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SHL 10 Year Anniversary - Bonus PT
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In the spirit of celebrating 10 years of the SHL's existence, we invite you to write about a favorite memory from your time in the league. Whether youve been here for 2 months, 10 years, or anywhere in between, take this opportunity to reflect on a memory that's special to you from that time - on-ice or off, on forums or discord or even real life. Tagging friends, sharing multiple memories, links and screenshots, and replying to others are all encouraged Smile

If you're a new create who literally just joined SHL, feel free to write about a look to the future instead of the past - discuss some goals for your player or for yourself here, what you hope to accomplish here in the SHL.

Special thanks to @nour for sponsoring this special PT and to @Mike Izzy for the wonderful video.

Post your favorite memory (or memories) in this thread in 200+ words for 4 uncapped TPE. The deadline for this task is Sunday, May 17th at 11:59PM ET.

We want this to be an overwhelmingly positive thread filled with happy memories, so please do not use this space to take shots at or call out other users. Submissions with malicious intent will not be graded for TPE. For this bonus PT, links from affiliate PTs will not count; PT passes cannot be used on this task either.

This PT is for EVERYBODY - SHL players, senddowns, S54 rookies, S55 rookies, everybody! If you have a player, you are eligible. TPE can be claimed from a claim post that will go up after the deadline.
love, @hotdog and @Gwdjohnson

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thanks @Carpy48 and @frithjofr and @rum_ham for the sigs
Armada Inferno norway


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Outlaws Wolfpack  Outlaws Wolfpack Outlaws Wolfpack Outlaws Wolfpack Outlaws Wolfpack
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Mike Izzy has enjoyed allot of great moments on and off the ice in my 3 years here. Had to have or i wouldnt have put a fraction of the effort in to keeping this place the internet's best kept secret! Its been a really long time since i was in the J but in this 10th anniversary i'm going to mention Kelowna  Knights  and the fond memories i had there in the mid S30's.

A place that welcomed me in and covered me up like a virtual blanket. S34, S35 and S36 werent particularly great teams but there was a ton of pride being a Knight and man we took our SIM serious! We didnt have a big active roster... the group consisted of myself  @XLeafer , @nour, @Clint Eastwood, Fedor Shirobokov and @jjlangabeer.. but you wouldnt know that by the activity in that locker room. it was always active and respectful and we had guys like @Zoone16  @Rich  @ckroyal92 and samee 'before he went troll'.. who were still young SHL players active in our LR.. @ej27 and @Jenny were nice people, great leaders and strong contributors.. we also had great league members like @Muerto and a S30's rock star in @ligma chiming in.  A persons first taste of an LR can shape the activity level of that player and i was fortunate to jump into a great setting.


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#A-Rye Izzy Profile | #A-Rye Izzy Updates | M.Izzy Retirement
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Thanks buddy


Just realized I put a placeholder in the thread and then made a different reply to put my actual response.

I will use this placeholder to thank @Otrebor13 since I didn't in my other post and I appreciate him very much too.

(My actual post is on page 2)

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First SHL Goal:
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My favorite memory during my long stay in the SHL was with my first player Yuri Boyka. When i began, i had no idea what i was doing but i earned as much TPE as possible. I was selected late in a stacked season 20 draft amongst great players like Pedro Sarantez and Bojo Biscuit, who were my teammates in Montreal Impact. I was an underdog there as i was not very vocal so people did not expect me to be very active but i kept my work ethic and continued improving my player. Soon I became a force to be reckoned with as I even set the record for Montreal Impact for most points back in s21 or somthing. What happened next was the most surprising. I was drafted by New England but was quickly traded to Los Angeles Panthers without even playing a game as a wolfpack. At that time i was semi-active due to school and real life. But Wasty got me back into developing my player. He helped me get accustomed to photoshop and slowly i was emerging to be very good at it. Ace was the GM of wolfpack at that time I believe, and I'm sure he kicked himself for losing a talent in a player as Yuri Boyka. I capped out at around 1600 tpe , so i was pretty elite. Although I did not make the hall of fame, I was very pleased with my player and enjoyed a lot.

