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Pre-Season Catch up With Adam Scianna

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Last season was a great one for defenseman Adam Scianna, first off posting impressive numbers with 30 points playing on a second pairing with just under 22 minutes of TOI and secondly being drafted 3rd overall by the Texas Renegades in the SHL draft. 

We sat down with the young captain and asked him a couple questions:

Being drafted last season by the Renegades, who were the first guys to welcome you in the locker rooom?
 "The first people to welcome me were my general manager Dankoa and fellow prospect Ivan Maximus."

Obviously with the talent ahead of you on the Renegades, not making the tam was difficult, what are you looking forward to going back to Kelowna?
 "Yeah we have alot of promising talent in Texas and I look forward to joining them when I am ready, but I am also excited to be playing with Kelowna         again.  We have alot of good veterans on the team as well as some promising rookies."

What part of your game will you work on the most this season, offensive or defensive, and why?
 "Im looking to be a solid player on both ends of the ice, a great two-way defenseman, so with that, I did my best to work on all areas of my game, but I       put a little more emphasis on defense as we have a great offensive group of forwards."

Do you have any personal goals set for yourself in the S53 coming up?
 "Personal goals would be to improve on last year, I had a big jump in points from the 9 in my rookie year, to 30 last season, so if I could even improve on     that I will be happy."

Always fun to pick up points for sure, lastly, any advice for rookies on the Knights or throughout the league?
 "hmmmm, well have fun with it, and don't sweat the points.  If you keep improving and working hard as a player, the points will come."

There you have it, a small segmemt with Kelowna's current captain and leader Adam Scianna!!

Thanks for doing this.....

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