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Team Canada WJC Roster

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Here it is folks, the reigning gold medal winners are back again to try and make it two in a row. Myself (Rotticus Scott) and @Patty (Patric Twist) had some tough decisions to make with choosing this team, but we feel we've put our best 23 players forward to try and repeat S53's underdog run. Without further ado and rambling, I give you team Canada's S54 WJC squad!
Guy Legrande @Steve
S54 Newfoundland Berserkers  Berserkers /Edmonton Blizzard  Blizzard 
Guy is looking to be a top 2 center for us with Team Canada this season! He put up 38 points for the Western champion Berserkers in the J, and has 350 TPE at the time of writing this post. After he finishes up his J career, he'll be playing for the Edmonton Blizzard of the SHL, who drafted him 29th overall last season, which is looking like quite the steal right now. 
Daniel Laforest @Snoopdogg
S54 Kelowna Knights  Knights /Edmonton Blizzard Blizzard 
Team Canada's other 350 center comes in Daniel Laforest AKA Snoop. Snoop helmed Kelowna's 2nd line this season, putting up 22 points. Offense isn't his main prowess, though, as he had a 2 Turnover/Takeaway ratio, and laid 70 hits as Kelowna's tough enforcer. We hope he can bring that enforcer attitude and great team play to team Canada in S55's WJC.
Cody Spinka @CapoPirate
S55 St. Louis Scarecrows  Scarecrows 
Our first rookie to make the team this season, Spinka is a part of a great S55 class for Canada. He didn't put up stellar stats for St. Louis in S55, but will be a big part of Canada's future in the years to come, and will most likely get 3rd line minutes for the team this WJC. Hopefully a good WJC performance can bolster his draft stock for the upcoming SHL entry draft!
Wile Coyote @Brucehum
S55 Vancouver Whalers  Whalers 
Our last center on the S55 WJC team will be Wile Coyote! As a rookie on Vancouver, Wile actually managed to put up 11 points. Nothing to sneeze at, as we know how difficult rookie years can be on FHM. He'll look to build on his rookie campaign in this WJC, hopefully bringing home gold in his rookie season.
Carlos Brown @CB2212
S53 Colorado Raptors  Raptors /Edmonton Blizzard  Blizzard
Mr. Canada himself, Carlos Brown comes back trying to repeat his gold medal winning WJC last season. Carlos put up 28 points for Colorado this season in the J, and is sitting as our lone 425 forward for the S54 WJC. Carlos of course scored some huge goals in last season's WJC tournament, putting up 4 points in 3 games during the medal rounds. We're excited to have him back on the squad, and hope to see him put up some big numbers leading us to gold this season.

Rotticus Scott @RotticusScott
S54 Kelowna Knights  Knights /Chicago Syndicate  syndicate
Rotti had a great season this year in the J, putting up 45 points, and being in the points race until the end of the season. He was a key piece last WJC tournament, putting up 12 points through the medal round and group stages. He is looking to be on the top two lines for us, and should play a key piece on both sides of the puck this year. 

Kyle Sutton @CrazyMojito
S54 Maine Timber  Timber /Edmonton Blizzard Blizzard
Kyle is our third winger named to the S54 roster! He's currently playing for the Maine Timber in the J, where he put up 26 points this season. Kyle is also a solid defensive player, and will be impactful on both ends of the ice for us this year. 

Devin Basher @HanTheMan_
S55 Vancouver Whalers  Whalers
Our first rookie winger named to the team this season is Devin Basher from the Whalers. He put up 9 points this season in his rookie J campaign, along with some genuinely good defensive stats, which we all know aren't easy to come by in a rookie season anymore. He's currently sitting at 287 TPE, and is looking to be a top pick in this season's SHL entry draft. He also joins fellow rookie teammate Wile Coyote on the squad.

Alex Marshall @DonutDefender
S55 Maine Timber  Timber
Another top prospect in the S55 draft, next to the squad we have rookie winger Alex Marshall. Alex put up 12 points this season for the Timber, along with a positive Takeaway/Giveaway ratio. He's another player looking to build his draft stock for the draft, and joins teammate Kyle Sutton on the squad to chase a gold medal.

Jason Desrouleaux @Gooney
S55 Vancouver Whalers  Whalers
Another one of our top rookie recreates, Desroleaux joins teammates Devin Basher and Wile Coyote on the squad. Desroleaux put up 15 points this season, some big numbers for a rookie in FHM. He'll look to build off of a good rookie season for Team Canada, and have a good WJC tournament before the entry draft. 

Taylor Gervais @Pamplemousse
S55 Anchorage Armada  Armada
Our first boat gang member, Gervais put up 17 points in his rookie campaign for Anchorage. He currently sits at 262 TPE, which makes him a likely early round candidate for the entry draft. He also appears to be in the running for rookie of the year in the J, and will slot in nicely to the S54 Team Canada squad.

TURG TURG @ThisSeemsFishy
S55 Anchorage Armada  Armada
The second member of the Boat gang for Team Canada, TURG is another key member of Canada's S55 recreate core. He put up 14 points for Anchorage this season, but his true expertise is on the defensive side of the puck. A 15/4 Takeaway/Giveaway ratio is one of the best in the league, and his offensive prowess makes him what many would consider a "complete player". 