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My favorite SHL memory is about to be in the future when I am going to get fined a significant percentage of my bank account because I made a few mistakes when updating Charlie Serpe who is a player on the New Orleans Specters of the Simulation Hockey League. One of the best parts of the experience for me here in the league was learning that there are repercussions for when I make mistakes, a valuable life lesson that I will learn from and grow stronger from because this league teaches us to be resilient not only in our virtual time here in this league but also in real life with the lives that we live. My favorite SHL memory was probably when I scored a hat trick in the World Juniors Championship tournament for Czechoslovakia. My time in SHL has pretty much amazing and terrific and fantastic ever since, as I have not enjoyed my time in the SHL in terms of my player, who hasn't performed very well, but I understand that is generally out of my control as a user on this site. The community in the SHL has been a redeeming part of it, and I'm happy to have met some great people on this site. It's been fun.

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My fondest memory of my time in the SHL so far.. That's a tough one. I could've chosen the SMJHL entry draft, where I got picked by the Detroit Falcons and ended up in a great LR with fantastic people. I could've gone for that bronze WJC medal me and @dylanjj37 GMed team DACH too, or the Silver medal I received in my first IIHF tournament with Team Switzerland. I could've also gone for the SHL entry draft that saw me go to the Minnesota Chiefs at 2OA just like I wanted and was hoping for. Or the two laurifer trophies we won in a row with the Detroit Falcons, despite ending in last place the previous season. I could've even named winning the Elias Armia Award in my rookie season, after losing out on the rookie top scorer first place and the rookie of the year award. That rookie season was so much fun, and I felt like I was doing such a good job as a rookie. This award really was the crown on a succesful rookie season. And that season was only the start to a great time here in Detroit, where we have two of the finest GMs in the SMJHL and nothing but stellar teammates.

And that's whats my fondest memory of all. The people I met in this game. 

My S52 podcast friends @Capt_Blitzkrieg, who's a surprisingly good guy for a crow, @Jakub, who might be a crow on the outside, but is still a Falxon in her heart, @notoriousTRON, the greatest rival I could've wished for and @RedCapeDiver who is really keeping me on my toes in the TPE race.

The Detroit Falcons:
@Aephino@roastpuff @Fantobens@FreakinAnime@JMacNCheese@lukejm37@iamslm22@Murtsi@WannabeFinn@feeler@Pickle Juice@leviadan@Rangerjase@Mediocre_Fred@reid_sutherland@Awesomecakes@jeffie43@JSS331@JSS@Mayuu@Kasterborous@dankoa@jeffie43@Sleepy@thebigschnoz @AbstractArtist3781

And our GMs @notorioustig and @nour

You guys make this game fun, and I hope I will have the same experience in the Minnesota lockerroom and the SHL, once I move up to the big leagues.

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Falcons Monarchs Switzerland   Switzerland Monarchs Falcons
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Credit for the images goes to @Carpy48, @soulja and @Wasty

I have not been around the league long, so I do not have as many memories as a majority of the community. Even with my short time here, I still have some fond memories. I got picked up on waivers shortly after the draft. It was not the best time for me to join the league, but I did so anyway. Vancouver scooped me up and away went my career in the league. The first regular season game came around and I was slotted to be a third line winger for the team. I think that was a good fit for me considering how far behind others I was. The game came around and there I sat, waiting for something to happen. I did not expect much from myself. “I wasn’t going to be a factor in this game” I thought. Boy was I wrong. Not only did we win the game, which was a huge stunner to start the season, but I notched two whole assists! My first points in my first game. That was some exciting stuff. Everyone was celebrating in the server as we pulled out the win. It felt good to contribute to such a win. So many other rookies were celebrating a first, like our goalie’s first career win. It was an exciting time for sure and I won’t soon forget it.

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Man oh man. 10 years already for the SHL. And what does that mean for me? Ive been around for 9 years. Believe it or not, I do not think many people knew that but yeah, I signed up in 2011. My username was Claudio23 back in the day and I was an immature kid who kept on going inactive with every player I made. The only player people might remember is probably Claudio Krejci. A Season 3 player who got drafted to the WInnipeg Jets. Looking back at that player, If I would have stayed active, I would have been higher up in the histoy books. I was on a line with Ron Mexico, I was taken pretty high up in the draft by the WInnipeg Jets, I think I was a first rounder but I can not really remember because it was so long ago. I wish there was a way to see the team but the main people I remember was @Leafs4ever as my GM, Ron Mexico on my line and I am pretty sure @fever95 was our goaltender at the time, but you can correct me if I am wrong. Being in the first lockeroom all the way back then was something really cool and it was really my first experience. SHL got me into Graphics making and that is one of my proudest moments forsure. I knew Koradek and he helped me a lot with the sig making because we all had to start somewhere. If I would be able to show you where I started you guys would probably laugh at me.

