right or wrong. Not with this one. By the end of the 2nd period, Newfoundland had taken a 5-3 lead on St. Louis, who appeared to be on the ropes after hanging in there early. Jason Vorhees was having a disastrous time in the net, allowing five goals on just 19 shots. St. Louis was left with little choice but to send an unrested Elizabeth Doyle in to try to salvage the game. A bold move from the Scarecrows' coach in a game that already seemed to be a likely loss. But if Doyle needed any additional rest she certainly didn't show it. Despite facing a barrage of shots from the Berserker's Doyle allowed none to get by, and St. Louis rallied with 3 consecutive goals on just 11 shots of their own, stealing this one from Newfoundland on a James Ronlain goal 12 minutes into the 3rd period.

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Save of the game

Just take a good look at this absolute robbery we witnessed in tonights game at Newfoundland's arena. The save that started a huge comeback. Only 33 seconds in to the third period Newfoundland's Thomas Vanice unloads a huge slap shot towards St. Louis net only to be blocked by Doyle but.. it's going in! However Doyle shows great composure and stays with the puck and paddles it out of harms way. Just look how her eyes stays on the puck the whole way. Outstanding stuff! The game would have been over for sure without Doyle's heroics. This save for sure lighted up the St. Louis roster and made the comeback a possibility. This one will be on highlight reels for some time. 
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Stat Pack Breakdown

Crows Pound the Body
In what was a close, high-scoring affair in Newfoundland only one team showed up to bang bodies. The Scarecrows led in the hits department all game finishing with 24 hits to the Berserkers mere 8, tripling the output of the team you'd expect to be throwing the body with the branding they have.

Doyle Rules
After the horrifying rookie Jason Voorhees was pulled in the 2nd period, Elizabeth Doyle took over the game for the Scarecrows, stopping all 18 shots on goal that she saw come her way in the rest of regulation and overtime.

[Image: ml002.gif]
Credit to Copenhagen, Wasty, FlappyGiraffe, InciteHysteria, and caltroit_red_flames
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Alex Reyer's Tough Night in the Circle
It was a rough night in the faceoff circle for St. Louis's Alex Ryer. Slotted on the Scarecrows' third line he ended up taking 22 draws on the night, despite logging less than 12 minutes during the game. Out of the 22 faceoffs, he won six and lost 16 on the evening. When asked about it afterwards, he had this to say, "Well, you know, if you flip a coin 22 times a bunch of times, sometimes you're gonna end up with six heads and 16 tails." He then proceeded to grab a quarter out of his locker and start flipping it during the interview. He didn't really answer any other questions, he just kept flipping the coin.

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