Vincent Wolfe @Durden
S55 Carolina Kraken  Kraken
A former hall of fame player and champion, Wolfe came as a late create for the S55 class. He'll start another legendary career this season with the S54 WJC squad, and begin the new core of recreates journey towards a gold medal, and IIHF greatness in the future! 

Cam Nosreh @Mac
S55 Kelowna Knights  Knights
Last but not least, our final winger for this year's squad, Cam Nosreh from the SMJHL's top point getter Kelowna Knights. A long time user on the site, one of the "og's", Cam will hope to get gold with his fellow countrymen this season in the WJC tournament! He didn't put up a ton of stats for Kelowna this season, but look for him to be a key piece for the Knights going forward. 

PBJ Souppan @thevoicelesscreator
S54 Newfoundland Berserkers  Berserkers /Minnesota Chiefs  Chiefs
PBJ is our stalwart defenseman for Team Canada. After winning last season with the S53 squad, he's looking to repeat with some fresh faces. PBJ put up 32 points in the J this season, good for third among defenseman. He'll be our puck moving defenseman on the first line, ready to score a goal or lay a hit at a moment's notice!
Renji Atake @Justice
S54 Newfoundland Berserkers  Berserkers /Chicago Syndicate  syndicate
PBJ's pairing, and our 2nd defenseman on the squad is Renji Atake. Another player back from last year's gold medal winning squad, Renji put up 15 points for the Berserkers this season on the way to the 2nd best record in the J. Renji is going to be a big part of our squad this tournament, and we're super excited to see Renji hit the ice in the Red and White.
Devin Williams @MrRuihu
S54 Kelowna Knights  Knights /Tampa Bay Barracuda  Barracuda
Our fourth Knight on this year's squad, Devin is a stellar offensive minded defenseman. He's another returning player from last year's squad, and put up 22 points in this year's J season. We'll look for him to carry his winning ways onto the Canada squad this season, after reaching the finals with Kelowna, and winning a Gold for Canada last season, along getting the best record in the league this season for Kelowna!
Wil Windsor @Allegiant
S54 Maine Timber  Timber /Buffalo Stampede  Stampede
A user with winning ways, Wil is another WJC vet coming back for a 2nd gold medal chance. Wil put in just 11 points this season, but oh man can this guy block some shots. He blocked an absolutely insane 185 shots, 65 more than the next player in the J. That kind of selfless attitude is exactly what we're looking for on Team Canada, and we're excited to have Wil back on the team!
Axel Foley @Mazatt
S55 Carolina Kraken  Kraken
Another S55 recreate that is looking to be a big part of Canada's future, Axel is our first rookie defenseman added to the squad. Axel put up 15 points for Carolina this season along with a positive giveaway/takeaway ratio. Axel will be in the upcoming entry draft, and should go in the first round! We're excited to have Axel on team Canada for the future, and especially for this tournament!
Conner Hutton @overdoo
S55 Carolina Kraken  Kraken
Conner joins his rookie teammate Axel Foley on the S55 Team Canada squad, both top prospects going into next season's draft, Conner is also first-gen rookie. Conner put up 14 points this season for Carolina, and should be another player going in the early rounds from Team Canada's S55 core. Welcome to the team Conner!
Chris Goodname @kikish18
S55 Kelowna Knights  Knights
Last but certainly not least, we have Chris Goodname from the Kelowna Knights. Chris is one of the players from S55 pegged for the Rookie of the Year shortlist, putting up 23 points for Kelowna this season. He joins Foley and Hutton as top defensive prospects in the upcoming draft, and all three will look to feature for Team Canada's IIHF team in the future!
Frans Eller @Ace
S53 Carolina Kraken Kraken / New England Wolfpack  Wolfpack
Our big backstop this season will be no other than Frans Eller. Frans was 6th in the J this season in GAA, having a great season with Carolina. His true Canadian heroism comes in the form of last year's medal round, where he of course went 3-0, but also let in 1.33 goals per game, with a .94 save percentage. Team Canada is extremely excited to have him back with the squad this season!
Separa Borro @Lyezech
S53 Anaheim Outlaws  Outlaws /Minnesota Chiefs  Chiefs
22 players later, we finally come to Separa Borro. Our number 2 tendie this season for Canada, Borro will look to shore up the crease when Eller isn't available. We're excited to have Borro on the team, and can't wait to see him in his snazzy Team Canada goalie pads!
Canada Canada Canada Canada Canada Canada Canada Canada Canada Canada Canada Canada Canada Canada Canada Canada Canada Canada Canada Canada Canada Canada Canada

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Less go!

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First SHL Goal:
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Lets get it! Canada

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Congrats to everyone selected!

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Heyy, that's pretty good.

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Do us all proud Canada Canada Canada

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Let's defend this gold baby Canada

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Proud to represend team Canada! This is for You my Canadian friends! Canada

Canada Canada Canada

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Time to repeat that gold!  Canada Canada Canada

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Lets run it back boys! Much better this year than I was last year - Can't wait to help the new kids get a taste of international glory!

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