But yeah, I think all in all, my proudest memory of the site itself is seeing it grow and really being apart of it from the start to now. I missed a lot of the in between because I was not active but to see how the community changed and how it has evolved, the people that have come and gone and the friends I have made on here in 2011 and all the way till now, is something that you do not even think of. To me, this has been apart of my routine for a while now and I enjoyed every single minute I have spent on this site and dedicated to a sim league. No one ever thinks they come onto a site like this and they end up dedicating so much time. So I cherish that, the memories and the fun that the SHL has brought me over all these years

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Thanks to @Wasty and @Turd Ferguson for the sexy Signature
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I joined the SHL in June 2017. I was an immature 13 year old who didn't know how anything on this site worked. But I was lucky to create when I did. As such, my favorite SHL memory isn't winning the Four Star with Anchorage in S51 (a close second) or winning all of those golds with Ireland. It was the bond I shared with my S36 classmates. We were a reddit class, with a bunch of first-gens (me, @Evok, @TheDangaZone, @cpetrella, @Clint Eastwood, and @nour being a few of the notable ones) as well as a bunch of recreates (looking at you, @Ace, @prettyburn, @Mook, @Tylar, @artermis, and @Whikadoodle). There were a lot of us. And the discord was active almost immediately. Through the discord I got to know everyone and they kind of became a second family to me. I was the token young guy who didn't know jack shit about the site, and everyone helped me in one way or another mature not only as a site user, but as a human as well. Some of my fondest memories on the site are talking with these guys, some of whom I now consider some of my best friends on the site, and just chilling. I'm now an immature 16 year old who knows how the site works. But without the help of the wonderful S36 class, I would've quit the site a long time ago. And to that, I'd like to thank you all. We may have our differences in one way or another, but you all mean a lot to me and as I said, I wouldn't be on the site without your help.

You all truly made S36 the #bestclass.

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Scarecrows Ireland Stars pride Riot Blizzard

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rip dangel #AD26
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I have been a member since November, and already have had so many good memories.

Out of my class group, getting to know @Mutedfaith, @notoriousTRON, @Geekusoid, @RedCapeDiver, and @Jakub has been great. The first podcast was good fun (we need to do more of those), and some of our side projects and day-to-day conversations are great.

With the Scarecrows, I've enjoyed learning how to play the game in this league with advice from @jfisherr, @acdangel, and some of my other teammates. We've had some hilarious conversations about superior ginger ales, superpowers of choice, and Cleo Green. 
I think overall, my favorite moment so far has been beating Detroit to win the East and go to the Finals last season, the precise moment that it sank in that we had done it.

In Toronto, I think sitting up plotting the PGF April Fool's Day jerseys with @mdubz is my favorite memory so far. I did the Home jerseys, taking inspiration from 90s-style bowling shirts made popular by Guy Fieri.
The Skribbl games with @UrsinZ are also pretty fun. I'm looking forward to a great career when I get to Toronto officially.

It's been a great experience so far, and I'm excited to see what's next.

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Thank You Carpy, Weretarantula, Geekusoid, Leviadan, sköldpaddor, Turd Ferguson, and rum_ham for the Sigs.
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I haven’t been in the league anywhere near as long as a lot of the other people who will be telling stories in this thread, having been picked up as an earlier waiver acquisition by Newfoundland during this last season. However, it is completely fair to say this Newfoundland team has made some fantastic memories in such a short time - and the one I will talk about here is centred around the 2nd sim day of our playoff series against St. Louis. We had lost 2 close games on the first day, but coming back home we were looking to get back in the series any way we could. Even though we had no chance of influencing the outcome by that point, we were nervous either way. It became even more nerve wrecking as the games actually began. However, those nerves over the day would turn to elation as we squeaked out 2 wins against the Scarecrows in classic Newfoundland style; through ‘clean’, gritty play and tremendous goaltending. The locker room exploded when the game ended, and the caps lock was firmly kept on throughout the night. While I never partook in the post-game celebrations that went on amongst veteran members of the LR, to watch from the side was one of the funniest thing I have been a part of in a long time. It cemented what I had known for a long time; that the current Berserkers team are as close to a family you could get without actually being one. And, while we didn’t win the series after a loss in game 7, we’ll be back and even stronger coming into next year with a strong active presence from top to bottom.

