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Post draft interview with Calvin Hobbes (2x draft media)

(2x draft media)

The dust is settling, the draft is over, and the drafted players are settling in with their new teams.
We have taken the opportunity to sit down and have a chat about the draft, the new team and what his goals are for the upcoming season are with Maine Timber’s second pick, picked at 14th Overall, none other than Calvin Hobbes!
Interviewer: Hi again Calvin, second interview in just a couple of days! First off, congratulation on being picked as number 14 Overall! Did you know you would go this early and also, did you have any inclination that you would be picked by Maine? How are you feeling now that draft is over?
Calvin: Hi again! I am doing very well thank you!
Thank you! No, not at all! I did not expect to got that early at all, the entire draft class was full of interesting prospects and while I did hope I would get picked during the second or third round, I did not expect it to be that early! I am extremely thankful to Maine for trusting me with the early pick and showing the confidence that I can grow into the great player that I know that I can be!
After our previous interview, I did have some more conversations with other GMs and I felt that I got a good connection with all of them! So, with that, I didn’t know what team would pick me. But I am glad it is Maine, they… or… I guess I should say we now, have an extremely exciting roster and I’m glad I can be part of that and hopefully help achieve the team goals of being a cup contender already this season!
While the entire draft process was fun and exciting, I am glad it is over and that I now know what team I will be playing for!
I am eager to kick off the season and start playing some hockey again!
Interviewer: I know you said you couldn’t attend the draft live, were you able to watch it without getting it spoiled?
Calvin: Haha, yes, I unfortunately couldn’t attend the live event, but I did manage to avoid getting it spoiled! I watched it this morning for breakfast!
Interviewer: Tell me about your reception with Maine and your impression of the team thus far.
Calvin:  The reception in the team has been amazing! As soon as I joined the Locker room I felt right at home! I also had a few messages congratulating me! So it has all been very nice experience so far and I’m sure it will continue the same way!
Interviewer: Your contract has just been announced and accepted by yourself, any comments?
Calvin: I’m very happy with the contract! It’s better than I dared hope for and again, I’m very grateful to Maine for trusting me and believing that I can be a key part in the team!
Interviewer: You mentioned the team being a cup contender this year, but what are your personal goals, both for the season as well as looking forward. Are you aiming for SHL?
Calvin: I want to grow as a player, become a key part of the team and establish myself both in the team and in the league as a leading playmaker!
I honestly haven’t thought too much about the future past this season yet. While I think it’s most players goal to play in the SHL, that comes later, for now my focus is fully on Maine Timber and do everything I can to help the team achieve our mutual goal of winning the cup!
The only 2 teams I know for certain that I do want to play for are Maine Timber and Team Sweden! To do that at a level I want to do, I need to focus, train hard and like in any sport, be a bit lucky!
Interviewer: Did you follow team Sweden in the current WJC?
Calvin: I must admit I have not, I’ve been fully focus on the draft and establishing myself in the league! Now that the draft is over, I feel I can start branching out and get involved and follow more aspects!
Interviewer: Any last comments or closing statements from you?
Calvin: I would just like to thank Maine Timber again for believing in me!
And with that
Interviewer: Well, that’s all the questions I had, thank you very much for your time Calvin and good luck in the coming season!
Calvin: Thank you!

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credit to amazing @Carpy48, @Ragnar @sköldpaddor, @the_paytonium & @sulovilen !

Great insight! Excited to have you on the team.

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Very excited to have you!

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