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PGS S52 Game 80 - Vancouver Whalers vs Halifax Raiders

Game 80 – Vancouver Whalers 5, Halifax Raiders 3

1st Period – The Raiders took the game to the Whalers hard, firing 14 shots on goal to Vancouver’s three. The Raiders drew first blood on a Julien Villenueve goal, his 4th of the season. Assists went to Luke Niemi and Jim E. Russell. 

2nd Period – It was the period of the Whalers. The Whalers fired back with 17 shots on goal to Halifax’s six, converting on four of their attempts. Goals scored by Zlatan Ibrahimovic Jr., Nicholas Corrigan, Stracimir Petrovic and Francois Breton. Score at the end of two – 4-1 Vancouver.

3rd Period – The Raiders made it a bit more of a respectable game, tallying two goals by Julien Villenueve and Alexander Roach. Francois Breton had a tally for Vancouver. Final score of the game was 5-3. A well rounded game by the road squad.


Welcome to Halifax, Nova Scotia! We’re diving into today’s tilt against the Vancouver Whalers. The visiting Whalers came out on top with a bruising 5-3 win, and there were some beautiful bits of contact out there on the ice! Let’s dive into our top three hits of the game!

Here’s number three of the game. Take a look at this CRANKING hit by Sabo Tage. He finds Al Kayhall screaming down the left side of the ice and throws out an absolutely beautiful hip check to separate the man from the puck. Sure, it’s not the hardest body contact, but it was significant enough to get the job done, and it definitely brought a tear to my eye. Let’s check out the replay!
[Image: giphy.gif]

Time for number two! This was a punishing bit of body contact in the second period of play. Jack Von Arx saw that Marcus Ohlsson didn’t have concrete possession of the puck and lost it in his feet. He caught him in open ice with an absolute BEAUTY of a hit! This one knocked him into next week! What a monster.
[Image: giphy.gif]

Abel Skinner skates down the wing on the forecheck and finds Mikas Bieksa looking to turn the puck up the ice. He barrels into him right along the boards, separating the man from the puck and inflicting some serious damage in the process! What a beauty hit!
[Image: giphy.gif]

3 Stars
1 - Francois Breton (VAN)
2 - Stracimir Petrovic (VAN)
3 - Nicholas Corrigan (VAN)

RIP Dangel. See you on the other side, brother.

[Image: achisling.gif]

[Image: NR2hsa8.gif]
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Comment 1: Goodman is a good man.

Halifax Raiders came really strong to the first period. With full energy and really good puck moving they were able to be in charge the whole first 20 min. Whalers' goaltender White Goodman had to stand on his head to keep the game alive for Whalers. He made some some amazing saves letting only one goal out of 14 shots he faced. It could have been much worse for the visitors after 1st. I believe that without Goodman's heroics Whalers couldn't have much of a chance in the rest of the game. It really rallied up the roster and made the reformation happen.

Comment 2: What happened in 2nd period?!

Vancouver Whalers absolutely dominated Halifax Raiders in the second period out shooting them 17-6.  Halifax goaltender Olli Saarinen Jr. couldn't carry the whole team through that period letting four goals in. Whalers really woke up after abysmal first period and were working on all cylinders. Defender Ibrahimovic scored early in the 2nd period silencing the home crowd and firing up the Whalers roster. From there the Whalers took the control of the game and ran with it. Until the halfway point of the game Raiders were able to hang on but soon after Corrigan, Petrovic and Breton broke the Finnish wall Saarinen Jr. when each of them scored a goal just in 4 minutes.

Comment 3: First line leads the way

As is should be. Vancouver's first line led the charge for the victory. With veteran SMJHL guys like Breton and Petrovic on offence goal scoring isn't an issue on most nights. Then add Ibrahimovic to the blue line, who can play both defence and offence, a stand out goalie performance and you have a team which can steal games and important points. Whalers are on a good path considering playoff time. But the road is long and hard, they have to keep battling it out every night to keep those points coming.
It is always great to see two proud Canadian hockey teams battle it out and this game was no different.