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I've only been on this site since November of 2019 but already I've got some many good memories and made a lot of friends. From playing Warewolf in the arcade (thanks @Mook), making friends with and doing podcasts and cookie classics with some of the members of my S52 draft class (@Mutedfaith, @Capt_Blitzkrieg, @Jakub, @Geekusoid, @RedCapeDiver), working on the mock draft rumor mills, chatting about python and tableau with @honkerrs, the experience of being scouted and ultimately becoming a top 4 SHL pick (thanks @ml002), to the numerous locker rooms I've been a part of and jobs I've held.  If I had to pick a favorite memory it would have to be the S52 cup run of the Anaheim Outlaws. My experience in Anaheim has been amazing and @Donini13, @thiefofcheese, @UrsinZ, @SpartanGibbles, @Geekusoid, @Segi, and the rest of the Anaheim LR are the biggest reasons why I've become so active with the site. In S52, my player's 2nd season in SMJHL, Urzin and Thief were staying in juniors to take one more shot at the cup despite their players being more or less ready for the pros. We went into the season with huge expectations and an active rookie class expecting to be favorites for the cup. Simon being simon had other ideas. We got off to a weird start and while we found our footing late in the season, we finished a disappointing 4th in the league. Still, going into the playoffs I was optimistic that our talent would win out and as it turns out I was right. I don't care if it was the randomness of Simon or if we willed it to happen with our impressive memeing. We beat St. Louis in the finals to win a Four Star Cup and our locker room was such a blast for the whole run! At one point I was refreshing PBPs and chatting in the LR while sitting on the couch next to my wife and I got some dirty looks but I think it was worth it. Such a fun season that cemented my love for the SHL and I'm excited to be a part of this community!

[Image: notoriousTRON.gif]
Sig Cred: Carpy, ML, RainDelay, Donini & Geekusoid
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Outlaws Stars

I have to give a lot of credit to how I've massively enjoyed my time here to my S53 class and Berserkers locker room. Especially as things were ramping up towards our S53 SHL Entry Draft, my passion for the site grew to the point that I was actually kind of worried if this was going to be something I would dump far too many hours in. So far it's proven to be true and I don't regret it one bit. The most enjoyable memories I've made would definitely have to be the little chats about people trying to figure out where they would get drafted, who was being scouted by who. It was around that point that the Berserkers locker room exploded for whatever reason. It was one thing to be part of a group where messages were constantly being fired off, but also another to be on the outside and debating whether to scrolling back hundreds of messages to catch up what I missed out on when I went to sleep.

There aren't very many groups like this and I'm sure if I had come at a different time, to a different team, my experience would be nowhere as positive as its been now. So again, shout out to my S53 reddit class and the Berserkers organization as a whole for making this scrub of a first gen create into a simulation/Discord addict.

[Image: Ham.gif]
[Image: S55FourStarCupChampions.png]
[Image: X6NDpNM.png][Image: 6eXcLdf.png]

As a Season 55 Draftee, I don't have a lot of memories about the SHL quite yet, but I'm really looking forward to being drafted and being a part of the league. The S55 draft class is pretty big, and we haven't even done any major recruiting yet, so I'm hoping that I'll be a part of one of the better classes in recent memory and that I can grow to be one of the memorable players. I'm lucky that I have friends who are knowledgable about hockey and the SHL (looking at you @sve7en, @Faelax, @Cobbenstein, and @hockeyiscool). Without their guidance and encouragement, I definitely would not have ever considered joining the SHL, as I have basically no knowledge about the actual sport, and this would have been super intimidating. I'm really enjoying creating media and engaging with people on the forums, and I can't wait to get into Draft media season to see everyone's speculations. I've probably put more time into doing research on my classmates than I have the actual work I get paid for in the past 2 weeks, and I don't really see anything wrong with that. I can't wait to see where this site ends up in another 10 years!

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Thanks to @rum_ham, @suavemente, @sulovilen, and @tweedledunn for the sigs!
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