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PGS S52 Game 35: Colorado Raptors at Vancouver Whalers

Raptors Colorado Raptors at Vancouver Whalers  Whalers
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Welcome to Rocky Mountain Recaps, a Colorado Raptors affiliated show bringing you the all the latest from the dino gang. Tonight’s match up featured the Raptors taking on the Vancouver Whalers each of their 7th game of the season. Both teams struggled in their first six games and were tied for last place in the league with 3 points and the same record (1-4-1). The match up represented an opportunity for both teams to stay out of last place and get their season back on track. Both teams wanted to win this one in an exciting back and forth match up.

1st Period

Both teams came out of the gate ready to play in this one. The first scoring chance came 2:27 into the game with beautiful cross ice saucer pass from Vancouver D-man Tommy Outlaw that found Austin Powers down low, but the Whaler’s center couldn’t put it away with his shot finding the outside of the post. From there the Raptors turned up the heat on the Whalers, decisively carrying the play culminating with Henrik Lundqvist Jr. scoring his second of the season with a twisted wrister from the top of left circle. The play started with the Raptor’s Heat Siecker making a heady interception on a pass in the neutral zone and quickly moving the puck to his D partner, the talented rookie Bradley Barkov. Barkov skated the puck to the middle, attracting the attention of Vancouver’s defenders and slipped the pass to a wide open Ludqvist who made no mistake with his shot. The rest of the period was relatively uneventful, with the only other scoring chances coming on a Colorado power play after Zlatan Ibrahimovic Jr.’s delay of game penalty.

Score – COL: 1  VAN: 0
Shots – COL: 10  VAN: 3

2nd Period

The Whalers came out of the gate hot in the second period with a flurry of offensive activity. Francois Breton took a pass from Ibrohimovic off the draw into the zone and blasted a clapper that went off Raptor’s stout D-man Denver Wolfe and into the boards on the left hash mark. Breton got the puck, took a quick look to the middle, and snapped a hard low pass that to the far post where winger Jacob Rizzo was crashing and redirected the puck past a sprawling Samat Beibitzhanov. Rizzo notched his first of the season and tied the game up early in the 2nd for the Whalers only 32 seconds into the period. The rest of the period was a hard fought, gritty battle with each team playing sound defense and dump and chase hockey. The Raptor's Mathew Anderson took an interference penalty 2 minutes into the period on a close call after absolutely demolishing Sabo Tage just a hair early on a buddy pass from Ibrohimovic. The Whalers could not convert on the power play and the period ended in 1-1 stalemate.

Score – COL: 1  VAN: 1
Shots – COL: 7 (17)  VAN: 10 (13)

3rd Period

The third period opened up innocuously enough until the Whaler’s tough rookie winger William Hartmann took a holding penalty trying to slow down a streaking Glen Anderson in the neutral zone. The Raptor’s first power play unit got to work and converted with a tic tac toe passing play from Barkov to Hariken Urawa ending with First-Name Last-Name lacing a one timer low glove side past White Goodman. The Whalers immediately responded, tying the game on a seeing eye shot through traffic from the point by Ibrahimovic. Irwin and Sabo Tage picked up assists on Ibra’s first of the year. Frustrations from both side then started to boil over as Colorado and Vancouver went back and forth taking 4 total penalties in the rest of the 3rd. Marcus Ohlsson (Ibrahimovic, Powers) made Hiroshi Ohira pay for his roughing penalty with a nice five-hole shot that beat a sliding Beibitzhanov to go up 3-2 with 12 minutes to go in the game, their first lead of the game. After a failed power play bids for both teams, Miro Slapskinnen took a bad boarding penalty on Colorado’s Glen Anders to end his teams power play and go 4 on 4. After Colorado’s penalty expired, their second power play unit got to work in a bid to tie the game. Talented rookie duo Chris Cerullo and Sven Svenson displayed their budding chemistry with some cerebral cross-ice passes back and forth before Cerullo one-touch passed it to Denver Wolfe for a heavy one-time clapper. The puck rocketed over the shoulder of Goodman, obliterated the water bottle all the way into the stands, tied the game with only 4 minutes to go, and sucked all the energy out of the Vancouver faithful.  The Whalers had a last second opportunity to win the game but Beibitzhanov slammed the door shut on Powers.

Score – COL: 3  VAN: 3
Shots – COL: 13 (30)  VAN: 10 (23)


Overtime was relatively uneventful as both teams played a conservative game, looking like they were playing not to lose instead of to win. Slapskinnen did put one off the post, but Beibitzhanov was hugging the short side and there was no way that puck was going in. The game had to be decided by a shootout.