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1. In the snowy depths of Nova Scotia, no one can hear the Raiders scream. Okay, maybe that is a little hyperbolic but considering what happened in the second period, it almost feels like it. Whenever a team gets 17 shots in one period, something has gone wrong on defence. Even worse when you leave your goalie out to dry like that because 4 goals tends to be the result. Now Vancouver is equally as guilty in this, leaving Goodman out to dry with 14 shots in the first period but he played a much more complete 60 minutes than Saarinen did.

2. Vancouver left Halifax with 8 players recording at least one point, which just shows the depth that it has all across the line up. Whether it be Francois Breton recording 2 goals on the night, Petrovic or Yxskaft getting 2 assists on even just Zlatan Ibrahimovic Jr coming in to start the goal scoring parade early in the 2nd, it shows that Vancouver is a team to fear in the post season. Not to say Halifax don’t have their own arsenal of weapons, because they absolutely do. Guys like Villeneuve, Roach and Von Arx are a threat every time they get on the ice. Need to clean up defensively though.

3. While neither team had a great defensive game (both had 10+ shots allowed periods) both sides were flawless on Penalty Kill. 5 penalties on the day yet neither team could find the back of the net with the man advantage. It speaks to the great coaching on both sides of the ice to see a game where no one can score on the Power Play. Special notice goes to both goalies, while neither of them had what you would call a good night, they performed when their teams asked them to on Power play and sometimes that’s all you can really ask for.

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The turning point in this one has to be the Zlatan Ibrahimovic Jr. goal just 1:12 into the 2nd period in this one. After looking to be in poor form, allowing a 1st period goal and getting outshot 14-to-3, Vancouver really came out with a vengeance in the 2nd. Ibrahimovic's score was the starting point for that. Nine minutes later, Vancouver, who was dominating the period, saw a goal from Nicholas Corrigan, which was followed by a Stracimir Petrovic strike about a minute later. Vancouver took a commanding 3-1 lead and had more for Halifax, capping off their strong 2nd period with a Francois Breton goal about 5 minutes before the end of the period. By the time the dust settled, Vancouver had pushed to a 4-1 lead and had evened the shot numbers after their weak first period.

[Image: xOtrQ61.gif]

Comment #1 (127 words)
In this game the Whalers were the definitive winners when it came to the final score. The real shining star of this game, was the penalty kill. There were a total of 6 penalties in the first period, and three penalties in the third period. Not a single goal was scored on the power play. The period with the most overall shots and most goals scored was the second period, yet not a single penalty was taken.  The closest attempt to a power play goal was for the the Halifax raiders as the end of the game. Jacob rizzo took a Hooking Minor at 16:58 of the third period. The Raiders Alexander Roach, was able to score at 19:19, Just 21 seconds after the penalty expired.

Comment # 2 ( 122 Words)
We all know that Genies are able to provide the lamp holder with three wishes. Should Halifax raiders goalie Olli Saarinen Jr find one of these lamps, I bet he would use all 3 wishes and take back that second period. The Raiders came out flying putting a total of 17 shots on net. The Vancouver defense wasn’t able to hold them them back and clear the zone well enough. A total of 4 of the 17 shots found their way to the back of the net. Outside of the second period, Saarinen Jr, was able to make 10 out of the 11 shots for a save % of .909. In the second period alone his save percentage was a sad .765.

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Zebras Can't Decide
The first period of this game was littered with penalties against both teams. On two separate occasions, the officials called matching penalties, which led to some 4 on 4 hockey. First, at 7:04 of the first, Halifax's Thicc Cheezy and Vancouver's Mikas Bieksa got tangled up and both players went down. Played was stopped and after the referees huddled, both players were escorted to the penalty box and called for hooking. Neither coach was given an explanation of the call and the refs quickly dropped the puck for the next face-off. Later in the period at 12:58, the Raiders' Alexander Roach and the Whalers' Tommy Outlaw met up and both went down to the ice and slid into the boards. Again, play was stopped and 4 on 4 was the result again. This time Roach went for holding the stick, and Outlaw went for hooking. Upon review of the replays, we could not find anything other than incidental contact. Fortunately, neither incident led to a goal on either side. The SMJHL officiating office could not be reached for further comment.

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