Round 1 –
Denver Wolfe: stopped on a questionable choice to blast a slap shot from point blank.
Francois Breton: scored on a slick deke.

COL: 0  VAN: 1

Round 2 –
Henrik Lekberg Osterman: deke and couldn’t quite elevate the puck enough and a great save by Goodman, HLO can’t believe it.
Marcus Ohlsson: came in slow and tried to put it top shelf, Beibitzhanov’s glove is too quick and makes the save.

COL: 0  VAN: 1

Round 3 –

Hariken Urawa: Do or die for the Raptors. Makes a slight head fake and slides it in five-hole. Raptors survive.
Stracimir Petrovic: Game on his stick, comes in with speed, too much speed and fumbles the puck. Manages to put it on net but it’s no contest for Beibitzhanov.

COL: 1  VAN: 1

Round 4 –

First-Name Last-Name: Fancy dangle that leaves Goodman looking silly and he slides the puck into the empty net.
The stingray that Killed steve Irwin: Comes in taking his time, picks his head up, and shoots it high and wide by at least a foot. The Vancouver bench is shaking their heads in disbelief. 

COL – 4  VAN – 3

1 - Zlatan Ibrahimovic Jr. (VAN)  Whalers
2 - Bradley Barkov (COL)  Raptors
3 - Jacob Rizzo (VAN)  Whalers

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Unsung hero

Many people don't talk about how crucial winning face offs are but they are extremely important when it comes to winning games. Simothy Drunkebird won almost 70% of the face offs he faced and although registered no points he without a doubt played a crucial role in the Raptors win. Drunkebird also registered two hits in their win causing turnovers in both hits. His first hit came at 14 minutes into the second wear he just creamed stingray that Killed steve irwin and his second hit came three minutes into the third where he hit Tiberius Maximus right into the boards. Drunkebird played his heart out this game and not many people are talking about it.


Zlatan Ibrahimovic Jr is our obvious MVP. It is difficult win MVP while on the losing team but no one came close to secure it than Ibra. Ibra registered one goal assist in the second, that goal tied the game 1-1 and then registered one goal and one assist in the third. His goal tied the game up and the goal off of his assist put the Whalers up by one, however this wasn't enough as Colorado scored shortly after. Zlatan also had a positive 2 in +/- and registered two hits in their loss. Ibra played over 24 minutes. This makes him our obvious MVP winner.

Rookie of the game

Our Rookie of the game goes to none other than Bradley Barkov of the Colorado Raptors. Barkov registered his first two points in their win against the Whalers, both being assists and also was awarded his first second star of his rookie career. His first assist came at 10 minutes into the first as he played a slick pass to Henrik Lundqvist who fired in into the net. His second assist of the game came at 6 minutes into the third while on the power play. As Barkov made a simple pass to Urawa who quickly gave the puck to First-Name Last-Name who fired it into the net putting the Raptors back on top. I have a feeling we will be talking about Barkov for years to come.

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Most Selfless
In order to win games in the beautiful sport we call hockey, players must sacrifice themselves and make plays that may put them through a substantial amount of pain. The player who did this best in this Raptors win was actually a Whalers player, Sven Yxskaft. This should be of no surprise as Yxskaft currently leads the league in shot blocks. Yxskaft truly sacrificed his body in this game as he blocked a game high 4 shots while logging an undesirable 2 minutes and 34 seconds on the penalty kill. Without the selfless efforts of Yxskaft, this game may have been a blowout for Colorado.

Mr. Reckless
Some players play with a high motor and certain intensity that makes them stand out above all others on the ice. These players often throw their bodies around almost recklessly, laying down the law by pounding their opponents into submission. “Mr. Reckless” for this game was William Hartmann of the Vancouver Whalers who really made his presence felt even though his team would lose in the end. Hartmann dished out a game high 4 hits and really bruised up the Raptors, making this a truly hard fought game for the Raptors. The Colorado players will need to rest up and heal their wounds after playing Hartmann.

Carry me team!
Just because one team wins the game does not mean that everyone on that team had a great game and contributed much. Sometimes, a player gets carried through a game by his teammates and the team is still able to get the win. The MCP (Most Carried Player) of this game was none other than Bryce Turner of the Colorado Raptors. Despite Turner’s lackluster performance, the Raptors were still able to pull out a close win in the shootout. In this game, Turner only contributed 1 hit while being a -1 in 18+ minutes of ice time. Turner will have to step up and make it up to his teammates in the next game.

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Strong start for Colorado:

After Colorado Raptors' season starting with only one win out of six games the Dino gang come of the gates really strong in this one. Raptors held the puck most of the first period giving only 3 shots for Whalers while the Raptors had multiple good scoring chances. Seemed like Colorado captain Henrik Lekberg Osterman got the team finally going. He battled hard the whole period and was really vocal on the bench giving his teammates positives vibes and advices throughout the game. The strong first period still wasn't enough to win it in regulation as the Raptors are still looking for their first regulation win.

Rookies showing up:

Rookies for Whalers and Raptors played a big part for both teams in this close game. Raptors' defenceman Bradley Barkov played big minutes on the blueline clocking about 22 minutes on ice. Responsibility was awarded as Barkov got two assists and played a key part in the own end. All around good performance. Rookie forwards Cerullo (Col) and Rizzo (Van) also played a strong game as they both found themselves on the points sheet. They both played a  good two way game with speed and full of energy. The decision making of these rookies are impressive and I believe they are going to have a bright future. 

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"Pucks on net and good things happen" is usually the cliche that and to a degree that was true with this game as only 2 of the 6 goals scored overall by both teams were a result of clean passing plays that beat the goalie cleanly. The other 4 goals came as a result of deflections, one off of Vancouver's Jacob Rizzo for the initial tying goal at 1-1 and the other 3 were shots that had missed but in the ensuing scramble, was picked up by the first guy who also happened to be the one to put it in. As chaotic as the goals ended up being for the most part, it goes to show that going into those dirty areas will be the best places to strike gold and find yourself with a opportunity.

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Turning Point of the Game
At 13:39 of the third period, with Colorado down a goal, Raptor defenseman Denver (born to play in Colorado) Wolfe took a penalty for hooking Vancouver's Tiberius Maximus as he tried to step through the Raptor defense. Colorado would buckle down and end up killing off most of the penalty as they buzzed around and disrupted the Whaler's powerplay. Colorado's Glen Anders would eventually gather the puck and attempt a clear as Vancouver's Miro Slapskinnenen shoved him violently into the boards. He would be okay, and the Raptors would go on the powerplay where they ended up equalizing the score and bringing the game to overtime. They were able to ride that momentum all the way through the shootout.

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Comment 1) Special teams play major factor

Perhaps the biggest reason the Raptors were able to pull out the win tonight was the strong showing from the power-play unit, which managed to convert 2 times out of 4 chances, while Vancouver managed to convert once out of three attempts. All the goals came at a critical times in the 3rd period as the teams were wrestling for control of the game, With Denver Wolfe scoring the Raptors 2nd power play goal of the night with only 4 minutes left in the 3rd period to tie the game, which would ultimately lead to the Raptors prevailing over Vancouver in a shootout.

Comment 2) Colorado Rookies shine

Its no secret that Colorado is relying on this rookie class to carry them into the future, and tonight they delivered in a big way. Colorado rookies combined for 4 points on the night, with Bradley Barkov getting 2 assists on the night, and Chris Cerullo and Sven Svenson nabbing 1 assist each. Confident play and passing by the Colorado rookies lead to great success on the power play, as 3 of the 4 rookie assists occurred on Power Play goals. Its certainly a good sign for Colorado management that their rookie class is already making such an impact so early in the season, and continued improvement could certainly turn Colorado into a bigger threat later on in the season.

Comment 3) Simothy Drunkebird leads raptors to a dominant night in the face-off dot

Often an overlooked part of the game, winning in the face-off dot can be crucial to your chances late in the game. Thanks in part to a strong 16/23 effort by Simothy Drunkebird, the Raptors managed to clean up tonight, winning 57/88 face-offs that helped fuel the Raptors possession numbers and allowed them to keep up pressure in the offensive zone, especially on the Power play which was especially dangerous for Colorado tonight. The Whalers heavily relied on Broomstick to take Face-offs, but it proved to be a poor strategy as he managed to sin only 13/35. Certainly not a performance to write home about, and a move that I'm certain members of the media are sure to question in the coming days.

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Stat Pack Breakdown

Facing Off
The face off can be the difference between scoring a goal and having a goal scored on your team, especially when the special teams units are out. The Raptors dominated the dot in this game as they won a total of 57 face off versus the 31 wins for the Whalers. Those 57 wins show the importance as the Raptors managed to score twice on the powerplay in this game that was decided in a shootout, but wouldn't have got there if not for the efforts of the Raptors on the powerplay and from the face off dot.

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